Against the Gods - Volume 16 - Chapter 1645

Yama Realm Yan slaughter, Yan E, Yan Huote visit! seeks an audience lofty Plundered Soul Devil Empress!” Heavy depressing voice/sound resounds in the Plundered Soul sanctuary boundary, although to respect word polite expression, but has one as if to come from bottom of Yellow Springs aura of death, making Plundered Soul sanctuary is instantaneously peaceful and depressing. The innumerable eyes looked suddenly to direction that voice/sound transmits, the shocking facial expression presents on the face of everyone. Because of Yan slaughter, Yan E, Yan Huo, this is three Yama names! Yama Realm Yama arrives suddenly...... is three! On Soul Encompassing Heaven, numerous Succubus knits the brows completely. Yeli said solemnly: Comes three Yama one time, when the previous this type of weaponry, is Master Emperor to seal/confer. What do they want to make?” Master,” Jie Xin treads the previous step, pure white clothes sleeve and jet black long hair hike up slowly: I go.” No need,” regarding the arrivals of three Yama, Chi Wuyao as if no a wee bit being astonished: Since Yama Realm gave such in a big way face, that is This Empress comes personally.” They do not match Master personally to act.” Jie Ling said. Chi Wuyao lifts the pupil, has not seen any profound energy to release, her voice/sound has then passed through sound-insulated formation under Yeli Yaodie with joint forces arrange/cloth directly, straight rippling horizon: What matter.” The light two characters, fall when the ear, such as fog generally indistinct supple slow, but enters the soul, if actually the heaven tilts, entire Plundered Soul sanctuary, myriad spirits holds the breath. Also is these two characters, lets peaceful Yun Che vision changing suddenly, stares suddenly to Chi Wuyao...... several breaths, puts aside the vision slowly. Three Yama arrive together, this ostentation is nothing less than big. But the ostentation, they are also even so hopeless can really see Devil Empress. Heard suddenly the sound of Devil Empress, three Yama somewhat are obviously caught off guard, silent some little time, their voice/sound distant biography to: Devil God blesses, Devil Empress Wan An. We present the life of Yama Emperor, captured especially yesterday taking advantage of Ling Yun the name, massacred Ghost King Yan East Territory evil person Yun Che for no reason!” Also looks at Devil Empress to help, permits we take into custody Yun Che.” Although three Yama voice/sound the firm prestige is cold, but, passes several to divide as before discrete and respectful......, because at this moment with them right, is Devil Empress Chi Wuyao! How will Yama Realm know Yun Che here?” Chanyi is light. „...... Was on their road exposed the whereabouts probably?” Yuwu said in a low voice: After all Yama Realm started to search for their trails from yesterday full power.” Even...... still as if was too so quick.” Lanting latter voice say/way. After all, Yun Che just now to Plundered Soul Realm shortly, Yama Realm back leg then, but also came three Yama directly, obviously incomparably believes firmly Yun Che here. Although North Territory three King Realm leave is very near, but also is the traveling schedule of double-hour. Three Yama arrive at this moment, pours more like...... Yun Che before visiting Plundered Soul Realm, they have then gone directly.

Chi Wuyao voice/sound again more/complete empty/sky: Has resentful with Yun Che, may continue your Yama Realm. Now he not only falls to the This Empress hand, how should handle, considers This Empress to decide, with your Yama and what relations?” Comes three Yama one time, on the one hand is extremely strange because of the Yun Che's strength, a sword on the slaughter Yan Sangeng, was worried that Yama is unable to trig. On the other hand, seems like that is to extreme being furious of death of Ghost King Yan, actually...... Yun Che body Evil God Inheritance, also Sky Poison Pearl, this is huge seduction that no matter what who impossible resists! Yama said seriously: That two East Territory evil people injure Succubus, the word violate the matter of Devil Empress we to really have hearing. But concerns the crime to be resentful, is far inferior the death of my Ghost King Yan, Yama Emperor is furious , the strict order we must the Yun Che bringing back place crime. Requested earnestly Devil Empress to help. My Yama must have thanks again.” Chi Wuyao however smiles shallowly: „ Since that Yama Emperor attaches great importance, that makes him come the important person, This Empress to await respectfully personally momentarily. Depending on you Several, as if also unqualified. ” That side Yama silent little, when voice/sound transmits again, had taken several points of chill: Yama Emperor has the life, in any event, must......” „The words that This Empress must speak, have said completely.” The supple slow spoken language breaks Yama voice/sound, but, more/complete empty/sky voice/sound sudden change: Is it possible that do you want to listen second?” That is an awl soul piercing cold. Chi Wuyao that Yun Che and Qianye Ying'er face, its sound such as the monster like the demon, almost can melt the person marrow. But at this moment, she becomes the ice-cold tonality suddenly, that incomparable short nine characters, as if made one be near suddenly ice prison and death border, each nerve, each Soul in trembling and convulsion that is unable to stop. Entire Plundered Soul sanctuary loses one's voice completely, after for a long time dreariness, Yama voice/sound transmits finally: „The word of Devil Empress, we will rephrase in own words Yama Emperor truthfully, said goodbye.” The language falls, three Yama aura go far away fast, does not dare private to tread Plundered Soul sanctuary one step. Yama leaves, the Devil Empress bitter cold is also invisible. Qingying opens the mouth saying: Strange, why Yama Realm will know Yun Che here, but also such rapidness?” It looks like in numerous Succubus, Yun Che has the strength of Devil Emperor is the enormous secret, nowadays should, only then Devil Empress and they know. With it cooperation, at least in Initial Stage, should be the top-secret matter. Therefore, by the Plundered Soul Realm standpoint, from, when hides the blockade full power with the related any news. „,” a cold laugh transmits, Qianye Ying'er cold sound said: This must ask your lords!” Qingying angry glare: Yun Qianying, your anything meaning!” Qianye Ying'er has not managed Qingying, cold eyes looks at Chi Wuyao: Chi Wuyao, knows that we come this, only then you and seventh Succubus.” We are not familiar with North Territory, is hidden aura, the speed is not on the way quick, but you actually compared with us must late.”

What is more marvelous is......” the Qianye Ying'er lip angle ridicules, beautiful eyes is cold: Nine Succubus came eight, even your Devil Empress , was actually short of seventh Succubus only. Let me guess where she was goes to?” Shut up!” The word of Qianye Ying'er, brings in the anger of Succubus without a doubt: Dares to slander Master again, not taking it ill us is impolite!” Aiya.” Chi Wuyao sighed tenderly, said with a grin: Really cannot hide the truth from you. Huajin is not, was This Empress dispatches her to go to several places...... first, was Yama Realm.” Now, Yama and Burning Moon know you here. Again shortly afterward, half Northern God Territory should know.” Succubus are startled, Yeli said: Master, this...... is this?” reason.” Yun Che does not get angry actually anxiously, light question. reason .” Chi Wuyao not anxiously not slow, punctures the soul the vision completely to disregard to Qianye Ying'er: That then said the closest area, simplest.” This Empress wants to know that you in the hand of This Empress, is so simple. Moreover this range may not only be restricted in Northern God Territory, the words that continues to add fuel to the flames, after a period of time, that side Eastern God Territory, should also almost be able to obtain the news.” Particularly......” her dark eyes as if flashed slightly: Eternal Sky God Realm.” Chi Wuyao!” Qianye Ying'er is in an uncontrollable rage, the form in a flash, has bullied near Chi Wuyao directly, two people pupil light is away from half foot is not apart from the knock-on collision: You actually...... want to make anything!” At this moment, she questioned suddenly after oneself entered Northern God Territory , the matter guidance that has insisted on and urges Yun Che and Devil Empress Chi Wuyao cooperates. This is the first day that they cooperate, the opening is very obviously smooth, but the idea and behavior of Chi Wuyao, did not expect in her completely, during is not at her and Yun Che controls. Facing the Qianye Ying'er close intently watch, Chi Wuyao is the happy expression is sweet, a body leans forward point, seems instead appreciating the Qianye Ying'er that excessively perfect half cheeks: Said, this matter is you give the inspiration of This Empress.” „......” Qianye Ying'er has not withdrawn, words ice-cold: You best, explained clearly to me!” Chi Wuyao said: Since is the cooperation, This Empress will certainly inform you clearly. After all, you are true main character, This Empress are small actuation that's all.” Joke!” Qianye Ying'er coldly said: This matter, you independently decide only completely, has not inquired our opinion slightly. Informs Yama our whereabouts, has to plot against our suspicions. So, did the also face say cooperation? Also wants to make our obediently coordinate you?” Chi Wuyao smiles saying: That and other This Empress said, actually must coordinate, you do not decide.” Said.” Yun Che puts out a character. You may probably listen carefully, particularly your Oh.” She facing Qianye Ying'er, flowery lips sipped sipping gently.

The Qianye Ying'er eyebrow corner/horn jumps. Yun Qianying, you previously said that is used to repay Savage Divine Pith the big ritual, is one excellent turning point. With the aid of Zhou Xuzi to the transaction that This Empress proposed, enraged him thoroughly, gets angry to demented, under was insane driving storm North Territory, thus drummed up support.” Sounds extremely happy, making the This Empress intent move. But after This Empress thinks slightly, discovery this big ritual, as if there are two large loopholes.” What loophole!?” Qianye Ying'er said. Its one,” Chi Wuyao on and on language: „The time that you estimate, is merging three King Realm, after arranging enough power, enrages Eternal Sky, making him attack, thus borrows potential to counter-attack, is built on the high spot in reason and imposing manner, and makes, south two God Territory when be indifferent to another's plight at first.” But...... my Plundered Soul Realm wants to swallow Burning Moon and Yama, must draw support from the strength of Yun Che. But with the struggle of any King Realm, even if gauge mold pressing to smallest, surely shock Northern God Territory throughout, naturally also very easily was learned by hearsay by East Territory King Realm. Then, Eternal Sky also knew This Empress and Yun Che is the cooperation, rather than took him, how can he lead his son to be swindled?” „,” Qianye Ying'er scoffs at the sound: As Plundered Soul Devil Empress, even doesn't this blocking the passage of information ability have?” Blockade?” Chi Wuyao returns to laugh: „The struggle of King Realm, in does this world feared that did not compare this bigger matter again, how block?” Furthermore, by you once the Brahma Emperor Goddess status, told This Empress, to the matter of this scale, how even if to block again, the Eastern God Territory intelligence capability to will not infer seriously weakly?” „......” Qianye Ying'er has not spoken. Its two,” Chi Wuyao continued: Draws back ten thousand steps saying that even all such as you are willing, after arranging all, successfully to direct to get angry Eternal Sky, why you recognized that...... he extremely under will certainly direct strength of storm North Territory Eternal Sky in the anger?” Qianye Ying'er said solemnly: Depending on him the guilt to late wife, regards the Zhou Qingchen life to exceed all depending on him, after witnessing Yun Che grows dreading depending on him and scared...... insufficient!” Suffices insufficiently, how This Empress knows.” Chi Wuyao said: But This Empress at least knows a matter, sometimes a person including own thought is unable about, to conjecture others thinking, and takes this...... often only to be able as the gambling stake to laugh!” Her vision slanting: You two, are not such joke.” You!” The Qianye Ying'er golden hair raises, the eye splits black glow......, but, has not actually manifested suddenly for a very long time truly. They once most respected Zhou Xuzi, most respects Qianye Fantian, actually reduces this place. Said that they are such joke, has what wrong?