Against the Gods - Volume 16 - Chapter 1646

And looks like in this Empress, if that Zhou Xuzi really has that takes seriously Zhou Qingchen, after he dies, a bigger possibility, instead is not storm Northern God Territory.” Because of the Zhou Qingchen death, not only will make him get angry, making him insane, will also make him ashamed! The people have died, he can do finally, then protects the entire their name festival vigorously, does not make he turns into Devil the matter know for the world.” Angry storm, may release temporary indignant extremely, but will also cause the damage of Eternal Sky, simultaneously likely exposes Zhou Qingchen is the Devil secret, exposes him initiative and taboo fact of this Empress transaction, as well as many unforeseen consequences.” However hidden does not send, although anger Burning Heart, actually may guarantee the Zhou Qingchen final fame and integrity, will not cause any former's consequence.” Chi Wuyao approached a Qianye Ying'er point: Eternal Sky God Realmthese two characters has to Devil tires of reprimands, becomingDevil what kind of shame is, many that your fixed ratio this Empress must understand.” Therefore, you thought that which type he will favor?” oh right.” Does not wait for Qianye Ying'er to respond, Chi Wuyao also said suddenly: this Empress first helps you recall a matter well...... Zhou Xuzi, his life essence, story and time of Emperor to seal/confer, are better than Qianye Fantian.” And he during the emperor, is Eastern God Territory...... not, in three God Territories, may be called most prestigious, respected Divine Emperor.” Qianye Ying'er: „......” Such a person, possibility of angry extremely out-of-control, actually big?” Both hands of Qianye Ying'er have gripped stubbornly tightly, although she in heart full anger, but not will easily lose the person of reason. But the Chi Wuyao words, keep her at once from refuting unexpectedly. When she and Yun Che described, had said by the particularity of Zhou Qingchen to Zhou Xuzi, the possibility that Zhou Xuzi can lose control in about 60%, but she will try to find the solution turning 100%, the time was enough. But at this moment is listening to the Chi Wuyao words, although she does not want to approve, but also felt suddenly, perhaps the possibility really only remains about 10%, even is lower. She knows very well Zhou Xuzi and his wife's passing, thus incomparably determined that Zhou Qingchen is Zhou Xuzi is biggest, possibly is the only soft rib. But after actually neglected an important point...... that is Zhou Qingchen died fame and integrity. But Chi Wuyao, listened to her to describe unexpectedly simply one time, the short half day, then punctured loophole that” this she always omitted directly. This woman...... In view of this, why you must be deliberately public at this's matter Yun Che, and makes Eastern God Territory know on own initiative?” Qianye Ying'er said. Naturally taking advantage of your raises point, making him bring Zhou Qingchen, met with this Empress.” Chi Wuyao said. Now?” Naturally.” Qianye Ying'er has not manifested suddenly immediately, she considered shortly, said solemnly: Let alone combines three King Realm, we first step has not trod now continually, now enrages Eternal Sky, is equal to wasting the turning point that possibly becomes effective in vain.” „If his violent anger loses control, storm North Territory, our heel has not come to a stop, borrowing potential to counter-attack is the huge joke.” He cannot.” The Chi Wuyao smile is light: Even can, still might as well. If the places of this darkness are so easy to attack, how also to muddle through life ignobly today.” You do that actually significance where?” Qianye Ying'er considered fast several possibilities, are unable to convince.

Very simple. So long as he has come, then enough.” This is the reply of Chi Wuyao. Has been listening quietly the Yun Che opens the mouth of word of Chi Wuyao: What do you mean?” Has to have the taste/smell proverb very much, believes that you have certainly listened.” The Chi Wuyao brow as if warpage several points, between lips spat the breath slightly spookily: Clay falls in the pants crotch, is not the excrement is also the excrement.” Soul Encompassing Heaven continued for a long time silentness. When Qianye Ying'er lifts the pupil again, has understood the meaning of Chi Wuyao finally, her deeply laughed: Concerns mean and shameless, compared with you, I really also fell far short.” These words, resemble to satirize sigh. Chi Wuyao smiling face as before, demonic sound on and on: Delivers the turning point and personally casting by others, is passive and initiative, this Empress likes being more actively. After all the initiative control and withstands passively, is completely different, Yun Qianying, do you feel?” Qianye Ying'er eyebrow corner/horn combination, fierce moving away vision, but whole body unconscious crisp a point. Happy expression restraining, Chi Wuyao turns around, spoke some meaning unclear words: This bad small method, this Empress always disdains. But if that Zhou Xuzi...... regarded as another matter.” The last few words, bring deep hidden malignant influences indistinctly. Yun Che, this matter, you will coordinate, right?” Chi Wuyao said. Does not need Yun Che to reply, she then knows the answer. Because of this matter, Yun Che is more impatient than anybody. Time.” Yun Che said. Qianye Ying'er had not opposed. Chi Wuyao shows a faint smile, said: By Northern God Territory and Eastern God Territory unenlightened degree, long one month, Zhou Xuzi will then obtain you to fall the news in this Empress hand mutually, will also include some you once to enrage this Empress while convenient continually heard broken. At that time, he will send greetings surely immediately makes an appointment with.” As for making an appointment with time, cannot be too long, may not be too short.” Is too long, will gradually obliterate its patience, and night long natural dream are many.” Too short......, if this Empress does not take advantage of this to ask an outrageous price, presses on step by step, instead will make him cause suspicion.” „After the hundred days, how?” Her vision has swept Yun Che and Qianye Ying'er, actually accidental/surprised discovered, oneself when saying this time, two people aura presented the improper change. Oh?” She narrowed the pupil: Is it possible that this time, doesn't gather your meanings?” No,” the Yun Che opens the mouth, the facial expression and tonality do not have the unusual form: This time...... is very good.” Chi Wuyao: „......?”

Qianye Ying'er looked at Yun Che one silently, the words that will soon export swallow. At this time, cool breeze floated, a whole body moved the female of color glow to fall leisurely floating, precisely seventh Succubus Huajin. With her arrival, Plundered Soul nine Succubus get together in Yun Che and Qianye Ying'er at present. Reported Master,” Huajin salutes saying: „The Young Master Yun bedroom palace has arranged,” Un.” Chi Wuyao should lightly, to Yun Che, the sweet faint smile: Yun Che, the wandering several years, has settled down this place, then allowed own recuperation one day. Starting from tomorrow, you, even if thinks that satisfied was difficult.” Chanyi, you bring Yun Che and Yun Qianying go to their bedroom palaces. Today then waits on outside the palace, if they think tour sanctuary, then by your to lead.” Yes.” Chanyi receives an order. Is attendant by the body of Succubus the matter, in her heart does not have too the repel. After all, Yun Che gives her gracious gift, seriously unable to return the favor. Yun Che very pale selected under. Chi Wuyao devil body light revolutions, vision in nine Succubus body one by one stays: Jie Xin, Jie Ling, Yeli, Yaodie, Qingying, Lanting, Huajin, Yuwu, Chanyi.” Her one by one has a thought the names of nine Succubus, during the spoken languages brings the temperateness that one point is in sole possession of: this Empress once again and again described the prospect of having yearned to you, once thinks that can only be the eternal expectation, but...... the day, had come suddenly, starting today.” In the future how, this Empress is unable to forecast, is unable to guarantee anything. Even possibly your life and death, will even lose in the asylum, so......” Master, is not no need to say.” Jie Xin said: Your life, your desire, is reason that we have.” Other eight Succubus have not opened the mouth, but their looks are speaking the same spoken language. Good.” The Chi Wuyao smile nods, indeed, between she and them, does not need the unnecessary spoken language: You go.” Audience Succubus leaves, world that starting today, their destiny paths, also will soon face, will be earth-shaking. Because Yun Che's arrives. Young Master Yun, please.” Chanyi arrives at the Yun Che body side, the stance brings one point of respectful slightly. The recollection the meet in Center Ruins Realm, in the heart the endless feeling sobbed in the past. Yun Che looked at Chi Wuyao one, has not spoken, lifts the step to move to the body, then along with Nanhuang Chanyi falls directly Soul Encompassing Heaven. With Qianye Ying'er of Yun Che and body actually in Yun Che falls next suddenly stops the form, partly has turned around, said to Chi Wuyao coldly: Chi Wuyao, you will really select the time actually.” „Does that time, actually have what issue?” Chi Wuyao asked. In the Qianye Ying'er pupil flashes through one to be complex, lightly snorted said: Hundred days later that day, was his daughter 18 th birthday.”

„......” Chi Wuyao gawked. Moreover, has words, you to me clear.” Qianye Ying'er turns away from Chi Wuyao, the tone is raw and cold: I acknowledged, in certain aspects, I am inferior to you.” Oh?” A Chi Wuyao frown show/unfolds, interested of face. But, that is only because I am younger than you. If I in your age, will only dominate in you by far!” Chi Wuyao smiles, softly said: You and my disparity, far more than age?” The Qianye Ying'er frown sinks. Brahma Emperor Goddess, in the name that Northern God Territory no one does not know.” Chi Wuyao slowly language: Brahma Emperor Goddess natural talent in rumor is unusual, and goes smoothly everywhere, without thing that you cannot obtain, without person who you could not plot against.” Is only all these, more outcomes are because you excellent ruthless plans method certainly, Brahma Emperor God Realm that...... behind you no one dares to offend?” You?” Qianye Ying'er rebutted with sarcasm: North Territory Devil Empress Chi Wuyao, from Middle-Rank Realm King to High-Rank Realm King, to Divine Emperor, is approaching again man High-Rank, how wise!” Hahahaha.” Chi Wuyao laughs, but in smiling the meaning of institute accumulated, world actually no one may understand the half a point, she lifts the pupil to look at the day, smooth sound said: This world lives in the top man, their in the eyes woman, can only be attached of man forever. Female, why also cannot take the man as attached, is the tool.” Qianye Ying'er: „......” this Empress from one female, is lifting own foot, step by step, stepping on these men is the stepping-stone that this Empress paves personally, or their sect, their lives, their families, their...... King Realm!” Does not have the man to dare to look at the this Empress half a point until this world again lowly.” However the life is built on the commanding point to have all you, seems like in this world most not to have the qualifications to despise the this Empress person.” „......” Qianye Ying'er is built on same place, for a long time silent. But,” the Chi Wuyao tonality again changes, brings happy expression that several points of concealment is teasing, the mood that she releases, in the change of having one's wish, no one seems to be able to peep at and forecast forever: You do not need the so big hostility to this Empress, does not need to sprout such big sense of crisis. After all, he gloomiest these years, are your day and night partner in his body side, this point, no one can change, could not substitute.” In turn, is so.” „...... What meaning?” Qianye Ying'er fierce looking back. good question.” Chi Wuyao smiles lightly, the under foot has stepped on the Soul Encompassing Heaven edge: This issue that was asked by you, only then you can give the most accurate answer, this Empress was talks nonsense that's all.” A cake flatters bone to inter the body smiles tenderly, the Chi Wuyao form has gone by far, only keeps on Qianye Ying'er independent Soul Encompassing Heaven, for a very long time has not left.