Against the Gods - Volume 16 - Chapter 1647

Eastern God Territory, Eternal Sky God Realm, Eternal Sky Tower bottom. Here gloominess, several points profound jade are only releasing the gloomy ray. Incessantly is the ray, here all, isolate with the outside world, including voice/sound even aura. Even here is Eternal Sky God Realm heavy heavy, if permission of personally no Eternal Sky Divine Emperor, anybody can not step into. But is unfolding formation layer by layer as before. The center of dim space, Zhou Qingchen sits in meditation there, this is his here 229 th day. He remembers incomparably clearly, because of every day here, return alive his passing millennium person is longer. In the past closed up several years, was calms the mind. But this short several months, makes him feel passing of time fearfully unexpectedly so. Buzz. A sound moves, shuts tightly for a long time front door to be careful and slow shoving open, the initial that sound was also extinguished immediately completely. With opening of door, a wisp of bright light photo enters, is not intense, was makes Zhou Qingchen lift the hand subconsciously, kept off before the body. Was imprisoned here, he should long for the light obviously. But, these slightly bright light makes him feel dazzlingly. Because, present he, is Devil. Royal Father.” Zhou Qingchen stands up, well-mannered saluting. Zhou Xuzi slows down the footsteps to walk, for several months, he as if was also old a point, but on the face has temperately such as the smile of wind as before: Qingchen, recently how?” Zhou Qingchen said: Returns to Royal Father, this half a month, dark profound energy not. The chaotic sign, the innermost feelings of child were also calmer.” That is good.” The Zhou Xuzi smile nods: Condition must the imagination is better, this also explained, the ancestor has been blessing in secret. Therefore, you must believe that the body darkness must have one day of purification.” This time, Zhou Qingchen not such as past like that accordingly, but said suddenly: Royal Father, child this period of time has been reflecting on, in the heart sprouted some...... perhaps improper thought, does not know that should inquire Royal Father.” Hehe, has what words, although asked that is.” Zhou Xuzi said. The Zhou Qingchen present bitter experience, the root lies in he. Under the pain and deep shame of innermost feelings, he attitude to Zhou Qingchen was also more temperate than the past. Child wants to ask when......” will soon export, Zhou Qingchen hesitant, facing on father's modest vision, he asked finally: dark profound strength, really doesn't the crime have to be possible the amnesty?” Oh?” Zhou Xuzi brow slightly wrinkle, but as before is maintaining temperate, is saying with a smile: dark profound strength is the symbol of negative strength, present age without dark profound strength , there would be no evil power. Especially inherits us of losing of strength god, eliminates world dark profound strength, is one type does not need saying that mission that actually the generation receives.” Why will you suddenly have this one to ask?” When these words, Zhou Qingchen cultivates Profound Dao initially, then listens to Zhou Xuzi, listening to many people to say did not know many. He has never questioned, because, that like water and fire incompatible same basic cognition. Is facing the gaze of father, he said to have doubts really: Carries dark profound strength Devil, will be disappeared the human nature by dark profound strength, becoming the ominous offense bloodthirsty is cruel, may not hesitate any evil for oneself advantage...... dark profound strength is the heresy in world, as God Realm profound practitioner, regardless of encounters Devil, Devil Beast and Devil Spirit, must extinguish it full power.” Therefore, after turning into Devil, I in frightened, frightened have turned into personal gradually the mourning to extinguish, does not have the conscience monster again.”

Zhou Xuzi: „......” He lifts oneself both hands, during the profound strength revolutions, the palm floats off slowly black qi, his ten fingers have not trembled, eyes and voice/sound are still tranquil: Seven months, the frequency of dark profound strength rebellion is getting more and more low, my body had fully adapted to its existence, compares at first, present I, am true Devil.” But......” his slowly to close both eyes: Why, I had not actually felt that I turn into such wild beast, my reason, my feeling of guilty as before clear existence. Before is not willing to do, the undoable matter, is not willing to do now as before, undoable.” Can feel only clearly the negative change that when the dark profound energy rebellion, the mood will also follow merely hot tempered......” His both hands raised several points, refers to dark profound energy being even more strong: Royal Father, is dark profound strength is not fearful? Can we always to dark profound strength,...... be from the beginning wrong to the Devil cognition?” Sufficed!” Angrily rebuked, scattered on the Zhou Xuzi face all temperateness, most held the correct path as the world, took disappearing the darkness and evil as lifetime mission Divine Emperor, he is unable to believe, is unable to accept such words, from own son, the Eternal Sky successor mouth that from selected says unexpectedly. That is not only the treason and heresy! Extremely the Zhou Xuzi eyebrow peak that little lives the anger raises up, then takes a slap on the face fan to leave......, but the vision touches black qi in Zhou Qingchen hand, his pupil light trembles, the anger of surging depresses, the palm stretches out, flickers to extinguish dark aura that Zhou Qingchen releases. Qingchen, how you can say this words.” The Zhou Xuzi look forcefully keeps gentle, but voice/sound trembles slightly: Dark does not allow to save the world the heresy, here often the principle of the world! Is lesson of ancestor! Is Heaven's Way approaches!” Facing reprimanding of Zhou Xuzi, usually in respectful and prudent amenable Zhou Qingchen suddenly retreat one step, the tonality analogy was for heavier several points: If the darkness is really the evil that the world does not accommodate, why...... Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor will sacrifice itself for the present age safety, sacrificed the entire clan!” Why controls Evil Infant’s Wheel of Myriad Tribulations Heavenly Slaughter Star God to take the encircled risk comes to block Wall of Primordial Chaos!” Why carries dark profound strength Yun Che for salvation alone surface Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor......” Shut up!” Pā! The long sleeve flings, extremely heavy slap on the face flew the Zhou Qingchen distant fan. The Zhou Xuzi round must be but actually vertical, shakes all over: Qingchen, you...... you know that you are saying anything! You are insane! You have started to be nibbled the reason and natural disposition by dark profound strength! Gives my sobriety well!” Coughs...... cough cough.” Zhou Qingchen holds the wall, sets out slowly, he points at cancels the bloodstain of corners of the mouth, is lowering the head, said slowly: „Not sober person, only demented, if crazy, nonsense. But child said a moment ago, is Royal Father and child personally sees, undergoes......” Has not stopped talking!!” Bang! The Zhou Xuzi whole body blood stream reaches, the profound jade cracking big piece of under foot, fine powder flies horizontally. The Zhou Qingchen long hair hangs loose, fierce respite., His physique kneels slowly, the head sinks to hang: Child made an indiscreet remark to offend...... Royal Father to forgive.” To Zhou Qingchen, this gloomiest more than 200 days, actually became he most sober some time. The body receives the darkness, true understanding darkness.

Perhaps, this is the cruelest place of Yun Che to Eternal Sky first retaliation. Not only destroys the body of this Eternal Sky successor, but also destroys the faith that he has been believing and defended stubbornly. The blood drop falls from the Zhou Qingchen lip angle slowly, each drop punctures above the Zhou Xuzi soul, all spunks were replaced by the stabbing pain, he heaved a deep sigh, gradually forwarded, hand advise left, profound light flashed lightly, had gone to the red mark on Zhou Qingchen face pale. Qingchen,” he said slowly: You could rest assured that I had found the method that has made you restore. In any event, regardless of what price, I will achieve surely.” This is for the father, to his most important son's commitment.” Child...... believes Royal Father.” Zhou Qingchen responded gently, but his head buried under sending out throughout, has not lifted. Zhou Xuzi turns round to depart, step silent, actually heavy. Goes out of formation, Zhou Xuzi has not left Eternal Sky Tower layer upon layer, but to most lowest level, is the Eternal Sky God Realm most secret place goes. There, is Eternal Sky Pearl is. His footsteps are serious from time to time, from time to time moves fast. How ancestor teaches... the will of Eternal Sky... the life to seek... half a lifetime to wrestle...... possibly is wrong, how possibly is wrong......” he to mutter is reading, repeatedly. this period of time, his time and time again looks for Eternal Sky Pearl spirit, was expecting it can recall some Primordial to remember, found to save the Zhou Qingchen method. Reply that but every obtains one time, is Yun Che can enforce it, will then have the possibility to relieve...... , will be the only possibility.” Just about to steps into the banning territory that Eternal Sky Pearl is, in his soul, some people send greetings suddenly, but. This passes message makes his footsteps stop suddenly, whole body intense shock, the fierce booklet body, flies away to go at the extremely quick speed. Leaves Eternal Sky Tower, Venerable Taiyu already in Main Palace medium him. Before Zhou Xuzi drops down his body, heavy sound said: Taiyu, what you said is really!?” Absolutely true.” Venerable Taiyu slowly nodded, by his position of honor, if not 100%, even if only 99% assurances, will not say absolutely truly four characters. Can know in detail?” Zhou Xuzi said. Venerable Taiyu shakes the head: Details difficult knowledge. Yun Che has fallen in the Plundered Soul Devil Empress hand firmly, Yama Realm also once therefore approached Devil Empress to be excellent.” Yama Realm?” Zhou Xuzi knits the brows slightly. Un.” Venerable Taiyu said: Yun Che, although lost/carrying dark profound strength, but to Northern God Territory, after all is the person of Eastern God Territory. They are hostile about Eastern God Territory through ancient times, after they know Yun Che, will naturally also regard as the external heresy.” Furthermore his body Evil God Inheritance and Sky Poison Pearl, Northern God Territory King Realm plane/level will have the possibility of hearing. Therefore, Yun Che in Northern God Territory, once exposes the status, does not feel better.” He previously appeared in God Realm of Absolute Beginning, should expose the status, under to flee to chase down to be forced to escape into God Realm of Absolute Beginning. In injuring Qingchen, after exposed whereabouts, is forced to return to Northern God Territory.” He before falling into the Devil Empress hand, as if deeply has touched the crime she. As for Yama, then by homicide a very important character. So, although Yun Che the change of strength is really strange, but is also utterly isolated in Northern God Territory.”

Such result, listens not to let person accidental/surprised, because of the Yun Che's status, is his body secret. Zhou Xuzi thinks of a while shallowly, said: When is time probably?” Should be one month ago.” Venerable Taiyu said, then knits the brows: Devil Empress should under this matter, after going well, entire one month be stirless initially obviously. Perhaps, after she takes Yun Che, simply not he brings transaction the plan. After all, how she possibly lets off the Yun Che body secret!” No,” Zhou Xuzi shakes the head slowly: Secret eventually is only the secret, cannot see, not to trace. But my chip, was she cannot reject. Let alone, I proposed compelled the Yun Che solution to fall the Zhou Qingchen body darkness, pledged that cannot or brings back to Eastern God Territory...... she not to have reason to reject to his suddenly under killer.” She is assured I will obtain the news sooner or later, waits for me to contact with her on own initiative.” Venerable Taiyu sighed lightly, he knows, even if fell into thorough passive, Zhou Xuzi will also certainly submit. „After Devil, deceitful greedy, I am anxious, she will more ask an outrageous price......, but Qingchen wait/etc. can not. His intelligence has started to be corroded dark, many day, is many disintegration numbers, the too late words, fear thoroughly not the irrecoverable possibility, yeah.” The Zhou Xuzi whole face is exhausted: But, her really took Yun Che well.” Venerable Taiyu looks at Zhou Xuzi, said: „It seems like, Majesty is extremely not worried about this transaction.” Zhou Xuzi looks at the front, said slowly: That chip, her impossible rejection. Anybody...... is unable to reject.” Venerable Taiyu deeply knits the brows, asks: Chip that Majesty, you use, actually why?” A words exit|to speak, he thought of anything suddenly, the complexion changes suddenly, frightened said: could it be that...... could it be that is......” Zhou Xuzi to close both eyes, has not had the spoken language. startled look frames on the face of Venerable Taiyu, is for a long time difficult slow under. A he long sigh, said: Majesty is Eternal Sky, pays half a lifetime for the present age, when lived time one for oneself.” Zhou Xuzi said slowly: „After this matter, I then no longer am the emperor of Eternal Sky. This price, comes by Qingchen.” Taiyu...... thanked your word.” His heartfelt say/way. Although Venerable Taiyu is only short a few words, to him, is actually the greatest mind consolation. The Venerable Taiyu smile shakes the head: Among your my brother, what needs these superfluous word. That Devil Empress not only deceitful all kinds, the soul strength is strange and fearful, in the past has asked for advice. Wants cautious it surely.” Relax.” Zhou Xuzi said: „If complete not enough, how I will step into the North Territory border. Before this, how the concealment whereabouts is the most important matter...... Taiyu, asked you.” Majesty felt relieved.” Receives sound-insulated formation, Taiyu leaves to leave. In his memory, after Zhou Xuzi Emperor to seal/confer, this is the first selfishness in the true sense is a oneself. Perhaps, only then Zhou Qingchen can let him so.