Against the Gods - Volume 17 - Chapter 1778
Life that in this world, has not had the flaw. Regards Dragon God to exceed all Ash Dragon God to the life proudly, Qianye Ying'er few languages, compared with three Yama Ancestor to his dragon body devastates brutal hundreds and thousands of times.

The Yun Che slow gentle eye, belittles however said: What's wrong, is only inexpensive dragon, telling this Devil Lord? Wants this Devil Lord to bestow favor to force suicide, asks.” „......” The whole piece face of Ash Dragon God covers entirely the blood-color shallow mark slowly. After he becomes Dragon God, beside Dragon Sovereign, he has never asked anybody. Except for Dragon Sovereign, in this world also no one with letting him said this character. But, the Qianye Ying'er spoken language draws, each character is to let him such as near the bottom of Purgatory nightmare. Such matter, no one can do, no one dares to do, regardless enraging Dragon God Realm, that violates the Heaven's Way human relations, must by the action of condemnation of the world. But, come out that Yun Che makes certainly! All that the Eastern God Territory pitiful condition, also he makes today, were showing, he stood in emperor plane, did not have the impressive and dignified manners of a wee bit emperor, but clearly was a from head to tail lunatic! He in frightened, regretted, regretted truly...... regretted why oneself must provoke such a lunatic. When the will disintegrates, the pain on body even more is unable to withstand. His clear sensation what Weisheng is might as well die. Asked opening and closing that......” dragon mouth ten trembled several times, he said that should not be the Dragon God phrase finally: Devil Lord...... forces suicide......” This is his has said his entire life most difficult, most painful a few words. The split second huge humiliation, later, was actually the deep extrication, the pain on even/including body as if reduced several times all of a sudden, the redness in dragon pupil, changed into the gloomy death grey little. The South Territory people change countenance all fiercely. Regarding Ash Dragon God that the collapse submits, Yun Che has not actually laughed the taunt, on the face almost cannot see a wee bit changing countenance, as if all these that natural. He is still slanting the eye to look at Ash Dragon God, said lightly: Replied that the this Devil Lord last issue, anyone, is an idiot?” On the face that „......” in fearful peace, Ash Dragon God twists flashes through the one ridicule unexpectedly...... to own ridicule , he is smiles to make noise lowly: He...... hehe...... I am...... I am the idiot..................” He his entire life is like that arrogant dissolute, even if facing his Divine Emperor. After seeing Yun Che, what he presents is natural overlooking and lofty, but also brings some stances of despising the taunt......, because he is Dragon God! Therefore, he is paying the price of always having a dream cannot think. Right, oneself are an idiot. Arrived so the position, he had been doomed impossible to live. But his today's death, while igniting Dragon God Realm angry...... also without a doubt, will become the shame of Dragon God, the shame of Dragon God Realm. Very good.” A Yun Che applause, the back passes away, incomparably optional waves the arms about backward: Extinguished him.” Yes!” Three Yama Ancestor accordingly, body Yama black glow rises suddenly simultaneously thousand zhang (3.33 m), vast Southern Sea Capital City immediately dark filling the heavens. But, actually they cannot so, because of falling of Ash Dragon God finally voice/sound, he already again no resistance, even collects dragon force that in the lower part struggles...... only to strive for fast dying on own initiative. Bang!

Only split second, Ash Dragon God dragon body...... in the world cognition most indestructible Dragon God Divine Body, disruption round number ten under three Yama Ancestor the strength of terrifying, sprinkles big scarlet black Dragon's Blood rainstorm suddenly. Easily probably crushed body of the Fan dragon. Under this, everyone decides stubbornly in same place, pupil[ pen interest pavilion] in hole, is framing dragon body and everywhere of disruption Dragon's Blood for a very long time. Even if South Territory Four Divine Emperors, even if their all previous ancestor Divine Emperor, has never witnessed a Dragon God tragic death so. But is tranquilest, is actually makes this to startle action of the world Yun Che, he leisurely however moves toward own seating area, at a moderate pace say/way: „A private affair, hopes that do not go bad everyone's aesthetic pleasure. Implicates this king hall to be damaged carelessly, Southern Sea Divine Emperor cannot blame.” Short several languages, light as if was just run over and died momentarily a being an eyesore mosquito ant. „......” Qianye Ying'er stares at his one eyes, is silent the intention racing. Her many can guess correctly that some Yun Che this time so arrive at the Southern Sea Divine Realm goal simply, but has not thought that he comes up then to do such certainly. Moreover, she is very clear, Yun Che massacre Ash Dragon God, absolutely not because of the opposite party impolite......, even if the opposite party is respectful like the grandson before him, Yun Che will also find appropriately reason makes him die an untimely death this place. Dragon's Blood still sprinkles in everywhere wind. Trembling of people Soul is unable to stop for a very long time. Ash Dragon God...... almost endures in the world in the eyes position compared with one of the other King Realm Divine Emperor Dragon God, died!? Not frigid fierce battle, even without many struggling. Dying incomparable easily...... and humiliation. They look at a Dragon God torn remnant body dull, but in soul sea, tremor is actually Yun Che that as if covers in the endless dark form. This was...... uses short less than one month then to bury into desperate North Territory Devil Lord Eastern God Territory! Was this...... past that their in the eyes excessively pure and good-hearted East Territory Yun Che? At present, will direct world shock without a doubt. Then, Yun Che then and Dragon God Realm had the unsolvable enmity. At waiting and seeing condition Western God Territory, will certainly in light of this and Northern God Territory potential with the water and fire. Yun Che as North Territory Devil Lord will not understand this point, when homicide Ash Dragon God, simply does not have a wee bit hesitations and dreaded. Southern Sea Divine Emperor turns around slowly, shows a faint smile saying: this King has just now said that the real man works as the pleased love and hate. The action of North Territory Devil Lord, was this pleased love and hate peak, this King admired.” Admire?” Yun Che lightly said: Your solemn will Southern Sea Divine Emperor, say these two characters unexpectedly?” Southern Sea Divine Emperor said nothing pro or con, suddenly gold/metal sleeve flung, the storm curled up, palace in the remnant wall flickered to scatter everywhere. Southern Sea Divine Emperor flickers the body, has returned to king seat above, compares in other three Divine Emperor and numerous Sea God stiff face, his actually face calm thin smile: North Territory Devil Lord and Ash Dragon God private affair, then, then should be my Southern Sea grand occasion. Honored guest also please take a seat......” Bang!

Southern Sea Divine Emperor finishes barely the words, a dull thumping sound transmits, as wisp of not normal grey glow passed over gently and swiftly, along with rich and boundless dragon qi. The Yan Er devil claw holds up slowly, in the hand, is dragon pill who he just took out. Ash Dragon God was overawed by the true Dragon God soul by Yun Che bursts, by five ancestor sidewise compressions, was suppressed the death from him, the entire journey has no strength of the struggling counter-attack. Thus, his dragon pill a wee bit buckles, have not had no time perfectly. But, this came from Dragon God dragon pill! Is various Divine Emperors on the scene has never seen divine item! Because in the God Realm history, all previous Dragon God died in bed of old age/be exhausted, dragon pill also along with life completely self-scattering, no one can kill Dragon God. Draws back thousands of steps saying that some vertical really person of energy abilities, have the guts to compel until death the boundary Dragon God, with the arrogance of Dragon God, will decide self-destruction dragon pill before dying, will not fall into the opposite party by own power core In hand. But pitifully, Ash Dragon God by the power complete suppressions of five ancestors, before dying, wants the self-destruction is completely dream of a fool. In the Yan Er hand, perhaps is God Realm in history, first...... is to the utmost perfect Dragon God dragon pill. Under the aura, even Southern Sea Divine Emperor voice/sound stagnates, vision flash setting. Yan Er shadow in a flash. Has done obeisance before the Yun Che body, both hands hold high dragon pill: Master, how does this thing handle?” Yun Che puts out a hand, when ashes dragon Dandun light falls into his palm. Without owner aura of dragon, under Dragon God pressure that in he releases slightly incomparable docility, does not dare to have slight moving restlessly. Yun Che Spirit Sense releases slightly, one foot dragon pill, as if the embodiment an endless world, boundless of dragon force, seems endless, inexhaustible. Qianye Ying'er looked at Yun Che one. From his look, she then knows that he will make anything with this dragon pill. This after all is Dragon God plane/level power, by Yun Che present nihility strength, real refining? The palm turns, ashes dragon pill had been thrown into Sky Poison Pearl by Yun Che. The eyeball of people also fierce jumps, as if awakening from a dream, in heart myriad mighty waves. Kills Dragon God dragon pill who Dragon God can obtain...... this is the thing of basically impossible present world! Yun Che beckons with the hand, said lightly: Receives its corpse, looks to be an eyesore.” Yan Er receives an order, the palm grasps, dragon body of Ash Dragon God disruption drew in one group of black light instantaneously, with drawing of Yan Er five fingers, the black light contraction, changed to -and-a-half inch jet black space crystallization. Yun Che has taken dark crystallization that thinks of the Ash Dragon God corpse, suddenly strange smiles, the face slightly revolutions, the vision shifted was being built on the side of Southern Sea Divine Emperor young people. As Southern Sea Crown Prince, Nan Qianqiu state of mind nature already enough informed and experienced, absolutely not common.

But, just now the matter of occurrence, making various Divine Emperors for a very long time still shaken, let alone his accurate Crown Prince! When he detected suddenly, the Yun Che's vision stares unexpectedly when own body, was previously neither arrogant nor servile before anybody throughout, elegantly simple calm southern autumn wind body suddenly one stiff, the blood of whole body as if stopped flowing all of a sudden, the both hands uncontrolled start that does not grip voluntarily trembles, pinches tightly the five fingers unable to stop stubbornly. Looks at Nan Qianqiu, the Yun Che faint smile, said slowly: this Devil Lord has said that this to seal surely newly Southern Sea Crown Prince offers a big ritual.” He lifts the hand slowly, between two fingers, is clamping that space that is putting the Ash Dragon God corpse crystallizes: „The blood, the meat, muscle and bone Dragon God, any one is the treasure of the world. Vertical is your Royal Father, cannot expect.” Southern Sea Crown Prince, this generous gift, can you dare to accept?” „......” Nan Qianqiu is shocked, the back sends coolly, the hair tingles with numbness, is unable to say a word. He just witnessed a Dragon God tragic death. Facing looking straight ahead own Yun Che, as Southern Sea Crown Prince he actually lives an incomparably fearful feeling steep: Own life seemed acted bashful by him in the hand, so long as he wants, so long as his were not happy, can take at any time. The people tremble with fear...... Yun Che unexpectedly the Ash Dragon God corpse, as congratulatory gift that giving Southern Sea Crown Prince confers!? Is this big ritual that” he previously said? Why this is he to Ash Dragon God will say that was only a pity, you feared couldn't see? Wait, could it be that......, from the beginning, he did not plan Dragon God that at that time kills Western God Territory to arrive at!? These think in the person complete heart of this idea suddenly cold. Arrived at this moment, which their was not clear, the goal that Yun Che this comes, basic thinks with them complete different. Even possibly contradicts completely. Hahahaha!” Laughs to resound, such as timely exhortation to virtue and purity, shakes the Nan Qianqiu soul play to tremble. Southern Sea Divine Emperor in a clear tone said: Millenium, although age still young, but not only for my Southern Sea Crown Prince, this world then does not have the matter of fear, big ritual that and what to come does not dare to meet.” Millenium, the blood bone of this Dragon God, indeed does not dare the extravagant demands for the fathers the heavy treasure, you may probably well thanks Devil Lord the generous gift.” The Nan Qianqiu soul decides anxiously, he knows oneself just now reveal alarmed and afraid is to make Royal Father be greatly disappointed surely. He bites the tip of tongue fiercely, eye of duplicate/restores clear understanding, then welcomed the Yun Che's vision to forward gradually, extend the hand came, to receive the space crystallization in Yun Che hand...... from beginning to end, was looking straight ahead Yun Che's both eyes, has not avoided. „The millenium thanks Devil Lord heavy ritual, losing of this Dragon God, the millenium will use appropriately surely.” He bends down slightly a ritual, voice/sound contains the prestige sonorously. Very good.” Yun Che looks at his one eyes, nodded slightly, such as an elder to the applause of junior......, although on life essence, Nan Qianqiu is bigger much than his grandfathers. Worthily is the successor who Southern Sea Divine Emperor selects, not only the semblance remarkably, this boldness is also extraordinary, were at least more than that inexpensive dragon cute a moment ago.” Yun Che slowly said: You received the this Devil Lord big ritual, that answered this Devil Lord several issues while convenient, how?”