Almighty Student - Volume 1 - Chapter 1
Xia Tian lies down on the hospital bed, he felt that he seems like having a dream to be the same, this is a fond dream, the surface advance party a female nurse, by the white coat of female nurse, inside is the green short sleeve and black inner clothes clothing is clearly discernible, white joined bodies pantyhose. Regarding Xia Tian this boy this absolutely is a fond dream without doubt. Well? You awoke.” After the female nurses have inspected on the instrument the digit, turned head happen to see the Xia Tian vision, she felt that the double pupil of Xia Tian can probably see through to be the same own all. Xia Tian has not restored to come from the fond dream, answering, but continues to appreciate the present beautiful scene. The female nurses felt that is not very comfortable, left the hospital ward hurriedly, at the same time shouts: Dr. Li, Dr. Li! In the intensive care unit patient awoke.” Walked? Do not walk.” Xia Tian sat directly, at this moment, his body transmits a severe pain. What's the matter, Xia Tian looks down own body, everywhere is the bandages, moreover several sutured wounds, from top to bottom is the wounds, moreover in the hand also hits is hanging the bottle. Good pain, I am not am having a dream, then a moment ago what's the matter? Why I can notice what in that nurse clothes puts on is anything.” Xia Tian had doubts time, entrance walked a man and a woman suddenly, this man and a woman all put on the short sleeve to appear before him, hasn't unexpectedly worn the white coat? Xia Tian cannot believe closing both eyes that own eye, Xia Tian makes an effort open once more, these time sees is actually they are a white neat long unlined gown. Is illusion?” Xia Tian wants to try to have a dream, at this moment the scene appeared again, they once more half bare appearance in the Xia Tian front. This unexpectedly real.” In the heart of Xia Tian is pleasantly surprised, at this moment in the mind had a dizziness feeling, almost but actually. Who makes you sit? Your line has not opened, does not permit to move heedlessly.” Dr. Li discontented looks at Xia Tian, he was in the hospital established doctor, the patient situation in this hospital ward was different, was the leader in hospital had told specially must look after well. Xia Tian then thinks why here, must experience him of college entrance examination to be proposed by the girlfriend immediately bids good-bye, mood specially chaotic Xia Tian wants to stroll in all directions, but happen to sees a little girl, because played runs noisily to the street center, but at this time the van passed through, pushed out the little girl in time Xia Tian of most crisis, his actually quilt cover chartered car blew flies, wound blew to make to the guard rail on. But why he suddenly will have this ability, he knows that he had not misread a moment ago absolutely, how Blood Qi side just age will forget itself to see that oneself probably are X-Ray Vision is the same, has seen through the coat of that nurse directly, but this ability cannot use, that dizziness induced a moment ago this uses the X-Ray Vision side effect. Schoolmate?”

Dr. Li continually called several, but Xia Tian had not responded that immediately made his expression dignified, has saying that the Xia Tian situation was not good, if were not the luck is good, these wounds have avoided vital point, he early died. Now although the wound processed, the person probably changed silly, this may not be good to confess, on the hospital has confessed that must cure him. Also relation not on his family member?” Dr. Li knit the brows saying that although the issue of money does not need to be worried that some people have paid, but he also wants to inquire that the family member of patient, patient whether before had any medical history, why otherwise wakes with fool. His cell phone has collided and damaged, the card also disappears without a trace, nearby merchant also inquired, nobody knows him.” The female nurses shook the head. You process his wound, I gave Chair Zeng to telephone.” Dr. Li went out of the hospital ward, he must say the situation, that person who Xia Tian saves is not the average person, Jiang Hai City most famous capable woman Zeng Ruo daughter. Female nurses gently sets level the body of Xia Tian, and bandage cautious and solemn tying up of again opened him a moment ago, shortly after his wound just removed stitches, is not suitable to make the too big movement. Xia Tian continuously dull did not say there a few words, eye actually stubbornly is staring at the body of female nurse. His present all have change, so long as he thinks, he can see through female nurse inside underwear directly, female that wonderful stature in Xia Tian at present flashes before unceasingly. After the female nurses processed Xia Tian bandage, left the hospital ward, she somewhat was afraid the Xia Tian de look, Xia Tian is very much for a long time has returned to there normal. Now he determined finally one had ESP, is X-Ray Vision. „It is not good, immediately wanted the college entrance examination, I cannot here dull too for a long time.” Xia Tian does not want to delay college entrance examination, otherwise he wanted multi- and other year to go to college. Does not know how long I lived here, this has not gone back for a long time, older female cousin affirmed that was worried.” Xia Tian does not know here how long one lived, he does not know who since childhood mother was, the father died at age 14, from then on he was big in guardian Young Aunt, afterward older female cousin went to college buys a house near the school, Young Aunt was worried that his older female cousin safety, made him live with older female cousin in one. Although he usually little returns to that house, but basic each month will also go back several times, the house is not near from his school, this is he does not return to the reason of house frequently.

Looks up, he saw the calendar on wall, unexpectedly also had wants the college entrance examination in less than half a month. „It is not good, must a bit faster leave here, otherwise must miss the college entrance examination, the father hopes since childhood I can study well, am admitted to a university, I cannot certainly disappoint father.” Xia Tian wants to try to move own body, this time he has not worried, but is the little migration, this can avoid the pulling injury wound. „Are you doing? A bit faster lies down.” In the Xia Tian hospital ward has the monitoring, the female nurse noticed that the Xia Tian movement runs over to prevent hurriedly. The stature of female nurse is specially good, appearance is also unusual refined, although on the face has not put on make-up, but she absolutely are more attractive than these stars, saw that her Xia Tian cannot bear want to visit her. I must leave the hospital, I do not have money to pay the hospitalization expenses.” Although Xia Tian Young Aunt is rich, but he never whereabouts Young Aunt wants the one cent, his school expense is the father stays behind to him, the usual expense is also he works to gain generally. Your hospitalization expenses some people have paid to you, you well go back to lie down, you wound did not have now, takes training several months.” Although the female nurses do not like the Xia Tian look, but she is a nurse, moreover is the Xia Tian professional nurse, she must look after good Xia Tian. Several months?” Xia Tian may unable to wait for several months: „It is not good, I wanted the college entrance examination for half a month, I cannot wait.” College entrance examination?” The female nurses stare slightly, she also heard some related Xia Tian matters, Xia Tian has rescued Jiang Hai City top capable woman Zeng Ruo daughter injured, it can be said that a good youth of behaving righteously, moreover he has rescued Zeng Ruo daughter, that Zeng Ruo naturally cannot treat unjustly his, definitely to him the money, will have these money to think that on any university can also not get up. My clothes? I must leave the hospital.” The Xia Tian manner is firm, he does not hope to miss this time test opportunity, these years he studies continuously very diligently , because he promised the father to be admitted to a university, although the present university student unemployment rate is very high, even could be said as the graduation is equal to being unemployed, but his father hopes that he can go to college, moreover was admitted to a university by own skill. From infancy to maturity, the father is very strict to his request, although cannot say that is the polite arts every kind is skilled, but has almost involved, even links five lines of Eight Trigrams and I Ching he has also studied. Your clothes early were discarded, you cannot leave the hospital now.” The female nurses very draw out her proud upper body to indicate their determination. Volume!” Xia Tian stares immediately: This also too.” Hears the Xia Tian words, the female nurse just started somewhat to be confused, but responded immediately, Xia Tian said was not just one, moreover size unexpectedly of size was so accurate, the color of intrinsic clothes said.

She inspects her clothes hurriedly, but has not discovered to be exposed, at this moment she discovers Xia Tian unexpectedly in the class nosebleed. „, rascal!!” The female nurses have covered their clothes hurriedly, although has not been exposed, but she covers to tighten her clothes. What's the matter?” Dr. Li happen to from out of the door process, opens the door the time happen to saw that the female nurse was shouting rascal, but he looked immediately to Xia Tian, because Xia Tian unexpectedly got out of bed, moreover in class nosebleed: Who makes you get down, you also need to rest.” Doctor, I must leave the hospital.” Xia Tian looks to Dr. Li firm saying. „It is not good, your wound did not have, you cannot leave the hospital.” Dr. Li cannot make Xia Tian leave the hospital, Chair Zeng has told, must cure Xia Tian, if Xia Tian such left the hospital, he does not know how should explain to Chair Zeng. I must leave the hospital, do you also want to put under house arrest me?” Xia Tian said directly step by step walks toward the entrance, the movement is very light, he currently also has the wound, does not dare to move own body large scale. I am not that meaning, your present wound did not have, if has any condition again the words, perhaps after you, will leave behind internal injury.” Dr. Li answered hurriedly. My body I am clear, although the wound does not have, but does not have anything to obstruct greatly, I went back myself to raise for several days to be good.” Xia Tian must go back to review, moreover this X-Ray Vision function makes him very confused, he also needs to go back research well. The Xia Tian manner is firm, Dr. Li does not know what to do at once should, their here is a hospital, naturally cannot prevent Xia Tian from leaving. Good, you wait / etc., I gave Chair Zeng to telephone.” Dr. Li has put out the telephone, at this moment the gate of hospital ward was shoved open again, a beautiful female walked.