Almighty Student - Volume 1 - Chapter 10

A'San is not an average person, although he lame a leg, however his will very formidable, stiffly also practiced own Leg Technique is better than before, his vision also was very naturally high. A moment ago Xia Tian that although the movement was very light, however used actually hit the strength with the strength, this technique Taiji Fist inside technique. Xu Dechuan saw that Xia Tian unexpectedly did upside-down two black-clothed person all of a sudden, anticipated regarding Xia Tian Master, he knows that now Xia Tian was why secure, originally Xia Tian not only appraising treasure technology Expert, but also met Martial Arts. Taiji Fist of Xia Tian meeting on such three broad-ax, is in Old Fan that plagiarize, his X-Ray Vision eye can also see opposite party weakness, he also relies on both eyes to break Old Fan Taiji Fist. At this time Xia Tian draws them draws to after the place, their Fast Counter, although on that lower part of the body was very a moment ago painful, but they are A'San looks at the class, followed naturally not to miss in the A'San side skill. They one on the left and other on the right also drew, have tied down both hands of Xia Tian. Also is really not the fellow who good to deal with.” retreat that the body of Xia Tian keeps, is looking for the opportunity, both eyes is taking a fast look around fast, they do not give the Xia Tian opportunity, following. Two black-clothed person both feets launch an attack suddenly, Xia Tian stops own body, does not draw back counter- near, the right hand pinched directly above one of them 's neck, afterward the body flushed away fast forward, black-clothed person according to arriving in place, a fist strike to opposite party face. Another black-clothed person is well-trained, does not have god, attacks directly to the back of Xia Tian, Xia Tian leave, has shunted the opposite party strikes, the present fight turned one to one, a Xia Tian body revolution of fist hit directly above the thigh of opposite party. Afterward both hands attack to the abdomen of opposite party. Now can also take away me?” Xia Tian looks to A'San, he knows that A'San is Expert, if the one-to-one singles, he has not won the A'San assurance, although his eye can discover the A'San weakness, however his movement does not have the rapidness of A'San. Is skillful, what a pity also tender.” A'San moved toward Xia Tian directly, his today's does mission go back what you Xia Tian belt is relates with Fan Zhuifeng?” According to A'San knows, Jiang Hai City meets Taiji Fist, only then a person, that is Fan Zhuifeng, Fan Zhuifeng is not the affable lord, first did not say his back has very big backer, solely is his Taiji Fist almost does not have the rival in entire Jiang Hai City. Idle talk are really many, wants to hit you to come, actually I must have a look at you to have any skill to bring but actually me.” Xia Tian has gotten hold of the fist, the vision took a fast look around, is not willing to let off any detail, he knows that he to fighting A'San the words must get rid quickly enough. Hears the Xia Tian words, A'San shows a faint smile, since Xia Tian did not have to say one had any relations with Fan Zhuifeng, then he really had the relations to be also all right with Fan Zhuifeng, who made him not indicate the status. It seems like came troublesome, my Martial Arts is too what a pity bad, if on that day I were good from Old Fan that much study several moves.” Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought, he knows that his body has stiffened after the transformation of jade pendant, but not cultivation method, cannot any Martial Arts. If meet Martial Arts, will not have now this sense of crisis.

Depends on lives in my A'San that you can also keep off, today was the deity cannot save you.” A'San looked at Xia Tian, afterward looked at the vision to Xu Dechuan: It seems like you are incorrigibly wicked, later carefully, your auspicious day also to the end.” Xu Dechuan is also the innermost feelings dark startled, he knows that A'San this was telling him Xu Family to cope with him, by trust of Xu Qinghua A'San, so long as A'San goes back today's matter to report to Xu Qinghua, then Xu Family truly will get rid to him. Xia Tian, cannot make A'San leave here absolutely, otherwise you and I are no end of trouble for the future.” Xu Dechuan knows own present energy, although also had own family property, but compares to feel dwarfed with Xu Family. Snort, acts recklessly.” A'San arrived at the Xia Tian front: To the present you also thinks that some people can save you? If some people can save you from the hand of my A'San, after my A'San, saw you to lower the head.” A'San does not believe can save them in this place also some people, today he must go back the Xia Tian belt, Xu Dechuan he does not plan to let off. This is limp-leg Wang A'San in legend.” At this moment in alley went out of three people, these three people are ash-gray clothes, on the face are also all bringing the mask, what is main is their front has embroidery of one group of Fire Cloud. Quicksand!!” A'San vigilant looks at these three people. A'San, I read you also to be considered as No. 1 figure, later do not have the idea of Xia Tian.” The three Quicksand personnel person of vision of stare at A'San to say. I promised the master to bring him, does your Quicksand person want to do? So long as today's matter you sell my A'San face, money I am must have your.” What organization A'San very clear Quicksand is, to Quicksand this type of Assassins organization, money, but is multipurpose. Perhaps this face really could not give, Xia Tian was the person who the Leader roll-call must protect.” Good, today my A'San acknowledges that the punishment is deserved.” A'San clenched teeth, the Quicksand person he cannot offend, first did not say these people all are Expert, even if were he is capable of killing these three people, then Quicksand will not die with him continuous. Xia Tian has not spoken from beginning to end, he felt the present all these are such is not real, before was just fragment unexpectedly that in the movie can present also occurred in own life. At this moment he understood finally, his world had the tremendous changes, all these are not sudden, but has occurred side him. Quicksand this name he at heart, these people looked is not good to advocate, they help themselves definitely have the reason, although A'San is fierce, but Xia Tian clearly most minimum A'San is in public. This Quicksand is but different, Xia Tian does not know the details of opposite party, in the world not free lunch, but these people to guarantee his money do not want, Xu Family is the Jiang Hai City four respected families, money, but are many. Organization that can not ask for money, then certainly for compared with a money more important thing.

But Xia Tian does not know one have any valuable thing, the ancient Buddhist relics are impossible to have other people to discover that besides this was that Blood Jade Stone bracelet a moment ago. Although the Blood Jade Stone bracelet is precious, but Xu Family definitely does not miss that money, therefore Quicksand person definitely not for this thing, then actually for anything. A'San pulls up that two black-clothed person to drive to sail to the distant place. Actually are you who?” Xia Tian looks to the people of that three grey clothes. Xia Tian, looks for your father to the relic that you leave behind, is scroll.” Do not make a show, we have several hundred methods to kill you.” Seven days, if cannot find the thing, we ensure can make you live to might as well die.” Three Quicksand members had a person to hear after him in the Xia Tian side the sound that say, vanishes in alley, has only left behind Xia Tian and Xu Dechuan also has the ground was lying down four bodyguards, although the Quicksand person was the Assassins organization, but they will not annoy to themselves for no reason troublesome, why this was also Xu Dechuan can also living reason. Brother Xia Tian, where you must go, I deliver you a regulation.” Xu Dechuan after matter was also respected to Xia Tian, he determined that now Xia Tian absolutely was not an average person. Quicksand person unexpectedly also acts to protect him, this proved Xia Tian absolutely is extraordinary big figure. Good, Milky Way Hotel.” Xia Tian must give older female cousin to celebrate a birthday, although by something delaying, but he must overtake immediately, older female cousin makes him install the boyfriend. Milky Way Hotel, what banquet has, what gifts needs me to help you buy?” Xu Dechuan has not raised the Quicksand matter with Xia Tian, in his opinion this matter is very secret matter, is the Xia Tian secret, the fewer the better that he knows. Xia Tian has not gone to ask that the Xu Dechuan related Quicksand matter, to the A'San manner, Quicksand should be very secret organization a moment ago, moreover dense scroll that Quicksand wants to him is actually anything, he does not know any scroll, his father has not given his such thing. Quicksand that group of people have given him seven days, then he must find scroll in seven days, or within seven days have to resist the ability of person of Quicksand, but the latter is very obviously difficult to accomplish. It seems like tomorrow must return to a house.” After his father died , the house has not sold, but he has not always gone back. „, My older female cousin birthday, the gift I have prepared, was that bracelet a moment ago.” Xia Tian wants that Blood Jade Stone bracelet to be the older female cousin celebrating a birthday gift is good, the function of Blood Jade Stone is very obvious, especially after the woman puts on, can play the cosmetology to raise the function of face, moreover can the anti-senescence.

Although his older female cousin is very young, but has worn the Blood Jade Stone bracelet, even if after 40 years old , looks from the semblance also is just the 20-year-old appearance. I how this thing forgetting, Blood Jade Stone truly is the good gift.” Xu Dechuan shows a faint smile. You are my~ oh my big apple~. Xia Tian cell phone bell sound. older female cousin, I arrived immediately.” Well good, I called you Qingxue, I was ten thousand years of shield assign.” Which on me gives you to mishandle flowers.” Good, I try to find solution.” Xia Tian has hung up the telephone. After Xu Dechuan hears the Xia Tian telephone shows a faint smile, but he old Jianghu, naturally understood the approximate meaning: Brother Xia Tian, the matter of flower gave me to be good, you passed first, I sent to you quickly.” He he.” Xia Tian awkward smiles: That many thanks Xu Grandfather.” Called any Xu Grandfather, if did not shut out, called me a Brother Xu to be good.” Xu Dechuan light saying. Ha Ha, that many thanks Brother Xu.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, he knows after Xu Dechuan this person, certainly will have the big use. The vehicle arrived at Milky Way Hotel quickly, this time Milky Way Hotel is very lively, in the gate unexpectedly also writes is congratulating Ms. Ye Qingxue happy birthday, the entrance decoration of hotel is also very attractive.