Almighty Student - Volume 1 - Chapter 100
All people were brought back to police station, Xia Tian also went back to assist to investigate, young nurse Bai Yiyi take taxi. That five people are also bad luck enough, so was miserable must also be brought to go back to record the oral confession. After police station, these police will monitor the video recording to look, Xia Tian just has defended working as, after being located to fine 200, was all right. However that five people and Zhao Tianyu may be miserable. Starting of that five person broad daylight must kill people with the weapon for criminal, this is the big crime, especially Zhao Tianyu, he is a chief instigator, he that rampant countenance had been monitored to record at that time completely. Who has caught my son.” The out of the door of police station came them. Li Ju.” Li Ju.” The people in police station salute. Money Captain, don't I make you release people? Why hasn't put to the present?” Li Ju looks that money Captain asked. Li Ju, the person is Chen Er'gou grasps, you also know his temperament.” Money Captain awkward saying. Is that youth.” The Li Ju complexion is very ugly. Brother Li, who that is Chen Er'gou? I must have a look at any person to be so good but actually.” Father indignant saying of Zhao Tianyu. Yeah, we went in say again.” Li Ju takes the lead to walk toward inside, arrives has interrogated outdoor time, by the glass saw that Chen Er'gou is interrogating Zhao Tianyu, Xia Tian sits on outside stool accompanies Bai Yiyi to chat. „!!” The Zhao Tianyu father saw Bai Yiyi time stares slightly, sees her and Xia Tian, when there is merry the complexion becomes very ugly, his son is being closed in, coming out that Bai Yiyi unexpectedly can also smile. Uncle Zhao.” Bai Yiyi received the smiling face on face, has said a hello, but could look from her manner, she did not like the Zhao Tianyu father.

Who is he?” Father whole face disgruntled asking of Zhao Tianyu. I naturally was her husband.” Xia Tian very optional saying. Hears the Xia Tian words, Bai Yiyi knows that wanted the misdemeanor, Zhao Tianyu overbearing inherited his father completely, if compared with his father, Zhao Tianyu can only be the child who has not grown up. You are any thing, dares to snatch my Zhao Family daughter-in-law.” Zhao Tianyu father vision ice-cold is staring at Xia Tian, seems was looking that a deceased person is common. You are any thing, dares saying that my concubine is your daughter-in-law.” Xia Tian refuses to admit being inferior similarly. „Who are you? How in this.” Li Ju has sized up Xia Tian up and down. Brother Li, knows that a name of deceased person is useful.” Father expression ice-cold saying of Zhao Tianyu, his meaning is very simple, he moved to Xia Tian has killed the heart. Good, I called deceased person.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, this was really overbearingly is also used to the fathers and sons, opened mouth wants others' life, beforehand Zhao Tianyu so, now his father is also this. Probably they kill people do not pay with a life to be the same, the crematory is his family opens. How was here?” Walked beauty from outside. Is forest Captain.” Li Ju greeted with Lin Bingbing on own initiative, he knows that the Lin Bingbing background was not common, therefore has not had the idea of Lin Bingbing, but or the Lin Bingbing beautiful appearance he already started. How Li Ju was here?” Lin Bingbing looks that here person many walked. „The police spend the elder sister, I in this.” Xia Tian sees time excited shouting of Lin Bingbing. Xia Tian, how you can here.” A Lin Bingbing brow wrinkle, Xia Tian presents the only reason here in her opinion is because he fought. Xia Tian! Did you call Xia Tian?” Li Ju hears this name time stares slightly, he is familiar with this name, the previous Liu Dui matter is related with this Xia Tian.

If not under deft, will have at that time the danger of falling. „Do you know me?” Xia Tian doubts looks to Li Ju. Understanding, sleeps cannot forget your name.” Li Ju vision mean is staring at Xia Tian, afterward was saying to the Zhao Tianyu father: First manages the proper business.” Right, my son who my son, who catches.” Zhao Tianyu angry shouting. Opens the door of interrogation room. Father, a bit faster saves me.” Zhao Tianyu saw his father time almost cried. Son, you? Is who bullied my son.” The Zhao Tianyu father sees appearance angry shouting of Zhao Tianyu. Is he, outside that.” Zhao Tianyu with pointing at has referred to stressing his police Chen Er'gou and outside interrogation room Xia Tian. The Zhao Tianyu father moved toward Chen Er'gou directly. ! What thing are you? My son you also dares to grasp.” The Zhao Tianyu father has slapped Chen Er'gou directly. Overbearing, rude and unreasonable, hits the police in the police station blatantly. Chen Er'gou stares slightly, he naturally knows that who front person is: Section Chief Zhao, you assaulted a police officer in the police station a moment ago blatantly, I must arrest you now.” Volume.” Hears the Chen Er'gou words, the Zhao Tianyu father stares slightly, afterward is a palm of the hand hits to Chen Er'gou. This Chen Er'gou not move, but held his arm, the left hand has put out the handcuff from the waist, direct handcuffs in his hand.

You dare the handcuffs I, do you believe me to make you come off sentry duty now.” The Zhao Tianyu father looks angrily to Chen Er'gou. I do not believe that I have never made any place of dereliction of duty, I do right by my status.” Chen Er'gou just imposing saying. Your young police unexpectedly dares such to speak to me.” The Zhao Tianyu father just about to begins, saw the handcuff air/Qi on own hand has stamped a foot maliciously. Chen Er'gou, opens to me, Section Chief Zhao is inspects the work today.” Li Ju frowns to say. I currently have enough reason to close him.” Chen Er'gou shook the head. You.” Li Ju does not have with this Chen Er'gou means: I make you go home now rest some time.” Why?” Asking that Li Er'gou is not convinced. Why? Divides the minute to kill you depending on me.” Father angry saying of Zhao Tianyu. I do not believe.” The Chen Er'gou response said. Good, you plant, did Brother Li, what to do you say this matter?” The Zhao Tianyu father looks to Li Ju. Er'gou, has not apologized to Section Chief Zhao quickly.” Li Ju frowns to say. Li Ju, he has not made mistakes probably, moreover hit is he is also right.” Lin Bingbing walked from behind. „Who are you?” Section Chief Zhao looks to Lin Bingbing the symbol on police uniform: Isn't Captain? Right that here some you spoke? Leave to me.” I give you an opportunity, spends the elder sister to apologize with my police.” Has sat Xia Tian that looks in behind opens the mouth to say suddenly.