Almighty Student - Volume 1 - Chapter 11
Milky Way Hotel is very famous in Jiang Hai City, wants to hold the banquet and cocktail party here needs least one month to carry on the appointment ahead of time, moreover almost cannot decide the position, the position that Ye Qingxue decides is 11 revolving restaurants. Entire 11 with the glass construction, looked that from outside only in can see the colored light with the glittering and translucent carving exterior decoration, just likes a huge crystal palace is ordinary, seems from outside probably is a giant mushroom is the same, under construction is root, what above is the huge crystal mushroom head. Each has the unique decoration, the status of more high-level representing is also more different, although the Milky Way hotel is opens to all people, but the average person subscribes less than 11 radically, moreover here expense is no one can accept. The arrangement of Milky Way hotel is very interesting, one to three is the living room, interior decoration very lofty, various types of liquor water coffee is free, many rich men like here environment, sits reads some magazines or the newspapers here , some people become friends with some useful friends specially here. Fourth is a banquet hall, is here most common banquet hall, although is ordinary, but interior decoration is still very luxurious. Fifth to ninth is a guest room, here room price not cheap from 998 to 9998 any prices has, moreover inside environment is also completely different, various services are very complete. Tenth is the fitness hall, is quite usually lively. Xia Tian clothes were very casual and other enter here person to form the sharp contrast, others were a true thing or the wear are natural, but Xia Tian put on was quite bad. Security and service person, although strange Xia Tian wear, but has not stopped him, after all wants to enter here that several to need to pay expenses, only then four and 11 th has not requested, but there has many securities, if discovered that is not the guest who the master invited, then will directly drive out. Ye Qingxue is very happy today, today is her 20 th birthday, mother wrapped 11 th of Milky Way hotel for her, has held this birthday party, she invited her these good friends, naturally also some people of being unsolicited , some were in her mother business the children of partner. Qingxue, this is the perfume of Chanel, happy birthday.” LV pocket, happy birthday.” CL high-heeled shoes, treasure, happy birthday.” The Ye Qingxue friends have offered their gift, the schoolmate who naturally some ordinary gifts, some she now together has also attended class, in these people have many does not have money, gift that they send out also only then dozens to several hundred, but Ye Qingxue was still very happily apologized everyone. Ye Qingxue has worn white formal clothes today, puts on her of formal clothes just likes heavenly fairy maiden descends to earth, clear refined, attracted the attention of all people, which man without can not for her, but the heart movement, these women have revealed the different vision, has to envy, there is an envy, unattainable. The person of giving a present were getting more and more, Ye Qingxue is also gentle 11 apologized, but she was absent-minded has been as if same, had dozens men to express the intent of admire from start to the present to her.

However her thoughts as if completely not here, but is waiting for somebody's appearance. Miss Ye, you were really too beautiful, can give me one to pursue your opportunity?” A second generation of rich very graceful walks gentle saying. Compares in the directness of this second generation of rich, other more people are envying there. Was too beautiful, if she can be my girlfriend, making me little live for ten years I to want.” Do not have the daydream, how we possibly to match on her like this female, which you have a look at that side these person are not the second generation of rich official's second generation, their competitions are also very intense.” You looked quickly that was who comes.” The people all looked at the vision to the place of entrance, at this time a man of suit and dress shoes elegant bearing walked from there, in his hand was a big bunch rose, saw that his appearance all people sighed. Wang Nianlin, one of the Jianghai four young masters, Jianghai University students, is the Jianghai University Student Association vice-chairman.” unexpectedly is he, he is the Ye Qingxue death pink / white, heard that enters from Ye Qingxue to Jianghai University starts him to pursue Ye Qingxue.” Does not know that this time also had any new pattern.” Looks at the appearance of Wang Nianlin, even if these second generations of rich and official's second generations is also ruthless of envy, although Wang Nianlin is also a second generation of rich, but however his father's company Boss of listed company, moreover enterprise or family enterprise. It can be said that he stamps in Jiang Hai City absolutely stamps the feet has countless people to come up to that person of flattering. Walking of Wang Nianlin was very steady, is competitive, but wore the female of sportswear to walk from the entrance at this moment, her arrival attracted more attention, female not any fancy appearance, however her beautiful appearance actually completely did not lose in Ye Qingxue, Ye Qingxue seemed is clear and feeling of immortal dust, but this female was that simple simple beauty. Qingxue, it seems like I have not come late, this is I in my family old man that to the writing brush that you make.” The image of female any virtuous young woman, the direct stride had not walked, several steps have surpassed Wang Nianlin. Although the Wang Nianlin innermost feelings are very disgruntled, but he does not have with this woman means.

Today is really the good luck, unexpectedly saw Jianghai University two big school beauty here, her unexpectedly also came.” Ye Qingxue ranks fourth, the rank of female is only lower than Ye Qingxue, this is because she is strong, nobody dares to pursue her, otherwise her rank is perhaps higher than Ye Qingxue.” Is she, Jianghai University President Student Association Huo Wennu, I had not heard some people of surname Huo before.” Looks that the Huo Wennu appearance people whoop, Huo Wennu and Ye Qingxue in the friend who Jianghai University is better, Ye Qingxue celebrate a birthday, she naturally can come, it is well known Ye Qingxue is a Wen Ya female, her writing brush character is the school is better, therefore Huo Wennu has delivered her a writing brush. Qing Dynasty, the Sister Wen elder sister, you were not will steal.” Ye Qingxue looks writing brush surprised saying in own hand, how she can unable to look at the origin of this writing brush. The great writers, birthday present unexpectedly deliver cultural relic, saw the gift Wang Nianlin complexion that Huo Wennu sends out immediately changes, his original manuscript thinks one put out the gift time can compared with falling other people, but Huo Wennu unexpectedly takes such a thing before him. Relax, the thing of old man is my thing.” Huo Wennu showed a faint smile, pulls the arm of Ye Qingxue. Many thanks Sister Huo elder sister.” The thing that although other people give she also very likes, no matter thing in any case, but these are not she truly want, is this writing brush is different, this was just like is a fan attains Kobe's signature sports attire to be the same. Although had been snatched some crest of wave by Huo Wennu, but Wang Nianlin moved toward Ye Qingxue, after all Huo Wennu is only a woman. In the hand that bunch of rose significances are profound. After that second generation of rich saw a moment ago Wang Nianlin appeared, very left there on own initiative, although his family was rich, but compared that to feel dwarfed with Wang. The Bing Xin vision looked at entrance, but has not seen any person, was shaking the head to Ye Qingxue. Huo Wennu puzzled looked to Bing Xin, but had not asked that at this time the vision of people went to Wang Nianlin once more, as if he is today's actor is common, Wang Nianlin moved toward the Ye Qingxue front step by step, afterward kneed down: Qingxue, happy birthday.” Thanks.” Ye Qingxue showed a faint smile, received the rose, the significance that although the rose represented was different, since Wang Nianlin said happy birthday, then she naturally did not have the means to reject. At this moment Wang Nianlin took out a box from the rose, saw that the time people of this box know the climax must come, Wang Nianlin hid this box in the flower a moment ago intentionally was worried that Ye Qingxue will reject this box.

Now Ye Qingxue received the flower, then showed that he had given a moment ago to accept the thing, this box naturally was also one of them. Wang Nianlin box opening gently, a sparkling diamond ring presented in the front of people, everybody then understands that what originally Wang Nianlin did was this, he gave the flower is fake, the diamond ring was real, if he gave the Ye Qingxue diamond ring directly, Ye Qingxue is will not accept absolutely. The significance that after all the diamond ring represents especially is vital, if Ye Qingxue accepted the diamond ring directly, indicated that she accepted the pursue of Wang Nianlin. Qingxue, I very much have liked you, hopes that you can accept me to your love.” Wang Nianlin puts in the ring the reclaimed cotton once more, this had wanted this diamond ring on behalf of Ye Qingxue. Wang Shao are Wang Shao, really extraordinary, pursues girl's ability is we cannot think.” Yeah, Wang Shao have gotten rid, it seems like I did not have the opportunity.” This was right, you also dare to be inadequate with Wang Shaoqiang woman, we together help Wang Shao, this can also become friends with Wang Shao such big figure.” That crowd of official's second generations and second generations of rich were discussing, if Wang Nianlin has not appeared, they can also struggle a struggle, their family inside influence differed not in a big way, but Wang Nianlin appeared now, they did not have any opportunity. They appear that small and weak in the Wang Nianlin front. Excuse me, some that I come late, Qingxue, happy birthday.” At this moment the entrance of banquet hall has broadcast a sound, the emergence of this sound captures immediately all person attention. On face of Ye Qingxue immediately one happy, although Bing Xin is somewhat disgruntled, but also relaxed, saw that expression Huo Wennu on two female face also sized up that person of entrance.