Almighty Student - Volume 1 - Chapter 12

11 banquet halls come in later Xia Tian to know that it big, no wonder must complete the mushroom shape, moreover here environment is unequalled, the surroundings all are the glass make, but these are not the ordinary glasses, even if will be the elephant walks above glass will not have the slight damage. Outside the station looks here takes in everything at a glance . Moreover the geographical position can clear sees the liveliness of Jiang Hai City, in the banquet hall arranges is attractive, but front the person of standing is his older female cousin Ye Qingxue. Today's Ye Qingxue is very beautiful, even if can see her Xia Tian frequently also by her today's appearance the deep attraction. Young Aunt is very beautiful, Xia Tian has thought in childhood Young Aunt is in this world the most beautiful woman, however the Young Aunt beautiful lies in her gorgeous varied, aloof from worldly affairs refined, was Ye Qingxue completely was different, the Ye Qingxue beautiful was the beauty of immortal spirit. heavenly fairy maiden is also mediocre. How you come now.” Ye Qingxue tender feelings smiles, afterward moved toward Xia Tian, her action makes the people on the scene also stare, all people came a moment ago time is to arrive in front of her congratulates, but unexpectedly turns into on own initiative that man who she moved toward the entrance now. Wang Nianlin and Huo Wennu presented time Ye Qingxue personally not to greet, but Ye Qingxue unexpectedly greets a such person now. Has saying that Xia Tian today's appearance here also is really head one, even if Ye Qingxue other these does not have the friend and schoolmate of money, each is also puts on neatly, has changed the most expensive clothes, however Xia Tian how all the clothes to see not over 100. The Wang Nianlin complexion got dark, he felt the formidable crisis, although Ye Qingxue had not agreed with his pursue, but Ye Qingxue to others was also that desolate, at this time but Ye Qingxue unexpectedly smiled to this man was so sweet, moreover greeted him on own initiative. On road something delayed.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, at this time Bing Xin and Huo Wennu also walked. Also calculates you conscientious.” Bing Xin stared Xia Tian one to say in a low voice, Xia Tian that her words did was somewhat muddled, but he has not said anything, after all was he is in the wrong, who made him use X-Ray Vision to visit others, and said. Qingxue, this is?” Huo Wennu saw that Xia Tian also has Ye Qingxue is very familiar with Bing Xin, therefore opens the mouth to ask, she asked also presented all people to listen. They do not know that actually this boy is, as soon as he presented Young Master Wang who unexpectedly harmed to be placed there, at this time Wang Nianlin stood there very awkwardly, in the hand took the flower that Ye Qingxue was handing over, stood there does not know that should walk should remain. He is my boyfriend, he called Xia Tian.” Ye Qingxue gentle saying, however her words exit / to speak presented all people to be shocked, goddess Ye Qingxue unexpectedly had the boyfriend, this was the huge news.

Moreover Wang Nianlin just had vindicated with her, now her the boyfriend appeared, this simply was too face-smacking. This time Wang Nianlin complexion one blue one red, the five senses jar of innermost feelings was overturned probably was the same, is uncomfortable at heart very much, his present situation is very awkward, wishes one could a crack to make him worm one's way into. Miss Ye, how you had boyfriend not to tell that everybody, our these Wang Laowu who harmed in vain kept thinking, my Sun Fu had pursued a moment ago also you.” Pursued Ye Qingxue that second generation of rich to open the mouth to say a moment ago directly that his words direct neutralize the awkwardness of present Wang Nianlin, his words exit / to speak had indicated the people on the scene liked Ye Qingxue, then Wang Nianlin is not awkward. Wang Nianlin was nodding to Sun Fu, Sun Fu noticed that showing good will of Wang Nianlin opens the mouth to say immediately once more: Miss Ye, how for us did not introduce that your boyfriend, does he is do, where his father take a higher position, perhaps said us also to know.” His words point to the Xia Tian death hole, saw the clothing that on Xia Tian wears he naturally knows Xia Tian definitely is not rich has advocated, therefore he says these most sensitive topic. Wang Nianlin heard his words to be very satisfied to him, has remembered him, other people also joined in the fun to divulge. My matter does not need you to manage.” Complexion ice-cold getting down of Ye Qingxue, she knows that these people are intentionally, reason that she makes Xia Tian pretend to be her boyfriend to these loses heart, but she has not thought that these person of unexpectedly start to run on a bank Xia Tian with the words, Xia Tian all nobody understood compared with her. Qingxue, does not know where this Brother Xia just from came, why puts on such casually participates in your birthday Party.” Wang Nianlin was virulent to Xia Tian, saw Xia Tian put on him to be angry, he was very rich, even if delivers the Ye Qingxue race car villa him not to care. Usually in others' eyes he is keeping aloof one of the Jianghai four big young masters, today is he meticulously prepares, reason that he chose the way of rose Inner Tibet diamond ring is because this was very romantic, moreover this was also Ye Qingxue changed to received his ring. This procedure he absolutely is a pioneer, moreover is also romantic enough. But actually by a such sudden brat bothering, not only destroyed his plan, but also Ye Qingxue unexpectedly also openly said that she is the boyfriend of this brat, this makes him not have the face very much. Since do not say that was female in a university, even if were outside these big stars sees him to be also respectful, these big shots in person or market on government, saw him politely specially. He has golden key to grow up since childhood, is tall, the appearance is good-looking, a name brand compared with a on look mediocre pauper, Xia Tian specially is good absolutely not to have any other merits besides the skin.

But Ye Qingxue unexpectedly has chosen this kind of handsome boy, but does not choose him. Right, Qingxue, he does not give you really very much the face, unexpectedly put on this to come.” „Is, depends on him also to match with Young Master Wang places on a par.” Today person which compared with him, he simply is not a handsome boy.” The justice often toward Expert, in the eyes of all people, Wang Nianlin is Expert, he is Gao Fu commander-in-chief of keeping aloof, but Xia Tian is just a Diao silk, absolutely does not have the means to place on a par with Wang Nianlin. At this time they said that to be on good terms with Wang Nianlin, if Wang Nianlin really became with them the friend, then has very big help regarding their family in enterprise that their parents knew this matter certainly will also praise them to be sensible. The sounds of a series of despising continuously. Gives the old lady to shut up, he likes putting on anything to put on anything, has any relations with you, the old lady I puts on is also very casual, you said that the old lady tries.” Huo Wennu erupted finally, she is not the affable lord, when her vision sweeps to these people, these people are lowering the head of cannot help but, does not dare to look straight ahead with her. Of Wang Nianlin Jianghai four big young masters were a few words does not say cold snort one. Was good, since the person came, that prepares to open the banquet.” Bing Xin drew Huo Wennu to say to the people that helped to mediate. Wait / Etc., Qingxue, this is your flower.” Wang Nianlin puts in the ring the flower once more, took the flower to arrive at the Ye Qingxue front, all people noticed that he threw in the ring the fresh flower. If Ye Qingxue received the flower, then represented her to accept the pursue of Wang Nianlin, but she has no alternative but to meet the flower, because she accepted to spend a moment ago, now refuses not to give the Wang Nianlin face obviously, that Wang Nianlin might cause trouble very much. At this moment Xia Tian held the hand of Ye Qingxue, showed a faint smile: Excuse me, my girlfriend can only the rose that wants me to give.”

Depends on you? Does not know that you must give the Qingxue anything gift.” Wang Nianlin looks down upon Xia Tian from the start, on only Xia Tian the clothes come to see have not brought any gift, because on him has not put the gift place, as for fresh flower, on the scene also only then he delivered. Although Ye Qingxue said that Xia Tian is his boyfriend, but Xia Tian unexpectedly links a flower not to buy for her, this made the people start to suspect among them the relations. Said the gift, everybody looked once more to Xia Tian, gives Ye Qingxue to celebrate a birthday, the Xia Tian anything gift will not have taken. Gift he had already given me, I also like.” Ye Qingxue said hurriedly that she knows Xia Tian does not have money, even if bought the gift not to suit for her in this situation takes, because she actually shut out the Xia Tian gift. Is because after Xia Tian puts out the gift, will receive here all people's discrimination, is so unfair to Xia Tian, she is only makes Xia Tian help to keep off the pursues of these people, does not want to injure Xia Tian. „? What that delivers is what gift? No matter before , what has delivered, today is your birthday, Lian Shuhua doesn't have?” Wang Nianlin ridicule smiles, he sends out, but the diamond ring and fresh flower, most match in this situation. Gift, had certainly.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, has put out a bracelet from the pocket, the bracelet is in itself very ordinary, looked that from the semblance probably is stall goods of two dollar is the same. Saw the sounds of bracelet a series of laughing Xia Tian takes transmit, especially that several want to be on good terms Wang Nianlin. Ha, laughed at me, such stall goods also dare to take to reveal shortcomings, might as well buy good that the bunch spent.” Wang Nianlin as if saw very funny matter is common, said that is the person of Ye Qingxue boyfriend, unexpectedly, when Ye Qingxue celebrates a birthday has put out such stall goods. Ye Qingxue was worried that Xia Tian said awkwardly hurriedly: I like, no matter any thing, so long as is I who you deliver likes.” Looks the vision that the people ridiculed, Xia Tian shows a faint smile, wore the bracelet in the hand of Ye Qingxue, afterward has broken by biting with the tooth own finger, a drop dropped just like the rose color blood above the bracelet, the blood drop changed into the innumerable pellets to be inhaled in the bracelet, the tiny red blood cell member disappeared in the air.