Almighty Student - Volume 1 - Chapter 13

The bracelet when met the blood drop to split instantaneously has sent out the blood red ray, on the bracelet each bead became glittering and translucent carving, a blood thread of faint trace was flowing in the bead, probably was the blood vessel of person is the same, as if lived in these bead not that red silk threads continually, but was the blood of that faint trace. „The Blood Jade Stone bracelet, this is how possible, in the entire family only then my grandfather has one string.” Wang Nianlin surprised looks at that bracelet in Ye Qingxue wrist|skill, although before , it seems probably is stall goods is the same, but it actually turned into the priceless treasure at this moment. The Blood Jade Stone price is not high, buys several strings at the property of his family naturally is the small gift, but the Blood Jade Stone most precious place lies in does not have the goods, once Blood Jade Stone appears in the market, then some people at the maximum speed will buy it. Will not hand over to sell to others, because Blood Jade Stone has very big advantage regarding the body of person, puts on to play the cosmetology to the woman to raise the face, lays out the function in within the body toxin, if the old person puts on can play the postpone senility, function of stronging and healthy body. Also because this mysterious function will make Blood Jade Stone the so rare treasure, hears the Wang Nianlin words, the people on the scene started to start to guess correctly that gradually this was any thing, even if had not heard can also see on the bracelet sent out the blood red ray. Looks is the good thing, in addition a moment ago the Wang Nianlin words, all people naturally know that this was a treasure. Good attractive bracelet.” Bing Xin surprised looks at the blood red bracelet on Ye Qingxue, the Xia Tian situation she listens to Ye Qingxue saying that actually she is very difficult to imagine this bracelet Xia Tian from which lane. Just was still showing off the gift that oneself gave to be valuable, the gift that Xia Tian sent out was not worth a red cent, but the situation immediately transferred now, how the diamond ring possibly compared with the Blood Jade Stone bracelet. All rays were inferior, the gift of scene is all covered by the gift that Xia Tian gives, Ye Qingxue I thoroughly was also shocked, she most understands Xia Tian, since Xia Tian is not willing to want her mother's money, works and studies, actually then gift Xia Tian where makes? Although she likes this gift very much, but she worried that Xia Tian has handled any illegal matter. The Wang Nianlin gift had been inferior, now his in the hand can appear only prominent was spending in his hand. At this time also nobody looked down upon Xia Tian again, just started them to look at Xia Tian to put on ordinary, then slanders Xia Tian in that in their eyes Xia Tian was just a pauper, but they understood now, Xia Tian this was playing the role of the pig to eat the tiger. A bracelet on multi-million, in addition these flowered that may you celebrate a birthday, how I possibly do not deliver you tweed.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, he saw the Ye Qingxue thoughts, but now is also not the explanation time, on the cell phone has transmitted the news that Xu Grandfather has left behind. The entrance of banquet hall presents more than ten manpower to hold the big bunch of fresh flowers, they were placed a huge core in the ground the fresh flower, the fresh flower have encircled Xia Tian and Ye Qingxue. 9999 roses, just Wang Nianlin were still saying that Xia Tian Lian Shuhua do not have, currently has these many people to send the flower, he delivers also is just 99, but Xia Tian unexpectedly found the person to send these many. It is not the change.

Qingxue, you look at out of the window.” Xia Tian embraces into Ye Qingxue the bosom, the concubine who at this moment Ye Qingxue changes gets up, she currently really has a feeling, oneself are very probably happy, but the opposite party obviously is own cousin. The fireworks, out of the window set off fireworks, over a hundred fireworks simultaneous firing from the sky blasted out, dazzling multi- colors. At this moment is not only Ye Qingxue, presented all women to be melted, if the diamond ring matched the fresh flower is very romantic combination, then the big pile of fresh flowers and fireworks of can melt the heart of woman. They envy Ye Qingxue very much, why at this time that leading lady is not one, Bing Xin sees the present all that puzzled, Qingxue has said the Xia Tian situation to her, but this time scene was she also by deep shock. The fireworks continued for enough ten minutes to finish, when all people think all finished, out of the window these high-level lamps all extinguished suddenly, light at the same time vanished instantaneously completely. Afterward in four connected high levels shines the sparkling light suddenly. Snow, I, heart, U. The middle heart shape is without bias and without favor just right, in this banquet hall the squeal rises from all directions, these women already completely by such scene to control, even if Wang Nianlin such dandy never such romantic. Was too romantic, if I can marry him to be good.” Qingxue was really too happy, if can make me marry him, after letting me, turned into the full-figured woman I also to want.” Females are looking forward to there, even also beauty of several dinosaur levels started to violate sex-madly, front all these any women cannot resist. Outside lamp has shone, but all people remember all that had a moment ago, this type has been romantically inferior all people, Wang Nianlin returned the crowd, these capital that he most is proud as if all were covered by Xia Tian. Xia Tian also started more to come also to admire Xu Grandfather management ability, the ginger was old spicy. These that this time Xu Grandfather makes stem from his anticipation completely, when he receives Xu Grandfather SMS, oneself completely were also shocked.

Ye Qingxue threw the bosom of Xia Tian directly, which woman was not in love, but was they have not bumped into to the person, has not experienced these to be moved, Ye Qingxue felt that own this time was in the world the happiest woman, she hopes that Xia Tian was not her cousin. Actually he is also good.” Bing Xin innermost feelings secretly thought: Oh, Bing Xin, you are indulging in flights of fancy anything, is not concerned about face.” Bing Xin has blushed, she has remembered first time with Xia Tian meets, she can affirm one put on is absolutely conservative enough, but Xia Tian can also guess anything that she puts on, in addition today's matter. His body has certainly many secrets, I must have a look but actually am anything.” Bing Xin pledged in the innermost feelings secretly. Two female nearby Huo Wennu innermost feelings have as if raised the difficult situation at this time, she has not liked any man from infancy to maturity, does not know that is moved is anything, but she noticed that today the Xia Tian action understands thing that finally why these women like pursuing these vanities. She can look at this time Ye Qingxue is the happiness of the heart. The banquet formally started, today's banquet makes everyone on the scene hold the different thoughts because of the appearance of Xia Tian, his showing off has covered other people, including Wang Nianlin this super big young master. Meanwhile, in the Jiang Hai City first hospital. Quicksand!! Actually this boy has any special place, Quicksand unexpectedly must act to protect him.” Xu Qinghua frowns saying that actually he really cannot master Quicksand to play any pattern, Quicksand is a Assassins organization, how to protect a person. Quicksand is almost impossible to protect a person, only if this person is very important regarding Quicksand, either he is in Quicksand the high-level descendant, either on him has Quicksand the treasure that wants to obtain.” A'San said that does not fight to draw back Xu Qinghua not to blame him, instead after is he comes back, has asked again he does have injured. Xu Qinghua understands A'San, he also absolutely believes A'San, if A'San has not led that to show that the person definitely what happened, A'San is he most important subordinate, he never gives A'San any grievance, does not regard A'San is the bystander, even treats A'San own blood brother to be also better. „The first possibility is very low, then in other words his body has the treasure that Quicksand wants, it seems like we underestimated this high-school student.” Xu Qinghua said: You turn head well he.” Young Master what to do?” A'San looks to Xu Shaocong on hospital bed. Asked Wang Grandfather to get rid, although price is expensive, but also the ratio discarded life.” In the Xu Qinghua eye bright light dodges, he never makes the business that does business at a loss.

The Ye Qingxue birthday party manages is very lively, finally everybody also chatted very happy, just today's lead Ye Qingxue as if has had the concern, the entire banquet was absent-minded. After the banquet ended, some people proposed must deliver Ye Qingxue to go home, because Ye Qingxue does not have the car(riage). Does not use, thanked.” Ye Qingxue knows that these people are on good terms with Wang Nianlin, although Wang Nianlin at the banquet was made in drinking the alcohol to drown one's sorrows by Xia Tian, but after the banquet ended, they want to look for Xia Tian to be troublesome. The body of Xia Tian puts on very simple, absolutely does not have the place to put the car(riage) key, therefore they understand that Xia Tian does not certainly drive. Qingxue, rides my car(riage).” Wang Nianlin arrived at Ye Qingxue saying of front very gentleman. Does not use, has thanked, I planned that follows Xia Tian together.” The arm of Ye Qingxue pulls above the arm of Xia Tian, does not know that is intends or without doubt, her front that to mountain peak in arm often friction of Xia Tian. He does not have the car(riage) to deliver you probably.” Wang Nianlin disdains looked at Xia Tian one. At this moment the Xia Tian vision saw the car(riage) of distant place, showed a faint smile, draws Ye Qingxue to walk, Bing Xin also directly followed, Huo Wennu puzzled looked to three people, finally the Xia Tian three people stopped before a BMW. On the vehicle artificial Xia Tian three people of wear Chinese-style clothing open the vehicle door later three people to enter in the car(riage), all moving clouds and flowing water seemed to be ordinary, has left behind Wang Nianlin and the others silly standing there. Wang Nianlin felt that today was own depressed day, time and time again by Xia Tian face-smacking, was said Xia Tian to be poor before, the gift that finally Xia Tian sent out was more expensive than dozens times him, later said that Xia Tian was not romantic, finally Xia Tian has sent 9999 roses, in addition fireworks and light. Finally said that Xia Tian does not have car(riage), wanted to seek to have the feeling in this aspect to be also defeated, reason that Xia Tian has not brought key unexpectedly is because he had the driver. Hateful, I will not let off absolutely your.” Wang Nianlin wicked looks at the BMW to vanish the direction that.