Almighty Student - Volume 1 - Chapter 14

The Jiang Hai City dim light of night is very beautiful, here has the name of lively district, some people said that the Jiang Hai City daytime is used to struggle, but the Jiang Hai City night is used to enjoy, the light is filling the entire city. Here is the world of rich man, so long as you are rich, you can try you to fantasize all things here, therefore here was also called the capital of illusion. Brother Xu, today many thanks you.” Xu Dechuan that in BMW, Xia Tian to driven said. Xu Dechuan that at this time Ye Qingxue and Bing Xin noted front driven, Ye Qingxue was also planning that must ask actually Xia Tian what happened, at this time she understood, all these person who drove with front are definitely related. What with me to be polite, where then do you want to go?” Xu Grandfather shows a faint smile. Xia Tian, this outcome what's the matter, the bracelet gives back to you.” Ye Qingxue knows that Xia Tian does not have money, such precious thing is very likely to borrow, although he likes this bracelet very much, but she must give back to Xia Tian. older female cousin, this is I gives your gift, how you can not want.” Xia Tian has brought back to the bracelet the hand of Ye Qingxue. „It is not good, this thing was too precious, you are borrow, goes back quickly.” Ye Qingxue worries looks at Xia Tian, she was very happy today, moreover Xia Tian also success helped her keep off these pursuers. Relax, is not borrows, these are my, does not believe you to ask Brother Xu.” Xia Tian helpless saying, he knows that older female cousin is being worried about itself. Miss Ye, the Blood Jade Stone bracelet on your hand truly is Brother Xia Tian washes in an antique street.” Xu Grandfather opens the mouth saying: „The effect of Blood Jade Stone bracelet are many, the words that but such wears spoiled the good thing, goes back the later each month to need with own three drops of blood to feed Blood Jade Stone, one year later the Blood Jade Stone bracelet will combine with your bloodlines, moistens your body.” Heard Brother Xu's words, taking care well.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile: „Was Brother Xu, each month three drops is OK?” Right.” Xu Grandfather should say. One month one time?” Xia Tian asked again. Right.” Xu Grandfather nodded. I have felt relieved, otherwise must make an opening I not to be cruel enough each time to start in the hand of older female cousin.” Xia Tian relaxed, but the atmosphere in car(riage) congealed suddenly.

You owed to punch.” Ye Qingxue changed virtuous young woman image, being ready to fight to Xia Tian, Xia Tian was very clear this is his devil older female cousin true colors. Ye Qingxue outside is a clear goddess, however at home absolutely is a violence queen, for these years Xia Tian had not been short of by her is suffered, Xia Tian once thinks that she is enchantress is reincarnated, this also why Ye Qingxue lets she disguises as the boyfriend the time reason that he does not dare to reject. Ha Ha, Brother Xia Tian, you want to be many, the blood of woman legal holiday also will arrange the toxin of woman within the body, on bracelet will grow dark with words Blood Jade Stone of this type of blood drop, finally damage.” After Xu Grandfather hears the Xia Tian words, said with a smile that he is quite deep to this thing research. Heard Xu Grandfather blushing of words Ye Qingxue to the ear, with look wicked looks that the Xia Tian meaning said probably again went home to tidy up you. Xia Tian, you, if can guess correctly that my inner clothes is any color I makes Qingxue let off you.” Bing Xin opens the mouth to say suddenly that she had felt Xia Tian is very mystical, therefore planned that probes Xia Tian while this opportunity once more. Xia Tian has not thought how in has wanted to deal with older female cousin a moment ago, after hearing the Bing Xin words , the X-Ray Vision function opens directly, without hesitation direct said: Pink and Pikachu.” Just said that Xia Tian regretted, the clothes that at this time Bing Xin wore were quite conservative, let alone was that Pikachu was slightly lovable, pink inner clothes was impossible to see is right. At this time Ye Qingxue with Bing Xin all strange looks at Xia Tian, Ye Qingxue does not understand how Xia Tian achieves, but Bing Xin as if verified any thing to be the same, mysterious smiled. He he, I will not guess right.” Xia Tian awkward smiles, explained hurriedly: It seems like the Bing Xin elder sister likes putting on this type of adorable thing.” If he did not say, that will cause others' suspicion, although they will not guess correctly one have the X-Ray Vision eye, but guessed one have the special fondness not to be good, older female cousin usually is the how terrifying person he is very clear. Originally guesses.” Ye Qingxue long shouted the one breath, she unexpectedly also thinks between a moment ago Xia Tian and Bing Xin have any improper relations, hearing is she who Xia Tian guesses does not know one were why happy. Before she discovered that Bing Xin looked the Xia Tian look was not right, she even also suspected whether among them had any special sentiment, now thinks absolutely laughably, their two have seen only both sides. She does not know how one, why will have a bewildered feeling to Xia Tian, he obviously is his cousin. Guesses really?” The Bing Xin innermost feelings show a faint smile, she does not believe that Xia Tian guesses, previous time she has inspected, this time is the same, Xia Tian is absolutely impossible to see that but Xia Tian said right.

This makes Bing Xin to Xia Tian curious. Xia Tian possibly is afraid, loafing that therefore look keeps in out of the window, he saw at this moment in a car(riage) had the situation, X-Ray Vision cannot help but opened, when he saw when the person in car(riage) gawked slightly, unexpectedly was the summer is gentle her daughter, their two were kidnapped, that was four black-clothed person, in each individual hand had the (spear|gun). Her previous time to me, makes her run its own course.” Xia Tian has remembered the matter in hospital. „It is not good, the child is innocent.” The Xia Tian innermost feelings struggled a moment later in the look to fill bright light, afterward was shouting to Xu Grandfather: Brother Xu, turns around to overtake car license 542 B that bread.” Has saying that Xu Grandfather was old Jianghu, after hearing the Xia Tian words, looked for a recent crossroad to turn around directly, did not go to the control anything red candle, he can listen to the anxiety in Xia Tian words. Xia Tian, what happened?” Ye Qingxue puzzled looks to Xia Tian, at this time the Xia Tian expression ten segregate heavily. Brother Xu, after one will overtake that car(riage), you lead them to the safe place.” Xia Tian had not explained that but said to Xu Grandfather. Telephones to arrange some people with me?” Xu Dechuan asked. Comes not to be anxious, a person quite withdraws.” Deeping frown of Xia Tian. Although Ye Qingxue does not know that exactly what happened, but she also guessed that definitely will have the danger: „It is not good, you cannot go.” This time Xia Tian also very lacks self-confidence at heart, although own body has stiffened, but are not Martial Arts Expert, the opposite party has four people, moreover everyone has the (spear|gun), the probability that if the frontage conflict, he wins is 0, regardless of his body becomes a lot he is impossible to block the bullet, regardless of his speed becomes quick, he impossible to be quicker than the speed of bullet. But makes him look helplessly that adorable little girl was killed that not to be absolutely impossible, although he does not like the Zeng Ruo powerful, but among them not too big enmity. „The telephone that I go to meets Freshman some, you with the words we must die without doubt.” Xia Tian serious looks at Ye Qingxue saying: Brother Xu, you reported to the police, said that Zeng's Group Zeng Ruo and her daughter were kidnapped.” What?” They understand why finally Xia Tian so was a moment ago anxious.

Zeng Ruo this name is known to everybody to be known to everybody in Jiang Hai City, she is the idols of all women, 30 years old built the indestructible business empire Zeng's Group, although are unable to compare with the Jiang Hai City four respected families, however in business world also absolutely were few figure. Mr. Xu, with public telephone anonymous warning.” Xia Tian does not want to annoy to trouble him to save the Zeng Ruo mother and daughter not to hope that the police know. Was too dangerous, I did not agree that you go.” Ye Qingxue knew the gravity of matter does not hope Xia Tian. older female cousin, believes me.” Xia Tian grasped Ye Qingxue, the Ye Qingxue whole person was shocked, this bosom is she thinks that warmest bosom, she hopes that Xia Tian is not her cousin. Meanwhile in car license 542 B van. Zeng Ruo felt at this time very scared, these people she did not know that she led daughter to come out to play a moment ago is stolen by these people, daughter is her spiritual prop, she most is afraid is daughter has an accident. For these years in bystander opinion she is a capable woman, but only she knows that own these years have painstakingly, before bystander in pretend strong, do not dare to see own frail side. This moment when she and daughter were stressed that she felt that desperate, some people will not rescue her, these old fogies in family wished one could her dead to divide the family property earlier, has not cared truly about her person. She does not fear death, perhaps dies regarding her is also an extrication, but she cannot die, she also has daughter, if she died, daughter turned into the orphan, lets the person to insult. „Who are you? I give you money, asking you to put us.” In the Zeng Ruo eye, all matters can spend money to be solved, these people have stressed their mother and daughter not any use, she can these person of money, she not believe that in this world has the person who does not like money. Has thought here time she has remembered that odd person in hospital suddenly. Perhaps only then he does not like money.” Zeng Ruo does not know why one will remember this man, shook the head to restore in the reality. Madame Zeng, I knows that you are very rich, money we can definitely want, but we must handle something before then.” A in which black-clothed person vision took a fast look around Zeng Ruo, greedy in eye has not concealed.