Almighty Student - Volume 1 - Chapter 15
Mom, I feared.” The daughter sweet sound made the heart of Zeng Ruo melt completely. You could rest assured that regardless of you want how much money I to give, so long as you do not injure my daughter, even if I I can give you in all stocks of company.” Zeng Ruo most precious was her daughter, money does not have her to gain again, but if daughter had an accident, she did not go on living. Madame Zeng, you felt relieved that we will not injure your, so long as you one will coordinate us, I ensure you and your daughter will not have the matter.” That black-clothed person cloudy evil looks at Zeng Ruo, the vision back and forth takes a fast look around on the body of Zeng Ruo. The Zeng Ruo stature can only say is Top Grade in Top Grade, is shown completely by the clothes that her wears on the stature of full house. Some people wear the clothes appear more attractive, wears the inexpensive clothes also to turn into an average person, but Zeng Ruo is different, because her clothes she puts on to manifest noble of this clothes. Xia Tian looks that vehicle travel the direction stares slightly, he knows where finally these people must go, the words that this direction has opened are suburb, must ask that he so is why familiar, the answer is very simple, his family there. Brother Xu, gives me your coat and hat.” Xia Tian is very clear, Quicksand these people continuously with him, if so direct, certainly will continue by the person track of Quicksand, therefore he must come a leopard cat to change the crown prince. This can shake off the track of Quicksand. Be careful.” Ye Qingxue worries looks at Xia Tian. Vehicle stopping slowly in the roadside, Xia Tian got out, afterward the vehicle drives away once more, Xia Tian has hidden, he saw, these Quicksand people drove a very ordinary vehicle to follow in behind of BMW, if were not X-Ray Vision, he is unable to see these people are the Quicksand person. Quicksand track method, although clearly knows Quicksand in tracking him, but he had not discovered that until at this moment, after casting off the Quicksand person, Xia Tian arrived at the bridge approach, ran from the pitch directly, this goes to the suburb shortcut. Nobody was more familiar than with here road him, he is young time takes this road almost by a both feet. The van sailed to suburb one to abandon the warehouse entrance, four black-clothed person have lagged behind the car(riage) the Zeng Ruo mother and child, Zeng Ruo daughter tight hugging in the bosom, these people gave her daughter to give an injection a moment ago, the warehouse abandoned obviously was very long, is filled with the dust flavor. The giant iron gate creak is making a sound, the cool breeze blows the worn-out warehouse as if has been the ghost calls general. Any person was brought to feel to here no use, Zeng Ruo is no exception.

„Do you want to do? Now can say.” Zeng Ruo enclasps own daughter, she most is afraid is these people suddenly robs her daughter, although she is also afraid, but she requests herself to be strong. Not anything, but is hopes that Madame Zeng accompanied us to act in a movie, this movie must most direct that I be able to be an actor open, but you were a leading lady.” That black-clothed person looks at Zeng Ruo, spins on the body of Zeng Ruo eye keeps. Other three black-clothed person have put out the camera, at this time Zeng Ruo understands finally they must do. I give you money, many.” Zeng Ruo holds retreat that own daughter is keeping, she started the true fear. Some money people to us, but we need to take the movie to give the opposite party as the safeguard.” The black-clothed person vision is taking a fast look around Zeng Ruo, pressing hard on step by step. Zeng Ruo looks at front these black-clothed person, she knew definitely some people of vital point she, moreover that person was the Zeng Family person, wanted to force her to transfer the stock, when the time comes had the video recording not to dare to revolt in her absolutely. Such is that person to save lots of troubles, once because died, then the police will commence the investigation, after all she is a celebrity, moreover she died, her stock will have many views, even if divides, everyone could not divide many. She died the stock of family firm to drop sharply. Do not come, otherwise I bite the tongue to commit suicide.” After having thought through this point, Zeng Ruo plans to threaten with death. Madame Zeng, I advised politely you to should better not such to do, thinks for your daughter, once you died, your daughter may be an orphan, moreover this year the bastard of head, but were many, I may guarantee do not permit to have the person to start to your daughter.” How black-clothed person can not prepare, reason that he all catches the Zeng Ruo mother and daughter because of this. He knows that the Zeng Ruo weakness is her daughter, so long as starts to her daughter, then can force Zeng Ruo to obey. Saves me, who can save me.” The Zeng Ruo innermost feelings were summoning, what capable woman regardless of she before the bystander were, this time she was also most vulnerable, she hopes that had a man to bravely step forward to expel at this time these unprincipled people for oneself. But all have not changed, black-clothed person held her arm, she does not dare to revolt, daughter in bosom received very serious frightening. Single-handed black-clothed person direct makes an effort tears away to the Zeng Ruo clothes, Zeng Ruo has closed the eye, she has accepted fate, drop of tears delimit her face to drop on the ground, the water splash of scattering in all directions immerse in the dust.

What skill several do grown man bully a woman is?” The frank sound conveys from the entrance of warehouse together. What person?” Other three black-clothed person muzzles have all aimed at the Xia Tian position, the vision of people also looks to the place of iron gate, the thin and weak form appears in the front of people together. Is you.” When sees front this person of appearance, in the Zeng Ruo heart is happy and startled, what is happy some people rescues itself finally, what startled was he comes to be also useful, but here four people, moreover in their hands had the (spear|gun). „Who are you? Stands do not move there, otherwise I make their to open fire kill you.” black-clothed person vigilant looks at Xia Tian, why he cannot master Xia Tian to appear here, although some suburb also people live, but this factory distance these others position distance, the present is the greatly black day, some impossible people to come to this place radically. If your to open fire, I ensure here the police will rush within a half hour, perhaps when the time comes you cannot run away.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, at this time his innermost feelings are also feeling weak, he worried that these people do not have scruples this point, after killing him, escapes directly. Snort, who no matter I you are, honest staying can forgive your life there me, otherwise you must die today without doubt.” black-clothed person does not want to annoy obviously troublesome, after all they kidnap is not the average person, once the matter is noisy, they cannot escape. Xia Tian knows one detained right. I do not want dead, but you snatched my woman, I have to go all out with you.” Xia Tian corners of the mouth cloudy evil smiles. Your woman? Nonsense, she is Zeng's Group Zeng Ruo, since the husband died, is the beautiful woman, you talked nonsense anything with me.” black-clothed person disdains looks at Xia Tian to say. This time Zeng Ruo innermost feelings one warm, Xia Tian unexpectedly in this dangerous situation also dares to say one are his woman, this friendship made her understand, oneself previous time were truly excessive to the Xia Tian procedure. Xia Tian has not spoken, but flushes away directly forward, sees his action, three people also lift gun, but their head sprinkled the innumerable dust at this time, this was, these people who Xia Tian prepared a moment ago arrive at time he arrived, a moment ago he took a look used the plastic behind the warehouse lime packed in bags, later was good because of warehouse the upper berth of roof. Afterward had to look for water pouring above the lime, after the water has met the lime, had the chemical reaction, originally already oxidized iron direct firing leaks, a large area of lime sprinkled in the head of people, happen to was the head of that three black-clothed person. Xia Tian will let how possibly up such good opportunity, the X-Ray Vision function opens instantaneously, seeks for three people of frailest places, the fast appearance strikes the corona three people in three people, quick remaining that black-clothed person that all have put out the (spear|gun) hurriedly. Xia Tian transferred to behind a pillar fast, Zeng Ruo holds daughter to run to outside.

black-clothed person could not find Xia Tian, therefore has aimed at Zeng Ruo the muzzle directly, although after killing Zeng Ruo , the matter will become very troublesome, the words that but Zeng Ruo will run away he died, therefore he must kill Zeng Ruo. The Xia Tian X-Ray Vision eye had discovered immediately the black-clothed person intention, runs hurriedly to Zeng Ruo, but the bullet has hit. Bang!! A blood has delimited, Zeng Ruo had been drawn back by Xia Tian, however his body but actually, the so familiar scene, in the Zeng Ruo eye has actually flowed out the tears, saw in the ground is lying Xia Tian, her incomparable lamentation. Previous Xia Tian did not give a thought to own life to rescue her daughter, but she actually spent money to insult the Xia Tian dignity, this Xia Tian has saved their mother and daughter with own life similarly, she owed Xia Tian was really too many. When her daughter is most dangerous, the person who presents is Xia Tian, when she is most no use, thinks one must die Xia Tian appeared. Ha Ha, is really the day helps me, this is the best result.” black-clothed person moved toward Zeng Ruo to laugh was saying, the opportunity that Xia Tian got rid of a moment ago grasped was so good, making him once think that Xia Tian was any fierce figure. However the fierce person cannot block the bullet, after having killed Xia Tian, Zeng Ruo this beauty turned his, this time he can taste the flavor of this Top Grade capable woman well, nobody can prevent him again. black-clothed person held Zeng Ruo that broken clothes: Puts down the child, takes off oneself clothes, otherwise I may unable to assure your daughter security.” Zeng Ruo felt that own sky collapsed, obtained her of hope to fall into the canyon once more. Such negligently also dares to study others to come out to kidnap.” Sound of death presented in black-clothed person together, afterward body of black-clothed person slowly but actually, has still filled until that moment face that on he poured inconceivable.