Almighty Student - Volume 1 - Chapter 16

In Zeng Ruo falls into to the desperate cliff, that person has stood once more, he is Xia Tian, Xia Tian gets rid struck to faint instantaneously black-clothed person, saw that Xia Tian did not have dead Zeng Ruo unable to control own mood again. Cries, at this moment does not have the virtuous young woman image, does not have the image of capable woman, she in loud is crying, daughter is also crying, because was just hit the medicine weeping sound is very therefore small. Zeng Ruo threw the bosom of Xia Tian directly, at this moment she did not feel any place this bosom was safer, this bosom was very warm, she raised at this time thoughts, she wanted to treat for a lifetime during this bosom, did not consider any matter. „!!” Xia Tian coughed difficultly two: We quickly leave here.” Although Xia Tian struck to faint these people, but has not killed them, the present is the harmonious society, the education that he received since childhood was not the murder, since the person has rescued, then they must leave here immediately, the police should quick find here to come, if saw him to be hit, when the time comes may not be good to explain. Um.” Zeng Ruo wiped off the tears in eye, holds daughter, at this time she saw the blood of ground suddenly, these blood real, in other words Xia Tian truly was hit a moment ago. She saw, Xia Tian the place of left abdomen flows the blood, Xia Tian correct use is covering. You have been hit, I hit 120, you must insist.” Zeng Ruo puts out the cell phone hurriedly. Not.” Xia Tian held the Zeng Ruo cell phone: matter was too complex, if I were sent to the hospital, definitely will have the police to involve, I do not want to annoy troublesome to myself.” But you were hit.” Zeng Ruo anxious saying. Follows me.” Xia Tian knows that own body was stronger than on several scales before, otherwise do not say that has been hit, perhaps even if were chopped a blade he also sorely to faint, let alone stood to strike to faint again black-clothed person. After the Zeng Ruo hand mechanism machine, Xia Tian brought Zeng Ruo to leave the warehouse. Here is away from his family , is less than one kilometer, he often here played in childhood, therefore such knew about here situation. Was suppressing pain, Xia Tian has brought back to residence Zeng Ruo and child, the little girl was very sensible, has not cried, today she was also too tired, lay in the Zeng Ruo bosom directly falls asleep. Xia Tian all the way cautious and solemn turned back family, for does not make the blood leave the trace he to tear into shreds to wrap the clothes on own body.

The Xia Tian family is not big, but in the room is clean, entire simultaneously that each same thing places, Xia Tian very long had not gone this home, Young Aunt will make once in a while the person clean changes, therefore in the room the thing is also new. „Do you live here?” Saw that the thing Zeng Ruo innermost feelings mighty waves in room are very big, can look at Xia Tian from here absolutely is not a rich man, but why isn't he willing to want his money? Is the self-respect, this time self-respect is rich? Since continuously she anything that money looks is more important, however changed in her the idea a moment ago at that moment, regardless of she will have much money some people not to save her for instance. Finally has rescued own was the person who that did not want the money has rescued itself unexpectedly, moreover at that time his unexpectedly said one were his woman. If others says these words, she already came up to a that person of palm of the hand, but this saying said from this little over ten -year-old child mouths, oneself actually felt that such happiness, she does not know that this was because Xia Tian rescued her to be moved by the Xia Tian strength of spirit. Xia Tian looked for the matches and gauze, in the family can use on thing also only then these. This is my beforehand family, now I live in older female cousin that.” The Xia Tian left hand grasps in the table corner, the right hand grasps to own wound, at this time there already covered with blood. Zeng Ruo whole face inconceivable looks at Xia Tian: „Can he draw the bullet with the hand? This is how possible, will infect.” Saw the expression that Zeng Ruo that worries about, Xia Tian shows a faint smile: Do not be worried, all right.” Um!! A stuffy roar sends out from the mouth of Xia Tian, at this time his both eyes cover entirely the blood thread, on the forehead all was the sweat, the right hand makes an effort, the bullet directly by pulling. Zeng Ruo is very clear, reason that Xia Tian did not shout that was the fear has disturbed the rest of her daughter, but she cannot think that actually painful, without anaesthetic, drew the bullet with the hand. Pain! Xia Tian sorely was almost fainted by this pain, he understands finally the hero is not that good attire, he felt the death, has flowed out from the wound place that the blood kept, could not stop, before he to prevent the infection wanted the fire bullet inside gunpowder ignition disinfection, if he selects now, his intestines will be burnt rottenly.

„Do I want dead in this really?” Xia Tian innermost feelings unwilling exclaiming, body, Zeng Ruo grasped the body of Xia Tian but actually hurriedly, now what to do she completely does not know should, she wants to report to the police, wants to hit 120, but she remembers that Xia Tian does not make her hit. In that moment that Xia Tian pours, in his pocket presented a yellow luminescence, afterward this yellow luminescence submerges in his wound, Zeng Ruo saw that yellow luminescence, examines the Xia Tian wound hurriedly, her appears at present made her surprised one. Yellow luminescence unexpectedly are moving, moreover after it submerged the Xia Tian wound, Xia Tian wound unexpectedly is repairing voluntarily, is less than ten seconds, the blood has anchored, the wound fast is also healing. She is the atheist, but the present all these make her be unable to explain, actually that yellow luminescence is any thing, why the wound will heal automatically, is only short about one minute, Xia Tian that wound already thorough vanished, has not left behind any scar. Although the present all are unable to explain, however this time Xia Tian is also in a comma, she lifted on Xia Tian the bed, has placed the Xia Tian side daughter, at this moment in the room was very static, her heart was also very static. She never has such relieved, looks that front Freshman is small their she to feel he is very happy. Actually she wants also merely is just like this, but she had not bumped into for these years to person, in her eyes only then the interest relations, do not have any sentiment besides kinship. She gradually also fell into deep sleep, she is also quite tired, three people like this lay on a bed fall asleep. Xia Tian has had a very strange dream, sits cross-legged his dream to huge Buddha's Portrait in the place of own dantian, moreover Buddha's Portrait is repairing own wound for him, this dream is very strange, he can the clear feeling Buddha's Portrait in his within the body. Next morning, Zeng Ruo opens the eye time saw the warmest picture, she and Xia Tian hugs in the same place, daughter in their middle, gently has selected on the face of Xia Tian. This own Xia Tian had the sign of consciousness directly, therefore Zeng Ruo has to pretend to be sleeping. Xia Tian has opened both eyes, happen to sees front Zeng Ruo and her adorable daughter, gently after on the face of Zeng Ruo has selected one next, Xia Tian gently has gotten down, he had not discovered that this time Zeng Ruo cheek is red. Walks in own courtyard, Xia Tian feelings a great deal. Recently also really had many matters, thinks all are simple, but became not so is at this time simple.” Periphery looks at incomparably familiar all, he as if felt that all had the change, his father requests to be very strict to him since childhood, studies diligently is, moreover other knowledge his father in aspect teach him.

Now thinks that his father has not worked probably, but the money of his family is comes? Although is not greatly richly greatly expensive, but has not had an empty stomach, moreover why his father suburb person will understand that many things. Father's then death definitely had the fishy, scroll that Quicksand wanted was actually any thing.” He had not heard any scroll, his father has not told him, how his father dies. It seems like wants to know that must find scroll first.” Xia Tian starts to seek in the surroundings, his family is not big, cannot west eastern Tibet place . Moreover the person affirmation of Quicksand had looked. Xia Tian recalled carefully beforehand matter, his father does not smoke does not drink, the usual hobby is all sorts of flowers, grows vegetables. Yeah, father radically impossible that anything scroll conceal at home.” Looked for quite a while, Xia Tian anything had not found, puts out the cell phone actually to discover that the cell phone already did not have the electricity, after all this was not Nokia brick, before his Nokia brick, even if seven days did not charge are also all right. He knows that older female cousin they were certainly flustered. At this moment Xia Tian suddenly one unclear premonitions. Xia Tian, do you want to throw off us?” Three person's shadows appear in not far away. Also is really haunted by the ghost, thinks can hide the period of time, has not thought that you such quickly looked.” Xia Tian is very clear, Quicksand these people will definitely find his, but has not thought such quickly. Xia Tian, we also planned to give you seven days, now changes to for two days, already past day, in other words today you must find that thing.” The Quicksand person noticed that Xia Tian has met the home, therefore also reduced has given the Xia Tian time. „A day?” The Liu Zhi brow tight wrinkle, it seems like today cannot friendly, which let alone he does not know scroll, even if were he knew, he definitely will not hand over, because that was father's relic. Has gotten hold of the fist, although Quicksand these three people are very fierce, even if A'San also directly retreats in fear by three people, but he must spell.