Almighty Student - Volume 1 - Chapter 17

Early morning breeze has stroked, the Xia Tian family is very secluded, although the suburb also has other others, however the Xia Tian family leaves the family of person to have about one li (0.5km), his father's temperament is strange, likes peacefully. Therefore has moved to here the home, even if in other words the Quicksand person the present has killed him, will not have anybody to discover. Has not grasped by enemy three Xia Tian, he only meets two moves of Taiji Fist now, came from Old Fan there plagiarize, is not authentic, copes with some all sorts of people good, but bumps into true Expert, this skill was insufficient. He now biggest depending on is the X-Ray Vision eye, the X-Ray Vision eye , not only can the X-Ray Vision clothing, but can also see through the weakness of person, so long as he seizes the opportunity, can perhaps win. Xia Tian, I advised politely you to think which well your father put the thing, our patience were very limited.” That grey clothes man expression ice-cold saying, after escaping of previous Xia Tian, they understood, if a bit faster did not find the thing, then Xia Tian will escape from their controls sooner or later. I do not know that what father has left behind, I had not found, are you how is it?” Xia Tian wicked looks at front these people, even if were he had found father's relic, he will not hand over absolutely, how father's relic can give others casually. It seems like you were iron core must do with our Quicksand right.” Was the grey clothes man of head is saying gloomily: Do not think that defeated A'San that two personal servants to be able we to compare, our three same places got rid, even if were A'San must die without doubt.” The A'San given name is very resounding in Jiang Hai City, the black and white two people listen to his given name, Xu Family most to receive the person of entrusting with heavy responsibility. His reputation is not blows, but really hits, Xu Qinghua can have today's status to help him hit by A'San, in the past the competition rivers of blood of position of Xu Family Patriarch, Xu Qinghua all brothers started to frame by planting stolen goods on to frame mutually, even sent for assassinating, but obtained of Xu Family Patriarch person finally is Xu Qinghua. All people know that in the past for the person who Xu Qinghua solved these barriers is A'San. Even if Quicksand these three Assassins does not have any to have positive independent combat can resist the person of A'San, but their three, if collaborates, A'San was not a match. Xia Tian, who are they?” Zeng Ruo runs from the room, anxious looks at outside these three people. You return to the room first, no matter hears any sound do not come out.” Xia Tian is showing a faint smile to Zeng Ruo, making her be able rest assured that sees the Xia Tian expression, Zeng Ruo, although does not prefer very much, but returned to the room. After Zeng Ruo returns to the room, Xia Tian looks to that three grey clothes men, he has not wasted his energy to look at that three people of appearances with the X-Ray Vision eye, because their appearances have not related with oneself completely. I said that I could not find, if you want me to hand over, that oneself begin.” Xia Tian vision tight is staring at front three people, he knows that today's war was unavoidable, he must maintain the entire gods pours into, cannot have any careless, treats the manner of these three people by A'San, these three people absolutely are not the affable hosts.

Zeng Ruo hides in the room by window anxious looks at outside. It seems like do you want to force us to get rid?” Is the grey clothes man of head was nodding to that grey clothes man. That grey clothes man has fired into Xia Tian instantaneously, speed incredibly fast, if these people attend the track and field competition, will attain the position, when he arrives at the Xia Tian front, a fist strike to Xia Tian face. Quick ruthless, is not loathsome, this is the method of murder. Xia Tian opens own X-Ray Vision eye instantaneously, caught one to attack route, afterward the right foot drew back backward, the right hand drew on the arm of grey clothes man, has thrown the opposite party directly. The grey clothes men were not the lord who good to cope with, the direct maneuver of body after the airborne tuck dive kick, kick to Xia Tian. Touch! Comes ponder Xia Tian not to keep off with the both arms before own body anxiously, suffered such an attack, Xia Tian retreat more than ten talents reluctantly has stopped the personal appearance. unexpectedly that this boy used a moment ago is Taiji Fist, it seems like he has the relations with Fan Zhuifeng, today cannot keep him absolutely, otherwise he words that goes to Greenwood Villa to hide, we took him not to have any means.” Is grey clothes man expression ice-cold saying of head. On the arm has transmitted numb feeling, the strength of opposite party is too big, making his arm not adapt, he knows, if were not the necklace strengthened the body for him, that definitely had kicked a moment ago his bone. It seems like I underestimated these three grey clothes men.” Although Xia Tian saw the opposite party weakness, but he cannot make the best attack, in the mind does not have any forms of defensive action besides that two moves of Taiji Fist, but Taiji Fist he meeting also unloads the strength, could not injure the grey clothes man. The opposite party has not given opportunity that he ponders, a fist strike to his face, Xia Tian unloads the strength once more hurriedly, but took back the right fist in this time opposite party, the left fist ejected. A moment ago that move of unexpectedly was the empty move, this method lay in the Expert showdown time did not have the use, but Xia Tian did not have what fight experience, therefore nearly the [say / way] of opposite party. If were not the X-Ray Vision eye saw in the final moment he left the path of fist, perhaps that these will make Xia Tian lose the combat capability. Hateful, what to do should? Do I want dead today really here?” The Xia Tian innermost feelings are anxious, simultaneously in the mind is pondering fast, his father has not taught his any Martial Arts from infancy to maturity.

The method of exercising has not given him. No, I cannot die.” Xia Tian within the body gushed out the infinite fighting spirit, looks a fist that the enemy hits, he does not dodge does not evade, the direct fist rumbles, at this moment, his within the body has flowed out a payment for shares yellow strength, this strength enters to his right arm. Bang!! Ka! Ah!!” As a pitiful yell sends out, the person of that grey clothes fell down directly, his arm that had been broken by Xia Tian a moment ago, suppressed the ache, the grey clothes man has been standing. How is this possible?” Is the grey clothes man of head frowns saying that that terrifying power he who Xia Tian erupted a moment ago is also surprised, at this time he has remembered the Xia Tian father. He most does not think that Xia Tian was involved in Martial Arts? Moreover he always does not teach Xia Tian Martial Arts, that Xia Tian strength outcome what's the matter?” Is the grey clothes man of head has not gone forward, but took out a pistol from the bosom, they are Assassins, is not the famous family contends in martial arts honestly, since Xia Tian has been separated from their control, then they cannot make Xia Tian go on living absolutely. Thinks that Xia Tian father, they are Xia Tian that grows specially frightened. (Spear|Gun)! Xia Tian has smiled bitterly reluctantly, oneself before had only seen (spear|gun) that the cash truck front these people take, but added on today yesterday, he saw twice the real (spear|gun), he is very clear, oneself do not evade the bullet absolutely, even if the X-Ray Vision eye can see the path of bullet, oneself cannot hide. Although killed your thing is very difficult to obtain, but if after letting you grew, be able to be our big threat absolutely.” Was the grey clothes man of head has aimed at Xia Tian the muzzle. Yeah, can die here?” Xia Tian sighed, he thinks obtained the X-Ray Vision eye destiny to start to occur to change, he also had the qualifications to know why the father will die, actually mother went to where. But now that ice-cold muzzle has aimed at his time, he is still that weak. Zeng Ruo runs to stand from the room in Xia Tian front.

„Are you doing?” A Xia Tian brow wrinkle: Quickly goes back.” No, I do not go back, even if dies I also to with you die in one.” Zeng Ruo set firm resolve, what to do after she is unable to imagine Xia Tian died , should, the hope of fuel gas once more to be disillusioned with great difficulty. She does not want to go to that type to live again. Why bother your this is, I just am one do not have the poor student of father non- mother.” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head. Because I do not know when from started to like on you, I could not control my mood, I am unable to imagine could not see after you, what I will turn into.” In the Zeng Ruo eye has filled tears. At this moment the heart of Xia Tian also melted, although Zeng Ruo spent money to insult him, but he is very clear, like Zeng Ruo this woman, regardless to anybody must, because she must protect itself, she is a woman, she needs so to camouflage itself. Now regarding Xia Tian is crucial moment, may also this crucial moment be able to see a person to your heart, Zeng Ruo stands in this danger mechanism, before this sufficiently makes up for her, all that makes. Dies to being imminent also has thoughts to flirt with one another.” Was the grey clothes man of head has added on silencer in front of the (spear|gun), although here only then Xia Tian their families, the passer-by but who if direct to open fire certainly will be walked by the distant place here heard: I deliver you a regulation, making you make one pair to flee the affectionate couple.” Holds up!! Is the rumor? No, is the grit sound? Also is not, is that the leaf sound? It is not. Is a person falls the sound in ground, is very light, this person of white clothing, his wear is very strange, clothes a little look like that clothes that the ancient people wear, a waist white jade belt the entire item clothes are linked to each other, but now in the summer, opposite party clothes look that is very hot, even if that group of grey clothes men also knows that puts on a short sleeve of grey clothes. His appearance is specially clean, eyebrow is very pale, the look is profound, nobody can see to hide in his binocular later secret, in his hand is taking a sword. What age is this? The 21 st century, some unexpectedly people were taking the sword.