Almighty Student - Volume 1 - Chapter 18
The white clothes were moved by the cool breeze gently, the body of whole person has filled the air/Qi of immortal spirit, if these were ancient times, this person absolutely was peerless Expert, but the present is in the 21 st century, this year the person of head used was the (spear|gun)s, looked like Quicksand and the others that in hand the (spear|gun), but in this person of hand was taking a handle sword. The silver-white scabbard, above is carving a fine long line, the sword hilt is the blue color, although sword not sheath, but Baleful Qi is still threatening. Red Abyss, Red Abyss Sword.” Was the grey clothes man expression of head shiver is saying, at this time he was bringing the mask, otherwise can certainly be able to see that on his face has filled surprisedly. first under Heaven Swordsman Yin.” The voice of grey clothes man stopped, all become tranquil. Scene exceptionally peaceful, spoke without any person, Xia Tian puzzled looked to that grey clothes man, why his words told only half that stopped, another grey clothes man of his side also stood there is motionless. Puff!!! The blood flows out from the throat place of that two grey clothes man, two bodies, have lain down above the ice-cold ground but actually, the people of remaining that grey clothes look two body that pours somewhat shivers. Takes away them.” Person of light saying of white clothing. That grey clothes man holds the corpses of two companions to run away hurriedly to the distant place, does not dare to have the slight stay, here regarding him is Gate of Death, even if he in the evening one second, so long as white-clothed person reneges on a promise, he must die without doubt. Captain died in the hand of this person, he does not believe one can live from the hand of opposite party. The present all occur was too quick, Xia Tian clearly what happened, all were really too quick, actually the person of white clothing was any him unclear. Hand when he moves?” Xia Tian panic-stricken looks at the person of white clothing, although was white-clothed person has rescued itself, but he knows, so long as the opposite party wanted itself dead, will then approach the person of that grey clothes to be the same a moment ago. „Are you Xia Tian?” The vision of person of white clothing looks to Xia Tian. Right, I am Xia Tian.” The Xia Tian vision does not dodge looks to the person of white clothing does not hide. You with his long looks like really very much, the courage is also same.” Person of satisfied nod of white clothing. „Do you know my father?” Xia Tian knows that the opposite party said person is own father, his appearance is quite similar to his father, this point he already discovered. You on among that necklaces biggest that gem crumb the neck.” Person of vision white clothing falls the necklace on Xia Tian neck.

Hears the opposite party words vigilantly, Xia Tian looks at the person of white clothing, has gotten hold of the necklace in hand, this necklace is mother leaves his, he how possible to ruin it. Relax, that gem is your father add-on comes up.” The person of white clothing saw the Xia Tian thoughts. The Xia Tian brow tight wrinkle, he also felt that before this gem is somewhat strange, with other gems, afterward he does not think that possibly is the thing of decoration, therefore does not have to study. Now heard a white-clothed person such saying, he nodded, made an effort to pinch with the hand above that gem, gem unexpectedly has broken all of a sudden to pieces, imagined without him was so hard. The gem broke to pieces in later to present about a half finger size wooden slip. Sees this wooden slip time, Xia Tian understood, this is that thing that Quicksand wants, but why the father must hide here. Your father hopes that you can take care of it well, hopes that you can a life of average person, he knows that you will take care of this necklace well, therefore he eastern Tibet in necklace.” The person of white clothing was explaining lightly. Tian'er, if some day you met you unable the neutralize crisis or were seriously injured put on it, this was your mother leaves your.” The words when this is his father the necklace gives him to speak, before he was injured also thinks that the father was telling him this necklace to be able therapy, but thinks now that other father's meaning should be this wooden slip. „What person is my father?” Xia Tian has wanted to ask this question, but does not have the opportunity, basic knows the father besides Young Aunt on nobody, Young Aunt has not spoken always of any concerned father and mother's matter with him. He hopes you to be able the safe life well, a life of average person, therefore I can only tell you, he is a very great person.” white-clothed person vision continuously on the body of Xia Tian. „Do you think me also to be able on the ordinary life? My world had the tremendous changes.” After Xia Tian since traffic accident, he as if entered a brand-new world. Beforehand he can only see this world most common side, he works, while studies, but after the traffic accident, his life already thorough changed. I know that this is also I comes here goal.” white-clothed person trend Xia Tian step by step: Is my apprentice.” „Do you make me acknowledge you as the teacher?” Xia Tian surprised looks at white-clothed person, he can look, white-clothed person is true Expert, Old Fan and A'San that he met before have the people of these three Quicksand not to have the means and he place on a par. Moreover he also has relations with the father, if he wants to know that actually the father why dies, must with the white-clothed person study skill.

Xia Tian see Master.” Xia Tian knees down. Good, I know that also remains less than six days of college entrance examination, that is the wish that your father leaves behind, therefore after you needed to be on vacation from school every day, here have only been OK, six days can study many to look at your perception.” The person of white clothing said, turn around leaves. Until he disappeared after the line of sight of Xia Tian, Xia Tian stood, Zeng Ruo hurried helped up Xia Tian. „Are you all right?” Zeng Ruo has not gone to ask that who a moment ago these people were, she only cared about the Xia Tian safety. I am all right, we leave here first.” Xia Tian must go to the school, immediately wanted the college entrance examination, he does not want any mistake in this final moment, yesterday just carried on the simulated test, he also wants to know actually one can test many differences in that condition. I telephone to hire a vehicle.” Zeng Ruo turned on the cell phone, on her cell phone has over a hundred not to answer the telephone, she has not gone to pay attention to these telephones, but has dialed the telephone of driver. After 20 minutes, the car(riage) to the Xia Tian family, Xia Tian has been holding on Zeng Ruo daughter the Zeng Ruo car(riage). In the car(riage) is very peaceful, Zeng Ruo does not know that should say anything to Xia Tian, Xia Tian has not spoken, looks that Zeng Ruo daughter is very serene, Xia Tian that own bosom rests avoids rocking of vehicle awakening by noise her as far as possible. She called Tiantian.” Zeng Ruo arouses the courage to start talking finally. Tiantian? Really is also predestined friends with me, I called Xia Tian, she called Tiantian.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, she truly is predestined friends with small Tiantian. Um, you have rescued her two.” Saying of Zeng Ruo gentle voice: In the evening I meet you.” Does not use, I go, he does not like the person being many.” He who Xia Tian said is white-clothed person. Good, when your college entrance examination ended me to come to you celebration.” Zeng Ruo knows that Xia Tian for these days with white-clothed person study Kungfu, after therefore waited for Xia Tian to take a test, to him celebration: Happen to also thank you have saved us.” The look that looks at Zeng Ruo that tender feelings, Xia Tian also embarrassed rejects: Good.” Zeng Ruo has given Xia Tian the name card, what to do Xia Tian has not gone to manage police there, he knows that Zeng Ruo will process, these regarding Zeng Ruo are not the important matter. Xia Tian has not made the car(riage) stop in the school entrance, he does not hope that makes others see he rides such precious car(riage) to go to school.

The car(riage) stopped a street behind school, Xia Tian moved toward the school on foot, when he went to the school he discovered that the surrounding these people looked his look was very strange, moreover there low voice discussion anything. He is Xia Tian, did you hear? First female overlord Huo Lajiao in his discourteous school.” Not to have heard how possibly, moreover he has also hit Xu Shaocong four big diamond under.” I heard that Xu Shaocong does not know yesterday afternoon why entered the hospital, probably is also related with him.” These people like are avoid plague god to hide by far, probably is afraid Xia Tian very much, although before the study of Xia Tian was specially good, however may few know him in the school personally. However was now different, in the entire Jianghai high school almost all people know him, from the high student to the high three students, was discussing the related Xia Tian matter. The Jianghai high school most famous person is Huo Lajiao and Xu Shaocong, but Xia Tian offended these two people within one day, first has hit Xu Shaocong four big diamond, has teased then Huo Lajiao. Xia Tian has not paid attention to these people, but arrived at classroom, today in classroom person very entire, after Huo Lajiao sees Xia Tian arrives at classroom, excited running over of: Master, you such already came.” In classroom all people looked to Xia Tian, when he became Huo Lajiao Master. Other inconsiderately shout, I am not your Master.” Xia Tian frowns saying that his vision has swept Wen Ya one, discovered that the Wen Ya state of mind is not very good, but he has not said anything. The Xu Shaocong sickness is not good to govern, he is very since childhood mixed with the thing of father study, has acupoint one. The attending class bell has rung, the teacher in charge entered classroom, in him behind also the principal with school, as well as three puts on the teacher of regular clothing, before these three people of Xia Tian, has not seen. Three people of ages about 40-50 years old, wear the eyeglasses, they and principals sat in the classroom last row. Huo Lajiao has not skipped classes, but lies in the last row sleeps, does not give the principal the face, that three teachers stared Huo Lajiao one, obviously is not feeling well very much the Huo Lajiao procedure, but has not said anything.