Almighty Student - Volume 1 - Chapter 19
In classroom exceptionally peaceful, Wen Ya often glance Xia Tian several, but is disguises to look at other thing. Yesterday's simulation result came out, below I read your result to everybody.” After the teacher in charge vision took a fast look around people , to continue saying: „The examination question of this test is, the result of by Beijing being provided because taking a test can with the special recruitment of students suspension hook.” Therefore the score on the test of this test has the opportunity in the grade first 30 students becomes the special recruitment of students of Beijing.” But Beijing one of the national most famous universities, there is the innumerable scholar's dreams is, every year in various provinces the most famous high school will have one to two to recruit students especially, in Jiang Hai City the Jianghai high school will have two to recruit students every year especially. Request of special recruitment of students is quite strict, needs to test many aspects, in which side is the academic record, at this time before simulated test , the school has not informed everybody with Beijing incurs especially related, will otherwise have the phenomenon that cheats massively. This is also Beijing Professor countermeasure. At this time did not need the teacher in charge saying that Xia Tian also understands who that three with three teachers who the principal came in together is, they certainly were Beijing Professor, was responsible for the person of this time especially incurring. Has not stemmed from everybody's anticipation, Huo Lajiao takes the classroom first position from the bottom successfully, but her two subordinates also arranged at second from the bottom and third position, after their three captured classroom, top three. Afterward everybody's result in turn was read, the Wen Ya academic record has been very good, this time has also attained the classroom third good achievements, school tenth. But Xia Tian result unexpectedly is classroom first, although the Xia Tian beforehand result is very good, but has not taken first, this time he not only took first, but also the result of various branches are almost the perfect scores, the topic that he answered was precise. His result is not only classroom first, but also grade first, what is main is he is all answers in the person of this examination paper to score points high, this also why these three Professor come this's reason. Hears own result Xia Tian to show a faint smile: It seems like I guess right, my Spiritual Force has also promoted, the spirit of average person is limited, is unable to maintain the high centralism, that perfect condition can only maintain several minutes, but I the state of mind of entire test was very high at that time.” Also because of so, therefore he not only answered the examination paper, but also the speed so was fast. Xia Tian, your result is very good, the only result according to the stipulation you have taken one to incur the quota especially, however your result was really too high, if yesterday's inspection were the college entrance examination, you certainly will become the foremost person in the field in nation.” Teacher in charge satisfied nod of, she satisfies the performance of Xia Tian, before Xia Tian was a good student, this test was she monitors an exam personally, the audience she paid attention to Xia Tian very much, therefore he does not believe absolutely Xia Tian cheated.

But these three Beijing Professor do not believe that some people can test such good result, must therefore observe on the spot. Schoolmate Xia Tian, to be honest, your result unexpected good, but I suspect the authenticity of your result very much.” Sat that women in last row of three Professor has stood, the way that she spoke was quite direct, this person seemed over 40 years old is, on the face actually suffused the thick pink / white, the neck has not actually scratched, this caused her face and neck is two colors. Her makeup is very thick, general Professor has not melted such heavy makeup. I never cheat, this is my father educates my.” Xia Tian from infancy to maturity, the result of test is most real, his father ceases his all the behaviors of cheating. Xia Tian, this is Beijing Professor, is the director who is responsible for this time recruiting especially.” The teachers in charge reminded hurriedly, her meaning was to let the question of Xia Tian coordination opposite party well, this can attain that to incur the quota especially. „Does your father educate your? This year which parents did not tell own child do not plagiarize, but which didn't copy?” That female director contemptuously looked at Xia Tian one: Said, you cheat with any method, this set of topic is the Beijing present outstanding student is impossible to answer is so perfect.” Hears the words of female director, the Xia Tian teacher in charge goes forward to explain hurriedly: Pan Professor, Xia Tian this child is impossible to cheat, he academic record is usually very good, moreover test on that day I continuously side him.” That is your dereliction of duty, he definitely used any method to cheat, but was too wise, you have not discovered.” Pan Professor stared Xia Tian teacher in charge one, hints her do not talk too much. Xia Tian understood finally, these people are find fault, he had not planned Beijing, because of older female cousin in Jianghai University, therefore he has thought what on is Jianghai University, now suddenly presents these three Professor, came saying that he cheated. Pan Professor, why you said that my teacher neglects duty, why also saying that I do cheat?” Xia Tian turns the head to look neither arrogant nor servile to that female Professor. Why? Depending on your result, some such high minute of radically impossible people to test.” That Pan Professor puts out the Xia Tian examination paper to pat directly on the table. He he, Pan Professor, is not you cannot teach such student, my teacher cannot teach.” Xia Tian has sneered, he most looks down upon is this person, thinks one were Professor of good university, can put out the stance of superior to come to see others, he thinks matter that others cannot achieve, others could not achieve. You, your unexpectedly dare such to speak to me.” Pan Professor indignant saying.

Pan Professor did I speak to you? The expression that I spoke has been very tranquil, you, were Professor speak actually have actually shouted and wrangled there.” Xia Tian is not afraid this person, she maximum capital is to think to cancel own especially incurs the power, but that incurs quota not to care especially, oneself depend on the skill definitely to be admitted to any university, moreover he has not always planned Beijing. Young fellow, this is your is not right, respects Teacher|Division Head this truth nobody to teach you?” Three Professor old men have also stood. Teacher|Division Head? What you have taught me, is whose Teacher|Division Head? My teacher stands on the front platform now, I very much have respected her, but you do not have the reason that any can make me respect.” Xia Tian to these people thorough was disappointed, absolutely does not have any reasonable. You. Your this boy, is supercilious completely.” That Professor by Xia Tian the face of words air/Qi on red. Feeds! In that boy boy's name my Master, you do not calculate that which onion, runs here to shout and wrangle what?” Lies turns the head lazily saying in Huo Lajiao that on the school desk sleeps. You are the small girl who which braves, you have a look at your appearance, the appearance of which a little good student.” Third Professor could not bear finally, his fire aims at Huo Lajiao, the Xia Tian eloquence is very good, he does not think that the frontage and Xia Tian talked, therefore planned to start from this small girl first. However obviously he has found fault the match. Your paternal grandmother's you spoke to whom.” The Huo Lajiao temperament is not good, a body jumping left leg steps in the school desk, the right foot steps on looks at that Professor that on the stool threatens. Mr. Hu, you hurries to urge.” The principal noticed that the present all are unable to start, he does not dare to go to manage Huo Lajiao. Xia Tian, you a bit faster sit down, spoke with three Professor well.” The Xia Tian teacher in charge urged hurriedly, she used the eye to look at Huo Lajiao, but does not dare to say Huo Lajiao. Xia Tian saw the awkwardness of teacher in charge, therefore looked at Huo Lajiao one: You sit down.” „.” Huo Lajiao sits down directly, has saying that a thing falls a thing, Huo Lajiao in the Jianghai high school absolutely is a tyrant, however is actually very obedient in front of Xia Tian. Such personal character, absolutely does not have the quota that the qualifications obtain us to incur especially.” Mr. Pan indignant saying, today her the face loses in a big way, unexpectedly by being dumbfounded that a student makes.

My personal character did not comment by your this person, moreover I had not said can want your quota, your quota, gives for nothing my me not to want.” Xia Tian disdains stared female Professor one, in his eyes this person can mix the Professor position, perhaps has used any method. You. Snort.” Female Professor has shown the self-satisfied expression suddenly: You just cannot eat the grape to dislike the racemic acid.” „, You said words of a little standard finally, I also think your this Beijing Professor only there inconsiderately shout.” The Xia Tian words cause to yacket immediately, Wen Ya has been gazing at Xia Tian, she felt that Xia Tian changed, moreover changes is very big. Good, is not only your quota, because of you, all your personnel will not have second to incur the quota especially.” That Mr. Pan self-satisfied saying, she must make the students of their all personnel hate Xia Tian. Ha Ha.” Xia Tian laughs suddenly: Really is the big tolerance, originally Professor measuring of Beijing is so big, moreover did in the book matter that only then the mean young talented person will handle, Beijing Professor was Beijing Professor, this matter was done to on say outwardly, always did not make the back petty action.” Gentleman behavior.” Hears the Xia Tian words, Pan Professor did not shout darkly well, if this saying passed on, then had very serious future trouble to him, the present social network is so developed. I did not jabber with you, the school that but Beijing the world became famous, depended on you unable to get up Beijing, here will say does not think on.” Pan Professor stared Xia Tian one, other two Professor distinguished cold snort, walked toward the classroom. That favored my this year's score on the test, has a look on my score enough Beijing, do not forget my name, I called Xia Tian.” Xia Tian is shouting to three people, that three Professor do not return walks toward outside. Yeah, Xia Tian, you caused trouble.” The principal sighed to follow in the Xia Tian side. Schoolmates study by oneself.” After the teachers in charge looked at Xia Tian one, went out of Professor. Wen Ya is uncomfortable at this time at heart very much, she knows that Xia Tian really changed, beforehand Xia Tian is always the low key, does not stir up trouble, where regardless of however present Xia Tian arrived at to turn into the lead.