Almighty Student - Volume 1 - Chapter 2
beautiful, this is the first feeling of Xia Tian, Xia Tian is the person who a very repugnant woman puts on make-up, however front the female has not actually used too many cosmetics, but actually completely served as contrast beautiful of whole person, although rose beautiful, but if no contrast of green leaf unable to appear its elegant. Compared with her, in drama series these big beauty had been inferior completely. This beautiful radically is not a rank . Moreover the stature of female is also perfect incomparable, she is different from the female nurse, the clothes of female nurse have wrapped her stature, is this female actually using the clothes her stature perfect development. On her body, the cosmetics and clothing are only her set-off. Not is only Xia Tian, the eye that Dr. Li also looks was straight, but he responded immediately that lowered the head, does not dare to look at the female: Madame Zeng, you came.” Um, many thanks Dr. Li.” The Madame Zeng voice just like the oriole, as if can involve the soul in human body to be common. Madame Zeng, happen to you came, this schoolmate must leave the hospital, I urged his him not to listen, I was planning that called Chair Zeng.” Dr. Li does not dare to gain ground, he knows that he is unable to look straight ahead the beauty of opposite party, they also completely are not person in a level. Zeng the wife was legendary figure, 18 years old entered the market, then made the Zeng Family business increase day by day, 25 years old married, but the husband died in less than half a month, this year 30 years old, in Jiang Hai City are most top layer figure. Your wound did not have, why can leave the hospital?” Zeng Ruo puzzled looks to Xia Tian. I have the matter not to process, moreover there are me to want the college entrance examination for half a month.” Xia Tian has not used the X-Ray Vision function to see Madame Zeng, because Madame Zeng the present clothing has let him irresistibly. College entrance examination? Do not go, here heals from a wound well, when you injured, I will arrange the best university to you, moreover to you a sum of money, will be regarded as the thanks.” Zeng Ruo unemotionally, she is not philanthropist, on the contrary she is an evil person, otherwise impossible to set up the foot in business world, in her eyes, all things can trade, Xia Tian has rescued her daughter, she truly very much thanked Xia Tian, way that but she thanked to Xia Tian best treatment environment, then gave a Xia Tian sum of money. Xia Tian most repugnant is others spends money to speak with him, his girlfriend also leaves because of money his. I do not need.” The Xia Tian complexion immediately changes cold, although he does not have money, but he will not take others' money absolutely, he saves that girl is he is voluntary, whose regardless of that girl is he will rescue. This is his father since childhood to his education, the father once told him do not use strength to bully the weak, must bully bullies these formidable people. Sees the change of Xia Tian, several people stare, this is the good deed is absolutely right regarding others.

1 million.” Zeng Ruo also saw the change of Xia Tian, but she does not believe that in this world has the person who does not love money, she saw too many gentlemen, but these gentlemen also very much disappointed her finally, the so-called gentleman was just the pricetag is also insufficient. Snort!” Xia Tian cold snort, should not be excessive , to continue walks toward outside, although is not quick, but is not slow. 2 million.” Zeng Ruo enhances the pricetag once more, on the face cannot see any happy anger. Xia Tian this time has not spoken, but has gotten to the entrance. 5 million.” Zeng Ruo lifted all of a sudden the price 5 million, at this moment Xia Tian has anchored the footsteps, turned head. Sees Xia Tian to turn head, on the face of Zeng Ruo presented one to disdain, the female nurse and Dr. Li also nodded, in their opinion nobody can reject the Zeng Ruo pricetag. I will make people deliver to you money, moreover I will also make the person give you to arrange the Jianghai best university.” A Zeng Ruo confident appearance, acting with constraint of Xia Tian also is just is raising in her eyes own pricetag. Xia Tian trend Zeng Ruo step by step, when he arrives at the Zeng Ruo front suddenly turns the head to look to the female nurse: Can borrow me 100? I certainly also your.” Volume!” The female nurses stare slightly, afterward has spent 100 dollars. Many thanks, I called Xia Tian.” Xia Tian is showing a faint smile to the female nurse, afterward turned the head to leave the hospital ward, but the three people in hospital ward all there, including beautiful incomparable Zeng Ruo, she only guessed the opening, but has not actually guessed the ending. Sees that moment that Xia Tian turns head, she is sure of success, but she felt that now own unexpectedly failed. Xia Tian turns head unexpectedly not because of that 5 million, but borrowed 100 dollars from the female nurse, on face of Zeng Ruo one red, afterward left the hospital ward directly, she first time sees Xia Tian this person. Really is a strange fellow.” Saying that the female nurses thought aloud. After Xia Tian leaves the hospital, has hit a rental car directly, goes to older female cousin residence, now he is injured, cannot live in the working place, therefore can only return to older female cousin that house.

Xia Tian Young Aunt is very rich, the house is his Young Aunt gives him and older female cousin buys, in the room top interior decoration, various facilities every kind have, this is also the reason that Xia Tian does not love, because he felt that he does not belong to here. Although he usually works for one month only to make more than 1000 dollars, but these money are gain, he spends not to need to consider any matter. After going home, older female cousin has not come back, is good because of the door according to the password, otherwise he could not have gone , after clothes have all replaced, opens the closet, here clothes are the name brand, is older female cousin buys for him, but he has not passed through, several clothes that under of closet suspends are he buy, most expensive has more than 100, but puts on him to feel steadfastly. Turns on the drawer, inside puts a small box, box inside is having a blue necklace, the necklace places the control the time sends out the sky blue ray, this is his father gives him. Tian'er, if some day you met you unable the neutralize crisis or were seriously injured put on it, this was your mother leaves your.” The words when this is his father the necklace gives him to speak, moreover at that time also told him, if has not encountered any peculiar circumstance, should better do not wear it, takes care of her mother to leave behind the final same thing well. Father, child today must put on it.” Xia Tian wore the necklace on neck, the ray above necklace dodged, afterward the Xia Tian whole person has fainted, when he woke up the day was black, he discovered that own wound unexpectedly all vanished. All these probably had a dream to be the same, but he has discovered the key point immediately, the ray on necklace completely vanished, turned into the dark blue, moreover his skin looked like shed was the same at this time, he wiped off the skin on wound, wound unexpectedly disappeared. Xia Tian continued to scratch several other wounds, unexpectedly vanished, moreover turned green entire is also good with swelling that several. Has only heard snake shed, how my also shed, washed first says again.” Xia Tian felt the skin that matter sheds is very disgusting, therefore moved toward the direction of bathroom. At this moment the gate of bathroom opened, went out of beauty from inside, at this time the body of beauty is binding the bath towel, almost and Xia Tian hit in one. Ah!!” A superelevation decibel cry of resounds. How, how?” Xia Tian older female cousin directly flushed from own room, saw that front two she know finally what happened. Was good, Bing Xin, do not call, he is my cousin.”

Xia Tian, when do you come back? How hadn't I discovered you at home today?” Xia Tian older female cousin is called Ye Qingxue, her stride arrived was called in front of Bing Xin that girl. „A day at home?” Xia Tian stares slightly, afterward looks to the date on wall, his unexpectedly stupor two days. Then in other words all are not dreams, he has truly saved a little girl, then injured has been admitted to the hospital, girl's mother must give him 5 million, he has not wanted, what is main is the function of his X-Ray Vision eye and blue necklace. Thinks of here, the function of X-Ray Vision eye opened immediately. Wigny bear cartoon.” The one who maps in the Xia Tian eye is the Bing Xin internal pants, this time he believes that he has not misread absolutely. Hears the Xia Tian words, two female complexions both change. Xia Tian, your unexpectedly peeps, looked that I do not tidy up you well.” Ye Qingxue pulls own sleeve to beat to Xia Tian, but at this moment the Xia Tian surprised discovery older female cousin speed is that slow, moreover own eye unexpectedly fell inside the arm of older female cousin, during the consciousness presented an inexplicable prompt, seemed is telling itself to attack here to be able neutralize older female cousin. He will certainly not go to do, therefore dodges directly forward, entered in the bathroom. This matter has no way to explain that he knows he definitely was says, to older female cousin said one were guesses that older female cousin definitely does not believe that but if said one met X-Ray Vision, then entire day below person will know by the older female cousin disposition. When the time comes he must turn into guinea pig, making the person grasp to do the experiment. After entering bathroom inside, Xia Tian looked to own necklace, the ray on necklace vanished thoroughly, so long as before he takes up the necklace, on the necklace will emit the sky blue ray, but how regardless of now he makes, will not present the blue ray. Is related with my wound?” Xia Tian has realized immediately, oneself just started to have the wound, but after having put on the necklace , the wound was good, the ray on necklace also vanished. It seems like the father was this meaning, this necklace can cure my wound.” Xia Tian has gotten hold of the necklace with the hand.