Almighty Student - Volume 1 - Chapter 20

Had these matters, Xia Tian has not wanted to continue to stay in classroom, in any case was final several days on the college entrance examination, could not learn anything, only then reviewed with him does not have what relations, happen to earlier went back with white-clothed person study study Kungfu. He does not want next time when bumped into A'San and Quicksand their this Expert is so passive. Master, waits for me.” Huo Lajiao also ran the classroom, she behind with her two young female juvenile delinquent. You how with.” Xia Tian thorough was speechless regarding Huo Lajiao, which her oneself go to probably with. Master, my grandfather said that any Martial Arts must be joined to any Core Law and concrete cultivation method, you make that a few tricks that I look at I go back to practice radically inadequately.” Huo Lajiao depressed saying. My anything Core Law, I surnamed Fan will not have studied two moves with old Senior, is you sees.” Xia Tian answered. Master, I knew, you thought certainly that I cannot become your woman, therefore you are not willing to teach me Kungfu.” Huo Lajiao lowered the head, as if aroused very big courage to come Master, I have prepared to devote.” On the Xia Tian forehead presented heavy line: Was right, the cell phone uses taking advantage of me, my did not have the electricity.” Huo Lajiao has given Xia Tian the cell phone. Hey, older female cousin, I am Xia Tian.” Relax, I am all right, I in school.” Good, where?” I one will look for you.” After Xia Tian has hung up the telephone, gave Xu Grandfather to make a phone call to report a safety, but Xu Grandfather there situation was not quite good, although Xu Family does not dare to move him, but Xu Family started to get rid to Xu Grandfather. Xu Grandfather management ability is very strong, moreover he also because helps Xia Tian be retaliated by Xu Family. Finally Xia Tian decided that contends with Xu Family directly . Moreover the way that he chooses is also very simple, after the college entrance examination, he represents Xu Grandfather to carry on a martial arts contest with Xu Family, if after he has won that Xu Family, cannot look for the trouble of Xu Grandfather, if Xia Tian lost, then Xu Grandfather will thoroughly vanish in Jiang Hai City.

This proposition is not Xia Tian raises, but is Xu Family, Xu Family proposed intentionally this request, to force Xia Tian gets rid, hears Xia Tian to agree that later Xu Dechuan relaxed finally. The witness of this martial arts contest is Greenwood Villa Fan Zhuifeng, he is Jiang Hai City famous figure. Had him to make the testimony the words, Xu Family does not dare to violate agreed that although Xu Dechuan does not think that Xia Tian can defeat A'San, but in this case Xu Dechuan believes that Xia Tian behind that Master will certainly get rid. Xia Tian understands Xu Grandfather thoughts, but he has not exposed, he wants to know that mother's whereabouts must have the assistance of Xu Dechuan. Therefore he must preserve Xu Dechuan, the A'San strength he is very clear, by his present Martial Arts, absolutely is not the A'San match, but from college entrance examination also several days, for these days every day had white-clothed person Professor his Martial Arts, happen to takes A'San to experiment own cultivation achievement. So long as he has defeated A'San, then, can threaten him in Jiang Hai City nobody, moreover can be short of Xu Family such one greatly troublesome. Master, how you are willing to teach me Kungfu.” Huo Lajiao has followed in Xia Tian behind. Looks at your performance.” Xia Tian looked at Huo Lajiao one: Your potential was really too bad.” Xia Tian took a fast look around Huo Lajiao one, the whole of Huo Lajiao is too bad, non- mainstream that appearance Xia Tian most does not like. Master, you request not to be high, in any case I am also a woman.” Huo Lajiao was saying depressed. In brief present your I do not like, or you trade the body to dress up me to have a look.” Xia Tian wants to open Huo Lajiao, he does not think that Huo Lajiao also has the leeway that anything develops. Huo Lajiao hears the Xia Tian words, can only turn around leave, now he was goes home not to be impossible to change a way, therefore he planned that looked for her elder sister Huo Wennu, she must completely change from top to bottom. Sister Huo, why do you go?” Two shout radically hurriedly. Happen, you also follow me, must change together to change, asks my big sister to go.” Huo Lajiao walks toward the distant place. After Xia Tian opened Huo Lajiao, must take taxi Jianghai University, older female cousin in a that side hotel in oneself, seemingly what happened, happen to have not been being on vacation from school time, even if he goes back now, white-clothed person should not go.

Guessed that from this him white-clothed person should be very familiar with own father, because father's wish is well studies. After arriving at the hotel, Xia Tian had found quickly older female cousin, she and Bing Xin, Bing Xin today has worn a sportswear, wraps completely her stature, Xia Tian sees Bing Xin each time, the X-Ray Vision eye cannot help with, really his expects. Today what Bing Xin puts on is blue Pikachu. Saw Xia Tian stares is staring at itself, Bing Xin has had a special feeling, oneself probably are anything has not put on same standing in front of Xia Tian, she has blocked her clothes with both hands hurriedly, but she discovered that Xia Tian vision unexpectedly moved downward. rascal.” Bing Xin stared Xia Tian one wickedly. This hotel belongs to that ordinary student hotel, reserves a room little, only then the person can enter to reserve a room, therefore Xia Tian they sit in the hall, now or in the morning, therefore in hotel also nobody. What Xia Tian they sit is simple four people of tables, in the room is clean. Yesterday exactly what happened?” Ye Qingxue opens the mouth to ask. Anything, has not been solved.” Xia Tian does not want to explain are too many, after all X-Ray Vision eye type of thing does not have the means to explain that if he told to Ye Qingxue, that will only annoy to trouble to Ye Qingxue. He will also be grasped, when guinea pig dissection. You are not willing to say.” Ye Qingxue understands Xia Tian, she knows the matter that Xia Tian does not want to say everyone takes her not to have the means: I ask you to come to have the matter today to ask you to help.” Asked me?” Xia Tian moral nature suddenly one cold, older female cousin had not said asked that this saying sought the character, perhaps that must what happened. Good, I order you, replaces Student Association to attend afternoon Basketball match.” Ye Qingxue aggressive side revealed once more that saw her side Xia Tian relaxed, this is older female cousin that she knows. older female cousin, doesn't Jianghai University have own Basketball team?” Xia Tian asked. I knew certainly to have, but this time I must with the people of Jianghai University Basketball team to the war, this time they lead other two players to participate by a Jianghai University player, we were chosen the manpower by Literature and Art Department.” Ye Qingxue answered.

„, Your this is in fights.” Xia Tian then responded. Was these fellows of Basketball team has been supercilious, especially their instructor, transferred schools from the US, did not pay attention to our Literature and Art Department, said that we hundred did not have uses is Scholar.” Ye Qingxue indignant saying: This time must teach that dead girl, she said that so long as we were dropped within 20 points they to lose by them.” Volume.” Xia Tian stares slightly: This amateur team goes to fighting others school team score really not so is fond of playing jokes.” I, no matter, you must draw the score to me to 20, otherwise I make you attractive.” Ye Qingxue has wielded fist to Xia Tian, the meaning is you, if makes me lose face you to wait for death. I as far as possible.” Xia Tian nodded. At this moment in the hotel walks four people, three male female, these three male are very high, is one meter more than nine, the female upper body put on a blue short sleeve, below has worn white shorts, stood is slim and graceful there, the whole was attractive. Moreover each may be called perfect! Height 175, leg long 114, this stature may be called perfect, if can give me to become the concubine to be good.” The Xia Tian X-Ray Vision eye cannot help but opened, the underwear style of female with Bing Xin adorable completely different, she is wild that the underwear majority is the gauze. rascal.” beauty stared Xia Tian one wickedly, afterward looked to Xia Tian behind Ye Qingxue and Bing Xin. Bing Xin and Ye Qingxue titter, beauty that Xia Tian sexually harassed a moment ago is their sworn enemies, instructor Tang Yan of Basketball team. Ye Qingxue, must carry on to compete in the afternoon, did you hide here? Hears in your Literature and Art Department except for mother artillery is the woman, moreover cannot collect including five complete men, this also ratio? Goes to other mass organization there to borrow some manpower.” Tang Yan ridicule looks at Ye Qingxue, she similarly is figure in Jianghai University school beauty ranking, she is listed at sixth, placed Ye Qingxue and Huo Wennu behind, because this actually she does not have two female attractive, she just transferred schools for a half year, the human spirit does not have Ye Qingxue and Huo Wennu is high, moreover transfers schools from the overseas. She also has her mass organization in Student Association, is the Basketball society, Ye Qingxue is Literature and Art Society, Wen Yiwu is always everyone refuses to accept anyone, therefore had this time Basketball match. Remembers our gambling make, if you lost, later saw that I must call Sister Xue.” Ye Qingxue enraged looks at Tang Yan. Naturally, you, if lost, later saw that I shouted me Sister Yan.” Tang Yan very draws out own chest to refuse to admit being inferior.