Almighty Student - Volume 1 - Chapter 21

Xia Tian does not dare to use X-Ray Vision to see older female cousin, but he slightly will not let off regarding other woman, especially present peerless big beauty, not only the stature is good, but also the appearance so is also attractive, this Tang Yan absolutely is a person of mixed blood. Her body has the beauty of China, the foreign woman all profound pupils, in addition perfect. This time Tang Yan and Ye Qingxue two females are in sharp opposition, no one lets anyone, two females must fight a life not to be possible. Bing Xin does not favor today's competition, solely looked that the opposite party she felt being incapable, although they borrowed two people in other mass organization, but that two people did not have the means compared with the people of Basketball society, although 20 points seemed many, but the playing time was so long, the opposite party height ended to be oppressive their people. Big beauty, how do we also make a bet?” Xia Tian opens the mouth to say suddenly. Still in abundance shifted the vision in two females of confrontation a moment ago to Xia Tian, does not know that he must do any trick. Makes a bet? I do not like making a bet with rascal.” Tang Yan still remembers that she just passing through the gate was the words that Xia Tian these sexually harassed. „, That considers as finished, you will lose in any case.” A Xia Tian indifferent appearance, his words said have no intention, the listener has a mind, Tang Yan is instructor of Basketball team, is Section Head of Basketball department, how can tolerate some people saying that own team will lose. You said anything, we will not lose absolutely.” Tang Yan angry looks at Xia Tian. How do we make a bet?” Xia Tian asked again. Bets on the gambling, who fears anyone.” Tang Yan gets angry the heart, she already on Xia Tian check. Good, if you lost, after you, is my concubine, saw that I must shout me Dear Husband.” Xia Tian smiling looks at Tang Yan. You are shameless.” Tang Yan was irritated by Xia Tian quickly. I have, you have a look, my tooth is white.” Xia Tian has revealed own tooth. instructor, he is playing tricks on you, we teach him.” Three the members of Basketball teams said that must go forward directly. Comes back to me.” Tang Yan shouts: Is good I to bet, I am in any case impossible to lose, what to do did you lose?”

I am impossible to lose.” Xia Tian self-confident saying. „It is not good, you must say that what to do you lost!” Tang Yan has seen shameless, has not seen Xia Tian to be so shameless. I lost me to eat the point to owe, I later saw you to call you kiss adorable concubine.” Xia Tian serious saying. You are shameless.” A Tang Yan foot kicks to Xia Tian, leaves the foot speed fast. Sees Tang Yan to get angry, the members of her behind that three Basketball teams started to sympathize to have Xia Tian, their very clear Tang Yan got angry terrifying, Tang Yan has practiced Tae Kwon Do. When everybody waits to look that Xia Tian was knocked down, they discovered that at this time the leg of Tang Yan was held by Xia Tian, moreover Xia Tian very shameless with another hand in grabbing that on the beautiful leg of Tang Yan keeps. Ah!!!” The strong decibel calling sound of spreads the entire hotel, these service people looked to stare. Brat, you dare to be discourteous our instructor.” Three tall male students have fired into Xia Tian directly, has saying that their heights to move probably is a hill are the same, but Xia Tian is unhurriedly, a body revolution has shunted a one of them 's fist, this hides, the fist hit directly to Tang Yan. That tall person comes not to receive the hand radically anxiously, at this moment, the Xia Tian right hand places above the back of Tang Yan directly, both hands hugged to transfer a circle Tang Yan same place, has shunted a that person of fist. However Tang Yan actually completely lay down during the bosom of Xia Tian at this time, the hand of Xia Tian intentionally has also pinched pinching on the body of Tang Yan. Rapidness that too all these have, Ye Qingxue and Bing Xin there, do not know that should say any good, but Ye Qingxue responded immediately. Stop, are you doing, Xia Tian, you have not let loose her.” Hears the Ye Qingxue words, Xia Tian can only let loose Tang Yan, although she has not hugged to suffice, but older female cousin spoke, therefore he also can only let loose Tang Yan. The Tang Yan direct palm of the hand that stands hits to Xia Tian, was actually grasped by Xia Tian in the hand: You want to murder the husband.” You, irritated me, good, the gambling stake I have met, if you lost, you streaking in field.” Tang Yan both hands fork waist indignant saying, when she has run into this person, tried to take advantage also shows off cleverness.

OK.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. We walk, we trade family to eat meal.” Tang Yan led her behind three Basketball team members to leave the hotel. Is good your Xia Tian, I made you help a moment ago, you said as far as possible, currently have beauty to become the wife, you definitely have won, the fellow who saw the color to forget the elder sister.” Ye Qingxue is ready to fight looks to Xia Tian, she made Xia Tian probably win a moment ago, Xia Tian is perfunctory her, said as far as possible, now may be booing, Xia Tian unexpectedly hit to bet with that Tang Yan. Wrong, although she is very attractive, but can only become a concubine.” Xia Tian serious saying. You. Good your Xia Tian, wing to be now hard, unexpectedly also looked for the concubine, you do not know that she was the enemy of your big sister?” The show fist of Ye Qingxue hit directly on the body of Xia Tian, Xia Tian has not dared to hide, hides 1 st, he did not evade 15. Some in society people slandered me, shame I, light I, to laugh at me, to bully me, inexpensive I, how when to punish?” Xia Tian very serious saying: „ Hits him, to hit him, to hit him, to hit him, to hit him, to hit him, to hit him, after firing off, and you visit him. older female cousin, are you untrustworthy I?” Xia Tian has revealed mystically smiles, nearby Bing Xin curious is sizing up Xia Tian, she listened to Ye Qingxue to mention Xia Tian, since she has seen Xia Tian she discovered Xia Tian and Ye Qingxue that one see described completely was two different people. Tang Yan left the hotel to be about to explode with rage. She pledged that she must win today's competition, the solemn Jianghai University Basketball team can also lose to a skirmishers team to be inadequate, when the time comes she not only need drop the Ye Qingxue team 20 points, if everybody stamina is good, she will make this score turn 120. She not only need make Ye Qingxue lose face, must make that hateful fellow go to the streaking. instructor, you could rest assured that we definitely well will greet Literature and Art Society that fellows and ensure makes their scores stay in the number in the units place.” And member confident saying. Will hit the Basketball person to have, but can enter the people in Basketball team is true Expert, even if he is only a substitute, has not entered in the person to Basketball team regarding these, he will still keep aloof. Um, your several when the time comes give me the selling point strength, allow Sheng cannot only defeat, I will make Fang Li with you together participating, you give me to take the minute maliciously, I looked after Ye Qingxue that girl, how to be wild with me.” Tang Yan was saying indignantly. In Jianghai University the present is very lively, school beauty ranking fourth Ye Qingxue and on the school beauty ranking sixth Tang Yan unexpectedly bar. fans of both sides even opened separates the spatial battle of words, supports the Ye Qingxue person to be getting more and more, after all after Tang Yan is, turns around, some Basketball match also many people heard, this also made Ye Qingxue fans angrier, said why Tang Yan under did not go to compare Literature and Art by oneself these big uneducated people with the Ye Qingxue person.

Also some people said that Basketball department inside male student is the real man, is the big handsome fellows, these starry eyed females like these handsome fellows of Basketball department, therefore their calls are not small. All people are waiting for afternoon's that Basketball match, the Literature and Art Department VS Basketball department. Sister Huo, you do not go to the control they, if their two such have made, perhaps the influence is not good.” Student Association vice-chairman Dao Tian was inquiring anxiously, in Jianghai University, knew that the Huo Wennu men called her for Sister Huo, the women call her for Sister Wen, she was also the Student Association association president. Control? I with any control, they two temperament you am know that since, mutually was not convinced, this Qingxue that silly thing has also met others Basketball challenge, how she possibly wins, in that several effeminate on Literature and Art Department, even if she looked for compared with foreign aid impossible and specialized Basketball exercise of other departments.” Huo Wennu was complaining ill-humoredly. Ye Qingxue is very good with her relations, but Tang Yan with some of some of her also relations, she impossible to help Literature and Art Department cope with the Basketball department, first did not say she is the Student Association association president, even if were she finds the person not to be impossible to find to be able with the person of Basketball department fighting, only if she went extracurricular or goes to please the specialized person, but such words definitely will be being been looking down upon. Then does can only make Ye Qingxue not have the face. Tang Yan this surface Kungfu does is very good, she only makes a member go on stage, other is two, but is two members is also is selective, moreover that so-called 20 points were just to say of pleasant to hear, the strength differed that disparately, do not say that was 20 points, was two percentages also has the possibility. Had many people to send out the protest regarding this unfair competition, but was the leading character of event, Ye Qingxue actually agreed with the challenge. Afternoon competition attracted many people to watch, especially supported the Basketball department and Tang Yan person, although also some supported Ye Qingxue, the person who however went to was really too few, because these people do not believe that Literature and Art Department can win, therefore did not pass to look, avoid looks also upsetly. Xia Tian, you confident?” Ye Qingxue earnest looks at Xia Tian to ask. For my concubine, has spelled, the victory is me.” Xia Tian high-spirited shouting.