Almighty Student - Volume 1 - Chapter 22

Although Jianghai University with Beijing is not a rank, however was also considered as in China on is the well-known school, can be admitted to here person depending on the skill is the elite juniors from land. Here altogether has more than 50,000 university students, above also has the graduate student, Master, Doctor, post-doctorate. In this hundred years of old school, the right and wrong is also most, especially Jianghai University inside wind and cloud figure, ten big school beauty are Jianghai University wind and cloud figure, every year will carry on reelects. However New Student can rush in ten big school beauty is really not easy, after all be only the big two big three Senior support levels are higher, Ye Qingxue and Tang Yan two females both enter the school beauty ranking as Freshman student, and has taken fourth and sixth at one fell swoop. Also these two crest of wave abundant school beauty mutual battles, have initiated a Jianghai University most interesting Basketball match, instructor Tang Yan of Basketball department challenges Literature and Art Department Basketball. Make Literature and Art Department these women and effeminate to fighting Basketball of Basketball department, this simply is the huge joke, fight that is completely impossible to win. Although the Basketball department said that so long as the score and score of Basketball of department Literature and Art Department only misses 20 points of Literature and Art Department to win, but the strength of both sides may not only miss these 20 points, the Basketball department said one only use a first round, other all goes on stage with the substitute. But these substitutes of Basketball department also all are selective from the school the juniors of most elite, in these delicate effeminate with Literature and Art Department compares, that simply is the difference of heaven and earth. The Basketball match has not started, entire Jianghai University is noisy, although everybody does not think that Literature and Art Department Ye Qingxue can win, but supports the Ye Qingxue call not to reduce. They were denouncing the Basketball department, thinks that this was a unfair competition, the Basketball department was mean and shameless. However actually and nobody stands for the Literature and Art Department competition, because the strengths of their very clear Basketball department these people, they are not only the Basketball teams of school, their regular teams have attended the national league tournament. instructor, now outside scolding sound, but are many, we cancel this competition, after all the Basketball department is needs the funds of school to support, words that they are so noisy, perhaps.” Perhaps what? So long as the Basketball team has the result, other what can neglect, didn't need outside the control these to scold the sound, Fang Li to?” Tang Yan is instructor of team, is Section Head of Basketball department, the matter of related Basketball team is she goes to communicate with the school. Can hold the post of Basketball team instructor this matter by the high status, Tang Yan first, the bystander does not know how she achieves, but heard that Basketball team these unruly star players very much listen her. Xia Tian and Ye Qingxue and the others early arrived at the Basketball field, sees own these Top Grade teammates, Xia Tian understands why finally outside these people support the Basketball department. At this time on the stand has been filled with the person, they are drawing the scroll, some people were shouting the slogan, the body wore the propaganda clothing of Basketball team, Xia Tian looked, supported Literature and Art Department did not have. older female cousin, your personal connection was also too bad, you had a look at this human spirit contrast.” Xia Tian looks that the surrounding these support the Basketball person to shake the head.

Who said that we have not supported, you go to set up to me the sign, you, will hit Basketball not, will go to wear a fake headgear to me, when the cheering team will go.” Ye Qingxue stared Literature and Art Society two mother artillery. Ye Qingxue really has the arrangement, altogether three signs, on the sign separately are the names of three people, Xia Tian, Hu Peng, Yan Xu, these three people are the foreign aids, remaining that two are Literature and Art Society their person, therefore has not made the sign. Possibly is the Literature and Art Society person himself has not thought will win, therefore the cost of person on one's own side also gave to save. That two Literature and Art Society mother artillery listened to the Ye Qingxue words, unexpectedly to put on the fake headgear very much, in the hand was taking the chromosphere: Literature and Art Society keep it up.” Literature and Art Society keep it up.” In history the most disgusting cheering team is born from this, saw that such cheering team Xia Tian almost spits the thing that yesterday evening ate. older female cousin, quickly replaces this cheering team, otherwise I do not compare.” Xia Tian really cannot bear such cheering team, he rather does not have the cheering team not to see such cheering team. Ah!! Is the person of Basketball team.” The cheers captured the place of entrance the attention of all people together, the people of Basketball team ran from inside, when they sat in the rest area, one team of Basketball treasure ran from behind. The blue white coat adds on miniature miniskirt to enter the stage causes the scream that all male audiences on the scene have kept, Jianghai University Basketball treasure statures are very good, appearance is also very attractive. The happy dance makes the scene thorough. Literature and Art Society keep it up.” Literature and Art Society keep it up.” Two mother artillery are still making the simplest movement there, at this time Xia Tian has one type the impulsion that wants to spit blood. older female cousin, I could not bear, I must strike.” You and so on, how the big sister I will treat unjustly you.” Ye Qingxue mysterious smiles.

In this time, a tall person ran from the channel, his appearance has caused the innumerable cheers, his appearance is charming, is all high, good that Basketball hits, he is star member Fang Li of Jianghai University Basketball team. Fresh flower is I wants, the applause is also I wants, I know that I am very graceful, but I think peaceful works as a handsome man.” Fang Li has shown an extremely charming posture. Immediately has female starts to cheer sex-madly. Your narcissism craziness, quickly leave to me.” Tang Yan looked that to shouts to Fang Li. Come, the eldest sister head, has anything to tell my this handsome man.” Before Fang Li takes a rose to place the nose, makes an effort is hearing. Fang Li, today's competition the score to the bigger the better that I draw, matter that if you considered are only playing to lead badly me I made you have my specially-made drink.” The Tang Yan devil seems to be ordinary, said in the ear of Fang Li in a low voice. Fang Li when heard the specially-made drink the rose perianth in hand he unknowingly to break off, the complexion also became ugly. Eldest sister felt relieved how many minute of disparities of you do want? 50 points are one percentage.” The more better.” Basketball department here hurriedly and Literature and Art Department there became the sharp contrast, Literature and Art Department here only then two mother artillery wear the miniskirt to dance there, does not have the means to compare with the opposite Basketball treasure. Xia Tian was disappointed, the interest of competing was also smaller. Qingxue, my this what kind.” At this moment Bing Xin walked from behind, Xia Tian the vision shifts to Bing Xin the time, the X-Ray Vision function opens automatically. Saw, all saw. The X-Ray Vision eye saw all. Xia Tian, how you flowed nosebleed.” Ye Qingxue puzzled looks to Xia Tian. older female cousin, I felt that I have now been full of the strength, come.” Saying that Xia Tian has plenty of fight in one, at this moment, Bing Xin starts to dance directly, her dancer's posture is just the most common dancer's posture, but these dancer's postures made Bing Xin jumped on beautiful in a complete mess, what was main was Bing Xin unexpectedly has made a stunner.

The body of Bing Xin stands upside down, both legs 180 degrees doing splits, this movement regarding putting on box shorts Bing Xin not anything, but this posture regarding opening Xia Tian of X-Ray Vision eye may be belongs to have an eyeful. Wind blood that the nostril of Xia Tian keeps, is not the class, is the wind, the blood the blowout that keeps from the nostril, this may scare Ye Qingxue. Ye Qingxue, your this competition has not started, some people have been injured, you only the remaining four people, must withdrawal now.” Tang Yan saw that the Xia Tian condition ridiculed: Otherwise now admits defeat, avoid one will be dropped for dozens points the percentage time disgraced, our gambling approximately may be unrecallable, if after you admit defeat, saw me to call me Sister Yan respectfully.” Was right, that fellow of nose wind blood must in the field polishing running.” Tang Yan does not plan to let off Xia Tian, Xia Tian is so impolite to her in the hotel, she happen to must lesson Xia Tian well. Who said that we must admit defeat, starts, I have now been full of the fighting spirit.” Xia Tian has turned the head not to look at Bing Xin, he also is really afraid oneself excessive loss of blood dead. Before the competition starts, both sides are arranging the tactic. Hu Peng, your highest, meets you to go to the jump ball, your several will play any position to follow, remembers the ball pass to me.” Yan Xu is the foreign aid that Hu Peng is looks, Hu Peng and Yan Xu are the sports departments, Hu Peng tall tall and strong, Yan Xu is not tall, but the body is very flexible, good that his ball it is said hits. Therefore he makes the people pass to him the ball, hopes that resists the Basketball department by strength of the. Xia Tian has not spoken, so long as can win, to be how good, if this Yan Xu can lead them to win, he is actually idle, so as to avoid also when the time comes exposed strength. Has a look at the opposite these worthless people, I could not raise any interest.” Fang Li helpless shaking the head , if not Tang Yan speaks, he is disinclined to attend such competition. The competition finally started, fights for ball time Hu Peng not to disappoint the people, has gotten down the racket, but ball in landing was robbed by a blue form instantaneously directly, blue form quickly like lightning. Touches!! Basketball has run throughout a heart, is Slam Dunk. Star player Fang Li worthily is the first round player of Basketball team, has taken a ball, moreover this ball is Slam Dunk, beginning Slam Dunk makes the imposing manner of Basketball department soaring, on the stand also cheers one piece.