Almighty Student - Volume 1 - Chapter 23

Is Fang Li, the technology and speed is the topest institute should have worthily.” On the stand has some are not Jianghai University, but is headhunter, they usually work lure the star player. Sees the performance of Fang Li, has started cheers on the spot, the both eyes of these starry eyed female fans started to brave the star. Admires me! I do not belong your.” Fang Li has made an extremely charming movement. Sees the performance of Fang Li, Tang Yan satisfied nod, Fang Li the slamdunks is she arranges intentionally, to attack the morale of opposite party, showed finally Fang Li has achieved, now the person morale in Xia Tian this team falls greatly, a moment ago that Yan Xu was also shaking the head that kept. Counter-attacks, after the ball has passed to Yan Xu, the Yan Xu fast dribbling, his speed is quick, has evaded the defense of opposite party, directly is the jump shot, gets rid decisively, the posture is also very standard. Touches!! block, was block, Fang Li has given his big block maliciously. The ball returned to the hand of Basketball department once more. !! Three-pointer. Short one minute, the Basketball department hid five points, saw such result scene kept was cheering, but Ye Qingxue there was depressed incomparable, this just started for one minute, the disparity of score so was big. What she is very difficult to imagine result to be. Everybody should not be discouraged, one will have the ball to pass to me.” Yan Xu was saying to the people again. This Yan Xu have not dribbled, but has passed to Hu Peng the ball, the Hu Peng physique is very big, can capture the attention of people, at this moment Hu Peng has passed to Yan Xu the ball. Just received the ball Yan Xu to see the Fang Li form, but he does not want to pass on, in his opinion in this team only then and Hu Peng can look to glance, other passed to them not to have any use. Hu Peng has tied down now, therefore he plans himself suddenly. Touch! The ball broke, the body of Fang Li in a flash, stole the Yan Xu ball directly, afterward single-handed makes an effort throws the ball, is not shooting, passes, after front the members of Basketball department received the ball, jumps to leap, slamdunks once more. 7 : 0, the score increases once more. Sees the performance of Yan Xu, Xia Tian is very disappointed, just Yan Xu obviously can pass, he has actually wanted to show the individualism, but he absolutely does not have that formidable skill in ball games. Saw that this score Ye Qingxue has not been cruel enough to look. The competition continues, first ended the score is 40 : 0, the Literature and Art Department member in rest area. This competition has no way to hit, how even if I and Hu Peng are again fierce cannot lead these three people.” Yan Xu discontented saying, he and Hu Peng are acquaintances, therefore he naturally cannot look for the trouble of Hu Peng, is another three he is not familiar, therefore he pushed the responsibility to the Xia Tian three people.

Yan Xu, what do you mean? Our three? Is you make us have the ball to pass to you, we have complied, now competes to make into this, your unexpectedly added that our is not.” Is, after which time is not you want display your personal ability, by the ball that Fang Li steals.” Snort.” Yan Xu cold snort: You will not hit Basketball, but also is here stubborn with me, this competition had no way to hit, having your three to lose.” How to have no way to hit? Our Literature and Art Department person is not good to bully, even if loses must lose in the battlefield, will not surrender absolutely.” Competition had not ended, why you think that we certainly will lose.” This competition, if can also win, I crawl in the Basketball field, studies the dog to call.” Yan Xu ridicule looks at the people saying: Hu Peng, this competes we not to hit, how I must have a look at their three to play this sports match but actually.” Nearby Ye Qingxue complexion is pale, but she has not said anything, Yan Xu this villain she saw, now is not this civil strife time, if Yan Xu they did not hit, then here company five people did not sufficiently collect, when the time comes forfeited. Qingxue, do not worry, does not have Xia Tian.” Bing Xin saw the Ye Qingxue thoughts. But score difference these many, moreover you also saw a moment ago the disparity of both sides.” Ye Qingxue depressed saying. Xia Tian has not spoken, but looked to that two Literature and Art Department mother artillery cheering team: You, change clothes to go on stage to me.” Hears the Xia Tian words to stare, Yan Xu also thinks a moment ago the Literature and Art Department person can ask him to continue to compete, when the time comes he can also continue to ridicule these people, but Xia Tian unexpectedly makes mother artillery that two will not play a ball game go on stage. Xia Tian, they will not play a ball game.” Ye Qingxue frowns to say. Does not need them to hit, stands watches the fun in inside on the line.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Tang Yan also saw their here situations, shouts loudly: Ye Qingxue, your nobody? How to link the people of cheering team also to play the game.” Ye Qingxue had not answered, but nodded to Xia Tian. The second section started. A Literature and Art Department person has passed to Xia Tian ball, when the people run to the opposite, they discovered with amazement Xia Tian unexpectedly has taken off, all people were shocked, this is must do, takes off under own basket. !! Hollow enters the net, this sound is very familiar, enters after the ball the people responded that exactly had anything a moment ago. 40 : 3. „!” Ye Qingxue and Bing Xin jumped excitedly. How is this possible?” Yan Xu whole face inconceivable looks at Xia Tian, all probably have a dream to be the same.

Deceived people?” Fang Li puzzled looks to recording points. This, this boy outcome what's the matter?” Tang Yan dumbfounded looks at Xia Tian. The audience on stand has also gawked, this luck was also too good, such threw can also enter, on the stand these had planned headhunter that left has also anchored the footsteps, continued to watch the competition. Everybody do not fluster, he is the luck is just good.” Fang Li adjusts the mentality immediately, dribbling charge, five people of coordination are very good, finally the ball returned to the hand of Fang Li, Fang Li planned that a jump shot pulls back the morale. Touches!! block. Those present were shocked once more, but Fang Li two meters, his arm is also very long, in addition takes off, this altitude the complete non-solution, is his unexpectedly by block, by less than one meter eight person block. !! The ball hollow enters the net once more, does not have the median line. 40 : 6. This scene exceptionally peaceful, a moment ago when Xia Tian block, the people have as if had the misconception, thinks that he jumped two meters high all of a sudden, unexpectedly has covered the Fang Li ball directly, this was too inconceivable. Moreover this everybody believes that absolutely was not the luck, how the luck not possibly was again good to hit the target in such far distance continuously twice. Suspension! Tang Yan called a suspension. You were good.” Ye Qingxue dashes, has kissed one on the face of Xia Tian. Nearby Yan Xu face was green, he wishes one could some cracks to worm one's way into now, just he on the scene was 40 : 0, now he just the fate blew the cow, others came a 6 : 0 high tide. Especially sees Ye Qingxue own Xia Tian time, his incomparable envy, he is still thinking a moment ago Ye Qingxue can ask them to continue to play the game, but the crest of wave is actually robbed by Xia Tian now. Tang Yan there arranged the plan, after the competition started once more , two has encircled Xia Tian directly, this was the Tang Yan tactic, watched Xia Tian with two tall people. Did not have the threat of Xia Tian, Fang Li to regard, if unimpeded, other four people probably were the target of migration are the same, let Fang Li there show their skill in ball games, quick Fang Li took off once more, this time was the three-pointer, he must save the face that oneself lost a moment ago with this ball. Touches!! Also is block, moreover Xia Tian unexpectedly that Xia Tian, a moment ago was still gripped by them in three seconds of area covered once more Fang Li ball. !

The ball entered. 40 : 9. This time presents all people all not to know that should say any good three times to have thrown a ball in oneself here location, moreover two shooting of continual Ge Diao star player Fang Li, the score of Basketball department started to halt. Is he.” Who Huo Wennu on stand remembered this person is, was not just the time that romantic man of Ye Qingxue birthday. The people of Basketball department started some ignorant, two people cannot defend, change three people. But score still in unceasing pulling closer. The second section ended score is 40 : 48. Tang Yan has arranged plan of competition, Ye Qingxue and Bing Xin also gets the water to massage side Xia Tian. The third section the competition just started, everybody had discovered the new strategy of Basketball department, four people Xia Tian surrounded, they stand in four directions all round, has all stopped up Xia Tian all blind spot, making a star player Fang Li person display. Fang Li does not believe Xia Tian can get out of trouble from the defense of that four person, therefore he dribbles to want with Slam Dunk to recall the morale of team with single-hearted devotion. Touch! The devil form appears in the Fang Li front together, he is unable to believe one see, but ball truly already not in his hands. . Also is hollow enters the net. 40:51. The competition keeps is carrying on, score turned into 40 : 81. The morale of Basketball department vanished thoroughly, the audience all could not say incoming call, these Basketball treasure did not come up to dance, even also some people photographed to send to the video online, but these people discovered that regardless of they are unable to pat the clear Xia Tian appearance in any angle shot, did not move has lowered the head. The competition successfully ended. The final score is 40 : 111. Was the three-pointer, Xia Tian altogether has thrown 37 three-pointers completely, and was every shot hits the target. Saw that this result all people were shocked, Yan Xu wants running away secretly, but by Literature and Art Department these females blocking, Yan Xu words everybody has been possible to hear a moment ago, he said that if Literature and Art Department can win, he circles the field to crawl, but also studies the dog to call.