Almighty Student - Volume 1 - Chapter 24

The competition had ended, the people of Basketball department all are dejected, these Basketball treasure are also listless, on stand these audiences, although is supports the Basketball department, is they is very excited. Because they watched a splendid competition today. This boy, is very interesting, your several help my he.” Female headhunter shows a faint smile, turn around leaves stand. Huo Wennu frowns to look to below man, this man has given her a very mysterious feeling, Ye Qingxue celebrates a birthday, he at the birthday party shows off, now has defeated the Basketball department by a person of strength. Actually her very curious under this man is, why before , has not listened to this figure. After she plans to go back, asking Ye Qingxue well. Literature and Art Department here this time cheers are unceasing, today they won . Moreover the victory of big score, and Literature and Art Department four male students all went on stage, Literature and Art Department with Basketball department competition Basketball, Literature and Art Department won finally. This gives on their faces big adding lustre. Yan Xu, I remember that you said us a moment ago, if can win, you circle the field to crawl, moreover studies the dog to call is right?” By that Literature and Art Department male student of Yan Xu ridicule was looked said a moment ago to Yan Xu. Snort, dog S transports.” Yan Xu discontented cold snort one, in his opinion this simply is the miracle. What's wrong, dares saying that doesn't dare to do?” Who knows that you resorted to any method to win, perhaps was you are in cahoots with the Basketball department.” Yan Xu disdains looked at people one eyes. Yeah, the people of sports department were one are inferior to one now.” What extraordinary your Literature and Art Department has, came across the matter not to look for our sports department to help, one group of words Scholar on well did own Literature and Art to be good, otherwise you went with our sports department compared our trainings?” Yan Xu pushes through the people to walk toward outside. If we have won, you will study the dog to call in the training ground to crawl?” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, he most repugnant is Yan Xu this person, oneself do not have the ability also to disparage others. Good, there has one set of physical fitness to go through a strategic pass the training, person who if you can win our, my study dog said.” Yan Xu said that moved toward channel deep place.

That decides tomorrow afternoon.” Xia Tian light saying. Xia Tian, do not lower oneself to the same level with him, this person I did not know, but he is hears us to with the competition of Basketball department, therefore on own initiative comes to here, when our foreign aids.” Ye Qingxue consoles to say. Today is the Literature and Art Department big day, Ye Qingxue plans to hold a program and evening party, but Xia Tian said one one will have also the matter to leave. Tang Yan this time is not very happy, but she is also very shocked, not good is because she lost the competition , because she has discovered a super player, so long as will train well can certainly become the super giant star in the future. But she must also probably face a matter, that was the gambling makes her to lose, after her, saw Ye Qingxue to call Ye Qingxue Sister Xue, moreover saw that hateful fellow also to call him Dear Husband. This lets exit / to speak how she said. Words that but did not call, she turned into the villain, dares to do not to be at all, this made her more depressed. Xia Tian, why do you go?” Ye Qingxue saw that Xia Tian walks puzzled asking toward the opposite party rest area. I looked that my concubine goes.” Saying that Xia Tian does not return. You also took seriously, won this tone to be good, if you went to make others unable to get out.” Ye Qingxue did not care about then gambling to make, she had not planned after let Tang Yan, really saw her to call Sister Xue. Such a little bullied the person, she was just is quarrelling with Tang Yan. Good wife, I to come to see you.” Xia Tian arrives at the Tang Yan front to crack into a chuckle, sees the arrival of Xia Tian, Tang Yan does not know that should say any good, she has not seen such shameless person, she lost yes right, but does not need walking to be called by oneself intentionally, at the worst, hides him to select and that's the end. But Xia Tian unexpectedly runs up to front of her to make her call that gambling approximately name. Brat, your unexpectedly dares such with an eldest sister speech.” Fang Li lost the game a moment ago is not feeling well, he knows that he truly lost, but the opposite party won has won, unexpectedly also came to find fault. Looks in my concubine's face, I do not lower oneself to the same level with you.” Xia Tian does not look at Fang Li light saying.

Have not made, Xia Tian, we walk.” Ye Qingxue does not want to make Xia Tian have an accident noisily: Tang Yan, you and my enmity from now henceforth wrote off, as for that gambling approximately.” Ye Qingxue, what meaning is your this saying? My Tang Yan is person who cannot lose?” Tang Yan is the person who that type does not concede: Sister Xue, Dear Husband.” Tang Yan said that ran the hall, she did not have the face to see the person. Went ahead.” Xia Tian depressed went out of the hall, after leaving the hall, Xia Tian took taxi to return to the old dwelling. Yan Xu the incomparable depression, he helped Literature and Art Department to win the Ye Qingxue favorable impression at this time, but has not thought that the favorable impression has not obtained, the face also lost. This tone he may unable to endure, especially these people also get the handle in his words, making him crawl a study dog to call in the Basketball field, although he does not have to do, but he felt that his face lost does not have. Lost face this matter he to be possible not to endure in front of Ye Qingxue. Li Section Head, Literature and Art Department these fellows have gone too far, I am help obviously, they actually do not know good and bad, not only my maliciously has shamed, but also said the people of our sports department is the waste, today their Literature and Art Department has won the Basketball department, that tomorrow can also give to win our sports department in sports.” Adding inflammatory details that Yan Xu keeps, is exaggerating matter. Their Literature and Art Department on four adult males, unexpectedly also dares to be so wild, really live is impatient.” Li Section Head is the temperament irritable person. Section Head, you have not seen their countenance, that foreign aid that especially they invited, that was insufferably arrogant, he added that your Li Section Head calculates any thing, pulled on shoes to him does not match.” Yan Xu most hates is that showing off Xia Tian, at that time he scored point, Ye Qingxue one excited has also kissed him, this may make Yan Xu envy not to be good. „Did he say really?” Li Section Head angry asking. Right, he added that must select our sports department, said that the physical fitness training of our sports department is not difficult, he can select all Expert of our whole set physical fitness training.” The Yan Xu words let Li Section Head already thorough getting angry. Yan Xu, you give under me the letter of challenge, I must teach that brat well.” After Xia Tian took taxi to return to the old dwelling, waited for about a double-hour, white-clothed person appeared, white-clothed person that attire dressed up, that handle sword, he never changed the clothing probably, but clothing actually clean incomparable. Master, you came.” Xia Tian respectful saying, white-clothed person is his father's good friend, has rescued his life, therefore he naturally respects this Master.

Your father has not mentioned his Martial Arts matter , because he does not think your step his footsteps, but you have stepped into this circle, therefore I will fulfill to your father's commitment.” The person of white clothing looks that Xia Tian continues saying: Starting today, my Professor your Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step and Finger of Consonance.” Finger of Consonance?” Xia Tian has only seen this Kungfu in the television, is Lu Xiaofeng, but has not thought that white-clothed person must teach own Kungfu unexpectedly is this. Right, this was your father's past becoming famous Unique Skill.” white-clothed person looks to Xia Tian light saying. My father, before my father, certainly is Expert?” Xia Tian hopes that draws out some concerned fathers from white-clothed person there the matter that. I do not have cultivation these two Kungfu, therefore I only meet Professor your cultivation method and Inner Strength Core Law.” Working as of white-clothed person on Xia Tian, has not kept silent regarding his father's matter. Master, Kungfu not your high of my father, therefore you do disdain in study?” Xia Tian asked. I study because of a point, this point you cannot remember, bites off more than one can chew, simultaneously grasps the might that several profound Martial Skill can play to be much bigger than well Kungfu cultivation.” white-clothed person answered. Many thanks Master instruction.” Xia Tian said. Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step perceives through meditation from I Ching and Eight Trigrams, what Finger of Consonance pays great attention is accurate of acupoint and attack on person body.” white-clothed person is Xia Tian is explaining Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step and Finger of Consonance origin and cultivation method. When Xia Tian just started these two types of things he understands finally why the father let his learned hundred since childhood, I Ching, Eight Trigrams, the person acupoint these things on body he had studied in childhood. At that time he has not understood why the father made him study these, now he understood finally, if did not understand person of I Ching and Eight Trigrams is unable cultivation Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step, was higher as for the request of Finger of Consonance, not only need understand that acupoint of person body, but also wanted the eyesight to be astonishing, understood the structure of human body muscle. This type of thing is impossible regarding the average person, but regarding studies these Xia Tian since childhood simply is easy. All these probably are that his father arranges, since childhood these knowledge of study to such one day make foreshadowing, all as if successful. Your talent is I have seen well, you can certainly carry forward your father's Kungfu.” After white-clothed person has taught Xia Tian one hour of Kungfu, left, leaves behind Xia Tian to go to cultivation.