Almighty Student - Volume 1 - Chapter 25

white-clothed person leaves later Xia Tian not to stop own cultivation, although his father always not Professor his Martial Arts, but has actually overcome best foreshadowing for him. If the normal people this age starts cultivation, how regardless of diligently, the future achievement also to be so limited, will be Xia Tian is different, although his father has not taught him Martial Arts, but since childhood will actually train the adaptation of his body instinct to Martial Arts. Before the transformation of necklace to his body, making his physique have the huge change. That strength of his within the body probably is a giant treasure house is the same, but he does not have the style to display within the body that tremendous strength, this also causes him to bump into Quicksand person not any resistivity. Now he lacks is authentic Martial Arts, Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step and Finger of Consonance are his father remain, white-clothed person this Expert also had said this is extraordinary Kungfu. white-clothed person formidable is Xia Tian is unable to imagine, Xia Tian had not seen white-clothed person to get rid at that time, the people of that two Quicksand died. He has thought how before Martial Arts of person not possibly is high quick the bullet, at that time in the person hand of Quicksand had the (spear|gun), but their to open fire opportunity has not died in the hand of white-clothed person. In front of true Expert, pistol not any use. Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step just cultivation Xia Tian had small accomplishment. Quick that the time passes, how long Xia Tian has almost put behind oneself cultivation, ******** study in cultivation. You are my~ oh my big apple~. Bing Xin elder sister? How do you know my telephone number?” You said slowly that exactly what happened?” Good, I immediately.” After Xia Tian has hung up the telephone, runs directly to the distant place, he has not gone to wait for the car(riage), but with running, just cultivation Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step Xia Tian finally had realized this Kungfu advantage. The speed is fast, endurance. Just that telephone was Bing Xin hits, the expression was startled, that side was called the Emperor KTV recreation area in one, their Literature and Art Department person surrounded, older female cousin Ye Qingxue was also being disputed with the opposite party. Paternal grandmother, if dares to move my older female cousin fine hair, I want him to be attractive.” older female cousin was most own person of Xia Tian in this world, if who dares to move Ye Qingxue, he decided will not forgive that person.

Xia Tian this time running speed is quicker than on more than several times before, if he attended hundred meters competition at the present speed, then the beforehand these records were the child cross each family. In Emperor KTV. Li Section Head, your solemn man real man unexpectedly in this case also watches the fun.” Ye Qingxue looks at Li Section Head indignantly, today is Literature and Art Department celebrated the Basketball match to win, but Li Section Head and Yan Xu of sports department their unexpectedly looks for trouble. And has gotten down the challenge to Literature and Art Department, Ye Qingxue does not want to meet the challenge of Li Section Head, she does not want to involve again Xia Tian. When they quarrelled, a Literature and Art Department female when went to the washroom to be sexually harassed, Ye Qingxue had the person to help, but the opposite party looked is one group of hooligan, was mindless. After these hooligan see the Ye Qingxue appearance, then had the evil intention, wants Ye Qingxue to accompany their Elder Brother Bao to drink, Ye Qingxue thinks Li Section Head and the others are the grievances distinct people, but knows that Li Section Head and the others hit a person when he is down unexpectedly. Not only does not help them, instead put forward the condition. Li Section Head condition is to let Ye Qingxue accepts their challenges, the Yan Xu condition was more excessive, Yan Xu unexpectedly said that so long as Ye Qingxue complies to be his girlfriend, he helps. Then had that. Ye Qingxue, is not we do not speak friendship with the school, so long as you accept our requests, we help you cope with this group of hooligan.” Li Section Head their sports department person are very strong, so long as they are willing to help, how then these hooligan then do not dare. I warned your this crowd of brats, leave alone other people's business, here, but the Elder Brother Bao domain, was careful that I made you unable to have the ruler.” In which hooligan identifies one's role when first coming on stage, they know, if this group of people will help is very truly troublesome. Li Section Head, I misread you.” Ye Qingxue stared Li Section Head and the others. Young girl, Elder Brother Bao has a liking for your is your good fortune, so long as you pass with Elder Brother Bao drink several glasses of liquor, we naturally cannot feel embarrassed your schoolmates.” hooligan vision that takes the lead on the body of Ye Qingxue unscrupulous is sizing up. I do not know him, why to drink with him.” Ye Qingxue direct rejection. Do not give to be concerned about face, Elder Brother Bao has a liking for your is your good fortune, if you are not obedient my group of brothers to be possible not to be coarse.” hooligan has shown the immoral smiling face, they are not the friendly stubble. I reported to the police, the police will immediately come.” Ye Qingxue asked the person to report to the police a moment ago. Police? Ha Ha, our Elder Brother Bao with Bureau Chief of police station, but acquaintance, so long as he goes to a telephone, will not have the police to come to here.” Reason that hooligan proud saying, they mix with Elder Brother Bao, because Elder Brother Bao in black and white two popular.

You leave are too dissolute, under didn't this day have the law of the land?” Ye Qingxue angry looks at that to help hooligan. Law of the land? Here proposes the law of the land with me, Liu Dui, you said that what is the law of the land?” Elder Brother Bao walked from the theater box of distant place, his side with an appearance tall and strong person, this person walks to sway, is supporting own general stomach. Really is one group of waste.” Elder Brother Bao stared in front of that several hooligan, afterward turns the head to look to Li Section Head and Yan Xu and the others: Your how many are what meaning? Dares to be dissolute in my domain!” !! Elder Brother Bao own beverage bottle fierce falling on the ground, when the jar was thrown down and broken walked dozens hooligan in all directions, these hooligan surrounding also had the Emperor KTV security to defend the channel, preventing some people to pat and watches the fun. Sees these people, Li Section Head and Yan Xu and the others the complexion changes, they altogether have ten people, before they also thought to be able with these hooligan one buckets, even if will hit them not to suffer a loss, but has not thought that presented these many people all of a sudden. Their ten people possibly are how victorious these many people. Elder Brother Bao, I think that this possibly is a misunderstanding, we are not familiar with their several.” Yan Xu goes forward to say hurriedly that he can look at this group of people are one crowd of marketplace rascal. Especially that Elder Brother Bao, looks is not the affable lord, if hits, their several will be injured, moreover he noticed that outside that several individual hand is also taking the knife. Good, your several leave now.” Elder Brother Bao is not the affable lord, the speech is impolite. Snort.” Li Section Head cold snort, the complexion becomes very ugly, but they left the crowd, has only left behind Literature and Art Department that group of people, the Literature and Art Department altogether 16 people, four men, 12 women, but these four men did not have these woman strong trends. Person who Li Section Head is bringing his after leaving, Ye Qingxue and the others completely were isolated, Ye Qingxue is very clear, these people a moment ago said does not deceive them absolutely intentionally. The police came, will keep off by that Liu Dui outside. Young miss, I urged you to come with me, accompanies me to drink several glasses of liquor, this matter, otherwise your here people my will not let off.” The Elder Brother Bao vision took a fast look around has presented these person of: My these brothers like the university student.” The threat, the naked threat, his meaning is if Ye Qingxue does not comply to accompany him to go to the single room to drink, then he makes the person start to her these companions. Sister Xue, cannot promise him.” Although the Literature and Art Department four men do not have big of sports department, but they have the man spirit, at this time their four keep off in front of Literature and Art Department these females. Sister Xue, several of us will not make them carry off you absolutely.”

Four Literature and Art Department men had been fully prepared. Depends on your four effeminate!” Elder Brother Bao complexion ice-cold saying: You go to break to me their legs.” The Ye Qingxue complexion becomes exceptionally ugly, although their four keep off oneself in behind, but she cannot feel any security sense, now they already completely by surrounded. Cannot run away, once he followed these people, that consequence is dreadful. Qingxue, I have telephoned to Xia Tian.” Bing Xin said in a low voice. You were muddled, now telephones to be useful to Xia Tian, how not to give Sister Wen to telephone.” Ye Qingxue anxious saying. I have hit, but Sister Wen has not answered the telephone, I do not have the means to give the phone call that Xia Tian makes.” Bing Xin frowns saying that she naturally knows had this condition to Huo Wennu to telephone. What to do can this?” Ye Qingxue anxious saying, she has not noted, Bing Xin has gotten hold of the fist. At this time these hooligan moved toward Literature and Art Department that four men, but they four not slight flinching. Touches!! What person?” Suddenly has transmitted a bang in this time surrounding, captured the past the attention of people. older female cousin, where are you at?” The surrounding has broadcast the Xia Tian sound. Xia Tian, we in this.” Inside broadcast the Bing Xin sound, the Bing Xin sound just fell, she discovered that Xia Tian appeared in her side, here this time was encircled watertight, but actually Xia Tian came in? However Bing Xin actually loosened own fist. Dares to annoy my older female cousin?” Xia Tian turned the head to look to Elder Brother Bao and Liu Dui, everyone could see them is the leaders of these people.