Almighty Student - Volume 1 - Chapter 26

Sudden of Xia Tian appears lets on Bing Xin and Ye Qingxue and other faces one happy, but Ye Qingxue had one to worry immediately that now this situation Xia Tian appears has been able to be what kind. Their difficult positions are unable to relieve, now here gathers round 40-50 hooligan, these hooligan may be affable. Even if has added on Xia Tian, they also five men. Opposite Elder Brother Bao has not cared about the person who presents suddenly, Emperor KTV here, he is the local despot, here nobody can contend with him. Brat, how do you mix?” Elder Brother Bao puzzled looks to Xia Tian, from started here should a moment ago already by his person surrounded, but actually front the brat is how sudden. Xia Tian, how did you come in?” Ye Qingxue worries looks to Xia Tian. Some people must bully you, I naturally must come.” Xia Tian answered. You come to be useful, like this you will also be implicated.” Ye Qingxue most is worried is Xia Tian is also involved to pick. Relax, all have me.” Xia Tian makes the smile that has felt relieved. Ye Qingxue does not know why after seeing Xia Tian this expression, will relax at heart suddenly, but she has not spoken, she knows that Xia Tian changed, no longer before was that is obedient cousin. Perhaps this also confirmed her mother's those words, the Xia Tian future has been doomed not to be ordinary. Bing Xin curious sizing up Xia Tian, she discovered that regardless of which time she sees Xia Tian, Xia Tian to her a more inconceivable feeling, from her first time will see Xia Tian to the present, Xia Tian has given her too many surprised. Xia Tian, what color underwear have I worn today?” Bing Xin opens the mouth to ask suddenly. Her issue is very strange in other people opinion, because only then she, Ye Qingxue and Xia Tian understands this outcome what's the matter. I thought that you are quite suitable cute type.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile to turn the head. Bing Xin lowered the head, Xia Tian also said right, she understood the meaning in Xia Tian words, she truly has not put on that type of card today the underpants of He/She, but changed the habit to put on the sexy black. Although the Xia Tian words are very simple, however in her has raised at heart it can be said that the difficult situation, she even suspected Xia Tian in her body upper garment the camera. Some here people shouted that outside saves a life some people not to hear?” Xia Tian looks to Elder Brother Bao light saying. Snort.” Elder Brother Bao cold snort, he asked the Xia Tian words a moment ago, Xia Tian has not responded him, this makes him feel that is not very feeling well: You know well, brat, you call to break some throat people not to manage today your, if not obedient makes her accompany me to drink, looked how I tidy up you.”

In other words can't the police come in?” Xia Tian opens the mouth to ask once more. That is natural, do not count on that the police will come, have me in this, naturally will be Elder Brother Bao will uphold the justice.” The meaning of Liu Dui is very simple, has him not to have the police to be able in this to come, even if the police came, will be blocked by him, he is only Elder Brother Bao upholds the justice. Does not manage as for him of Ye Qingxue their this group of students. The Ye Qingxue appearance is he has seen attractively, today met with great difficulty here, how he will let off, had Elder Brother Bao here, he can also taste the taste of this beauty university student today. As for the processing method of damage control was really too many, this method was Elder Brother Bao is most adept. Before he had experienced the Elder Brother Bao method , after the school girl has played, has taken the L photo of opposite party, forcing that female university student to become his toys, finally played also has made greasily that female university student introduce that own sisters played with for him. Although before Elder Brother Bao, has played the female university student, but looks like Ye Qingxue such attractive his first seeing. In his heart pledged secretly will not make Ye Qingxue escape from his palm absolutely. Some these many students have an accident to process is very troublesome, but he has the means these not to dare to say today's matter, he will be will not let off as for front attractive school girl absolutely. Xia Tian most is afraid is troublesome, he had torn a moment ago down the camera, heard the opposite these people saying that the police could not come in he to feel relieved finally: That is good, in this case, even if I kill you, the police do not know that is I does.” You simply are live is impatient.” Elder Brother Bao hears words angry saying of Xia Tian: I have seen extremely arrogantly, but dies to being imminent also obstinate argumentative your actually first.” Elder Brother Bao should not be angry, you send for his leg interruption first, repairs him well, later I ask a reason to throw again casually him, after entering to inside, may some people well serve him.” Liu Dui cloudy evil smiles, this matter he was not first time does. older female cousin, you go advanced.” Xia Tian opened the door of theater box. But you.” Ye Qingxue worries looks to Xia Tian. Relax, I will not have the matter, your I will divert attention here.” Xia Tian does not think that Ye Qingxue they are injured: Remember, one no matter hears any sound do not come out.” Brother Xia, several of us help you.” That four Literature and Art Society man stands in the Xia Tian side said. Does not use, your four go in rest well, quick.” Although they do not prefer very much, however the Xia Tian manner is strong, they have to return to the theater box first, around this time corridor Xia Tian is the enemy, Elder Brother Bao issues an order, all people have all fired into Xia Tian.

Happen to tries my Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step and Finger of Consonance with you.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, his body moves slightly, in his eyes the speeds of these people are quite slow, Finger of Consonance studies acupoint of person, so long as he attacks the body of opposite party, then the opposite party cannot fall to the ground immediately. Capturing the ringleader first. Enters in the crowd Xia Tian just likes fish enters the water to be ordinary, Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step meets no resistance. The both hands fast attack to two, Xia Tian studies acupoint of person body to be at since childhood, in addition the function of X-Ray Vision eye, can make him find opposite party acupoint with ease, in the television these Pressure Point Technique talks nonsense actually not completely, the person each acupoint on body has own use, once were poked vigorously directly may cause some body regions to lull temporarily. The flash, had ten people to pour in the Xia Tian side. Sees such scene, Elder Brother Bao also by to control, he had been heard in the real life has meets the Kungfu person, but has not thought that this person unexpectedly is so fierce: On, gives on me, who is competent his I to make whom work as the owner but actually.” Under the generous recompense must have Isao. All people throw to Xia Tian, they must adopt the huge-crowd strategy, but this move to Xia Tian any use, has not had Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step, how regardless of they will block are impossible to encircle in the middle. Moreover this is narrow and small alley, regardless of they have many people, the following person also extends does not begin, although four sides has the enemy, but can brandish the fist to hit truly to the Xia Tian person are not many. He he, found you.” Xia Tian form fast shuttles back and forth in crowd, arrived at the Elder Brother Bao front instantaneously. Elder Brother Bao is also a ruthless role, has put out a dagger thorn from the waist directly to Xia Tian. But saw that the dagger must puncture , on Xia Tian, two fingers stiffly dagger gripping. Ka! Dagger unexpectedly by Xia Tian with two fingers breaking off. Saw such scene those present by to control, Xia Tian not to the opportunity that they responded, the right fist hit directly above the arm of Elder Brother Bao, ka directly the right arm interruption of Elder Brother Bao. Ah!! A pitiful yell sends out from the mouth of Elder Brother Bao, sees such aspect, that Liu Dui sneaked off quietly. Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step might unexpectedly is so big.” Xia Tian regarding the Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step might was really too satisfied, three seconds, just he only had used for three seconds passed through behind these people to arrive at the Elder Brother Bao front.

Between he and Elder Brother Bao enough more than 20 meters, even if nobody keeps off in front, is impossible to arrive at the speed of normal person, but Xia Tian passed through from more than 20 people of front only has actually used for three seconds. I remember that you said a moment ago outside cannot hear here sound.” The Xia Tian right hand made an effort on the arm of Elder Brother Bao, the entire arm of Elder Brother Bao directly to be pulled by him. Ah! Kills the pig pitiful yell sound to send out from the Elder Brother Bao mouth. Do not call, outside cannot hear.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, this was Elder Brother Bao said a moment ago, regardless of here what happened outside cannot hear. Lets loose me, or I have killed you.” The pain on the Elder Brother Bao arm transmitting made him exude the pitiful yell sound. Xia Tian has not spoken, but shows a faint smile, afterward right hand, the arm of Elder Brother Bao was pulled again, later Xia Tian joins to him, pulls, joins. Ten back and forth, Elder Brother Bao pain has fainted repeatedly a chapter, but Xia Tian is skilled in acupoint, gave to wake him. The surroundings these Elder Brother Bao little brothers have been scared, front several nearest were the both legs trembles, even also already urination pants, although they were come out to mix, but they have not seen such scene. Elder Brother Bao this unyielding person now is also soft. Big brother, Sir, I asked you to put me.” Elder Brother Bao kneels in the ground, on the face is the tears and nasal mucus. You make me put me to put, don't I have the face very much?” Xia Tian joins the abruption the arm of Elder Brother Bao once more, the abruption joins again. Also after is ten rounds, the strength that Elder Brother Bao has begged for mercy continually did not have, the method of this suffering person has scared Elder Brother Bao these little brothers, they do not have any to dare to run. Was good, I played enough, making them release people.” Xia Tian has let loose the arm of Elder Brother Bao. Puts. Releases people.” On the Elder Brother Bao forehead is sweat, he did not have including the strength of speech now, saw that Xia Tian walks to outside, Elder Brother Bao these little brother any individuals do not dare to block. Gives you one minute.” After one minute, after Xia Tian opens the door of theater box, Xia Tian shows a faint smile: Solved.”