Almighty Student - Volume 1 - Chapter 28

Xia Tian Young Aunt is called Ye Wan to be clear, at this time she is sitting well in a room, in the room also the couple also sits here. „Did Madame Ye, have an accident?” „The matter that small matter, we discussed such has subscribed what kind.” Ye Wan looked said to husband and wife clearly to that. Good, such manages, this is the Bingbing wish.” Opportunity I her, moreover I will make the person accompany her together, if she can complete, I make an exception to employ she.” After Ye Wan goes out of the room, clearly he has dialed a number. Secretary Xue, hello.” Is Madame Ye, how you have called me, among us relation, but.” The words of Secretary Xue somewhat cover up. I want to make you save a person.” Life-saving? You are know that if not the important matter, I cannot get rid.” Secretary Xue has called Ye Wan clearly for you, the manner is also very respectful. I person who wants you to save am the Western Hidden son.” What? Is the son of Sir Dragon, he now how?” Telephone that has broadcast the startled sound. He by one person who called Liu Dui has carried off, if you in slow, he must have an accident.” The Ye Wan clear reminder said that hears the Ye Wan clear words, Secretary Xue has hung up the telephone directly. Xia Tian had been layer on layer surrounded in Police Department, sees these ice-cold muzzles, Xia Tian has not spoken, he has the confidence after these person of to open fire kills several people to escape, but these people have not made mistakes, he impossible to kill these innocent people. Catches him.” Liu Dui shouts loudly: Closes in Hu five that group of person there.” Xia Tian has not revolted, on his hand and foot put on the chain, the handcuff, since cannot lock in him, that also can only put on shackle, Xia Tian escorted away directly. He was brought the Police Department following place of detaining, here is not a prison, but is a giant house, in the house everywhere is the iron basket great distance, in an iron basket are most only closes three people, in a room has four basket. Xia Tian was led into an independent basket, sees Xia Tian time, the people in other basket with pondering the vision looks to him. Liu Dui told that takes care of him well.” Police were saying to the surrounding basket inside person that afterward he went out of the house, before he goes out of the house, one bunch of keys fell in a nearby of basket. The gate of house was locked by outside, all vents all were also sealed up, the person who outside guards all was also transferred to a new job. The basket was opened, in that basket three people also all turned on other three basket, altogether before nine people all arrived at the Xia Tian basket, but they have not gone to turn on the Xia Tian basket, but moved toward the corner, there has a water tube.

I urged you to should better not to do.” Xia Tian saw when these people take up the water tube, expression ice-cold saying, that Liu Dui delivers to here him definitely is makes these people cope with itself. Now his both hands both feet, although was been locked by the shackle, but these people do not have the general idea, planned that flushes out the fighting spirit of Xia Tian with the water tube first, moreover this inside water is about three degrees, by this type of icy cold water to the body, nerve can definitely lull directly, when the time comes let alone has hit back, the gearing very much takes the trouble. Here is my Hu five domains, reason that the boy, closes your person closes here to make me you serve you well.” Is one of the head bald wicked looks at Xia Tian: You could rest assured that I never kill people, but your latter half of life life cannot take care of oneself.” I give you an opportunity, so long as you leave your basket now, I can let off you.” Xia Tian expression ice-cold saying, he sits in the middle of basket at this time, eyes closed maintains mental tranquility. Dies to being imminent also obstinate argumentative, if you are not disabled, I called your grandfather.” Hu five take up looks to Xia Tian that the water tube does not truncate, he does not believe Xia Tian can run away from that basket. Hu five turned on the switch. Saw that the water must spurt when the body of Xia Tian, Xia Tian moved, inconceivable appeared, on shackle on Xia Tian and foot does not know when vanished to disappear. His finger unexpectedly clamped above the iron basket, afterward both hands turned, uppered shift the finger once more, was clear one, iron bar fell directly on the ground, but his body was directly has put from that small seam. All these occur in the flash. Ah!! Hu five mouths sent out a pitiful yell, the water tube fell on the ground, the water splash four shoot, sprinkled everywhere was, at the same time, several other people have simultaneously sent out a pitiful yell. Asks the grandfather not to use, your such grandson I will not want.” Xia Tian looks up shows a faint smile to the vent that the metal rail makes, he has not planned to continue dull here. Hu five and the others the right hands had all been abandoned by him, perhaps this whole life is unable to use again, this is also he gives the small penalties of these people, he not softhearted, he knows if today is not own skill compared with them, then own fate will be only more miserable than them. Counter-violence, although outside these police he will not go to injure, but will not represent him not to punish these ferocious people, before he had reminded these people. In family of Secretary Xue. „It is not good, I must run personally.” Secretary Xue has dialed two telephones, hits to own secretary, another hits to yellow Bureau Chief, hears Liu Dui time he naturally knows that was. In the Jiang Hai City wildest person is Li Fu Bureau Chief and his under Liu Dui, they are in cahoots together for many years, how them to work never keeps the handle, even if this ******** also takes these two not to have the means. Some person of real name reporting these two, the person but who afterward reported was missing.

Secretary Xue is clear, once that person has had an accident, then this ******** must be looked up, will be degraded directly and punishment. Do not have the matter.” He has made yellow Bureau Chief telephone to police station, but he most is afraid after is Liu Dui these people obtain the news, kills secretly that person. Secretary Xue on road unexpectedly was receiving a call, that person jailbroke. Secretary Xue who hears this news relaxed, so long as the person does not die, other easy to do, but he has faced another matter, which the person will run away will go, why must run away. Worthily is the son of Sir Dragon, but the person ran.” Secretary Xue put out the cell phone to dial a number. Ye Wan clear mobile number. Madame Ye, the son of Sir Dragon jailbroke.” Jailbreaks? Why he will enter the prison, Secretary Xue, this matter I hopes that you can give me an explanation.” In the Ye Wan clear sound has been full of the anger. Good, this matter I will certainly investigate thoroughly.” Best is this, otherwise on my whereabouts will report that this matter, when the time comes the consequence is proud.” Ye Wan has hung up the telephone clearly. Hung up Secretary Xue of telephone on forehead to flow off the sweat, he knows that Liu Dui this time must be looked up, regardless of they had any evidence to find any person, this time he will fall from power finally. Yellow Bureau Chief, I, no matter you use any means that before tomorrow early morning, I want all related Liu Dui evidence.” Secretary Xue this time got angry. Certainly certain.” This time Xia Tian early left the police station, sits eats in open-air roadside barbeque is roasting the string to drink the beer. He does not know, because he in the entire police station has raised the difficult situation at this time. ******** The midnight goes into action to handle rectification exercise personally, entire Jiang Hai City has started the intense storm, the person who this time mainly looked up is the entire Jianghai police station. Liu Dui, this is Li Ju gives you, he said that he will look after your family.” Didn't have on an opportunity?” In the Liu Dui eye has filled unwillingly. This time is Secretary Xue goes into action personally, even if were Li Ju behind person cannot guarantee you.”

Hoping Li Ju can take care of my family member.” Liu Dui after that person left in secret room drinks to start the liquid. Naturally all these Xia Tian did not know the circumstances of the matter, he is tasting Jiang Hai City most to have the food of flavor, the seafood slightly fries, this region is a big gear, here has the beer to match the meat string, but can also add on the seafood slightly to fry. You are my~ oh my big apple~. Young Aunt, is you.” How your boy answers telephone.” Telephone that has broadcast the sound of Young Aunt complaint. „The cell phone did not have the net a moment ago.” Xia Tian answered. Your boy, unexpectedly also enters the prison now, moreover you can also run away, you have seen Yin Nie.” Who is Yin Nie?” Xia Tian puzzled asking, he remembered the Quicksand person to say afterward at that time his Master was first under Heaven Swordsman Yin. Afterward died: Young Aunt, what you said is my Master?” Really was Yin Nie came, you will come tomorrow my, I had the matter to tell you.” Young Aunt said that has hung up telephone, left behind a Xia Tian person to continue there to eat own seafood beer. The night deeply, however here person slightly has not become fewer, instead are getting more and more, Xia Tian just came some time also vacancies, but these vacancies all did not have now, not only that moreover started to put together the table. On not a big small table some sat 34 people. Hey, does your this have person?” Xia Tian gains ground slowly, the front presented two big beauty, these two beauty styles are completely different, on beauty has worn an ordinary Nike sportswear, another is to wear a red joined bodies skirt. Puts in the beauty face of sportswear not to have any makeup to accommodate, but she is not weak in the side appearance monster different female, two female styles are completely different, but the same truly two females are beautiful in a complete mess. Stature is perfect, appearance 99 points.” X-Ray Vision eye opening of Xia Tian cannot help but: Top Grade in Top Grade.”