Almighty Student - Volume 1 - Chapter 29

Xia Tian can determine one have met Top Grade in legend, this should also be arrival of Goddess of Luck, greater part of the night has met Top Grade beauty in legend on the big gear, how calm this makes him, X-Ray Vision eye in two female body unscrupulous glances. Regardless of sees two females from a stature absolutely is super big beauty, their styles are completely different, one like is the cool breeze, does not have the flaw cleanly, another seems the bright varied flowers. rascal.” The Nike females stared Xia Tian one to sit down afterward, she wants to sit actually here, because other place has been filled, had Xia Tian this is a person. Another open female is showing a faint smile to Xia Tian, has not said anything. beauty, where we had certainly seen before.” Xia Tian opened the mouth to break tranquilly. Young handsome fellow, your saying something to smooth things over was too old.” The open female shows a faint smile the response to say. „, Right?” Xia Tian continues saying: I hope the incarnation stone bridge, was blown by that 500 years of wind, 500 years of solarization, 500 years of rain drenches, only asked you to pass through from the bridge, lets anything that actually I had a look at you to put on.” Hey.” The open female shows a faint smile: You pour also interestingly, this saying something to smooth things over way I like, but you know that who she is?” Opens on that female said to put on the female of Nike, at this time the Nike female complexion is very ugly, angry looks at Xia Tian. beauty, you are sick.” Xia Tian serious saying. You are sick, sits there honestly, let alone words, was careful that I catch you.” The Nike females erupted finally, sits to start from them, Xia Tian has sexually harassed them, on them looks with the vision that does not cover up. beauty, you have misunderstood, you are sick, you often lost sleep recently the multi- dreams, has a parched mouth, the temperament is irritable, moreover this month big maternal aunt also postponed.” Xia Tian hurried explanation. You think that I do not dare to punch you.” Nike female both eyes get angry, but actually held on by the open female of her side. Bingbing, should not be angry first, resembling that he said right.” The open female explained: Perhaps he is really a doctor.” Depends on him? He is smelly rascal.” The Nike females stared Xia Tian one: If he is the doctor, that female patient may all probably meet with a disaster.” That is uncertain, little brother, you said actually the Bingbing sickness said what's the matter, if right, but there is a reward.” Opens female every word and deeds to divulge the infinite enthusiasm

Especially she intentionally seems to be same, speech time intentionally body slightly slope forward. What rewards?” Xia Tian anticipates looks to open female. What do you want to reward?” The open female caresses looks to Xia Tian that flatters. If I said right, you when my concubine.” Xia Tian very natural saying. But the Nike females actually must erupt, both eyes stubbornly is staring Xia Tian, a palm of the hand claps directly to the face of Xia Tian, gets rid to link up, the speed is extremely fast, looked has many years hits the experience of others palm of the hand. Has not heard the clear palm of the hand sound, because the Nike female hand had been shaken by Xia Tian in the hand, at this time Xia Tian is sizing up the Nike female control carefully. Your sentimental line unexpectedly is even, but recently presented a shallow mark of faint trace, the love of proving must come immediately \; The enterprise line just started to be quite rough, but behind also presented the shallow mark, this showed that your enterprise must progress day by day immediately \; Lifeline unexpectedly is partly visible, this showed that you recently will have the big danger, but can turn danger into safety finally.” Xia Tian serious saying: Summarizes, in you assign lack me.” Hey.” After the open female hears the Xia Tian words, titter in one side. Shameless one, I must teach you today well.” Nike female indignant saying. Was good, was good, Bingbing, no joking, first made him have a look at your sickness, having a look at him to say did not permit.” Opens female consoles hurriedly, but here big gear, if Bingbing acts crazy here, that had too many people to meet with a disaster, moreover he felt that front young boy was very interesting. Snort.” Nike female cold snort: Has not let loose me.” „.” Xia Tian loosened the Nike female hand longingly. Little brother, you said that Bingbing sickness what's the matter? If you said is reasonable, I kiss your.” The open female has thrown a coquettish look to Xia Tian. Xia Tian nodded: Good, I eat the point to owe eat the point to owe.” Hears the Xia Tian words, two females thoroughly were both speechless, she such big beauty kisses this boy, this boy unexpectedly added one suffer a loss.

If I have not misread, you live absolutely are about 30 years old.” Xia Tian sees the Nike female seriously. What?” Two females simultaneously stare, result that because this actually Xia Tian said that but unexpectedly that because Xia Tian said was right. How you know.” Opens female surprised saying. In human body has two meridians, in the ancient times in Wuxia called, no matter what supervised two [lineage/vein], in fact this was also the Yin-Yang two [lineage/vein], the man was positive, the woman was cloudy, Ren [lineage/vein] of normal man within the body supervising the [lineage/vein] will be thicker, but the supervising [lineage/vein] of woman within the body compared with Ren Maicu, this can achieve the Yin-Yang to be well distributed.” Xia Tian continues to explain: No matter what if supervises two [lineage/vein] to be equally thick, then this person is neuter, was the ancient court eunuch, if in within the body of person no matter what, only then the [lineage/vein] or supervised the [lineage/vein], that was called Nine Heavens Profound Vein, in this person 100 million people cannot leave one, they lived are about five years old.” Which type that Bingbing is?” Opens the female anticipation looks at Xia Tian. „It is not, she is belongs to supervise the [lineage/vein] to be excessively thick, Ren Maitai is thin, moreover her supervising [lineage/vein] are still continue expand, even must, no matter what the [lineage/vein] expel from her within the body, why this is her temperament is also irritable, has a parched mouth, even retarded including the menstrual period.” Xia Tian answered, these things were the father in childhood Professor his. Why will you know her exactly 30?” The open female asked again. 30 years old are just a general view, because the person like her basically are live are about 30 years old, but will investigate the condition the words to discover actually, her final life should about 27 years old.” Xia Tian just examined the Nike female condition with the X-Ray Vision eye, imagines him is more serious. 27, that was not next year.” The open female worries looks to the Nike female. Big Sis Ping, should not be worried that who knows what he said is really or false.” The Nike females hear 27 times at heart is also one cool, but she does not want to make others be worried for her, therefore said intentionally Xia Tian said is not right, actually nobody compared with her understood that own body, her present body he is clearest. Is my wife, I can save you.” Xia Tian looks at the female to say very earnestly. You have a dream, I will rather die will not marry your this shameless one.” The Nike females said that stands up directly, turn around leaves. Bingbing, waits for me.” Opens female to stand hurriedly, just about to leaves suddenly turn around has kissed one on the Xia Tian forehead: This is my telephone, remembers that must call me.” Looks the name card in own hand, Xia Tian knows that she to be treated that Nike female by herself, but he also has the difficulties, the Nike female sickness is not good to govern, moreover needs them light the body to treat in a basin, Xia Tian needs to make a connection with her whole body 78 acupoint, some these also private positions. If these positions also looked continually have bumped, he naturally must marry this female, he was not that irresponsible man, moreover he was not shameless, to the present he also just the concubine, is Tang Yan.

Simple after having eaten some, Xia Tian turned back the suburb native place, reason that he walks to exercise his Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step. After going back, his early has rested, after all tomorrow must see Young Aunt, he admires Inner Strength Core Law that the father leaves behind very much, is called Heaven Absolute Wake, usually carries on to sit in meditation cultivation absolutely not to have any use. This Core Law by sleeping to promote, moreover cannot force the sleep, only then this Core Law in the situation of normal sleep automatically will carry on cultivation, Core Law is divided sevenfold, Xia Tian is at First Layer Realm now. Sleeps also has tasteful, his father taught since childhood he sleeps must the heart not have the distracting thoughts, the whole person maintains the elusive condition, enters to the most higher sleep. If sleeps to be divided into three ranks, after first-grade is goes to sleep, long has a dream \; Second-rate is the ordinary sleep, in the morning getting out of bed difficulty \; Third-class is also the present Xia Tian this, once after entering the sleep, the whole person seems connected with the world, integrated in the world thoroughly general. Once had Expert to enter deep sleep studies has played dead this way, but is unable to achieve the highest effect finally. All these simply were incomparable regarding Xia Tian, this time sleep condition is the most higher sleep, this is his father since childhood to the training that he carries on, this method not only can to prolong the life, but can also to speed up absorbing the world spiritual energy speed in sleeping. This is also the Heaven Absolute Wake true wondrous use. Deep sleep time, the Heaven Absolute Wake auto-run, making the Xia Tian cultivation speed compared with other people quick on more than ten times. This thinks Xia Tian rests very comfortable, next morning after he has practiced several Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step and Finger of Consonance, he has taken a bath, has changed new clothes, afterward Ben Wang and Young Aunt good place. After having Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step, Xia Tian almost does not go by car, walks is not tired regarding him, moreover can exercise Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step.