Almighty Student - Volume 1 - Chapter 3
After having rested for night, Xia Tian feels from top to bottom the incomparable neatness, moreover unexpectedly six points, he planned that exits early morning to run, later goes to the school again, after having exchanged loose sportswear, Xia Tian went downstairs. older female cousin and her friend of next door have not awaked. After the treatment of necklace, Xia Tian felt that own body was lighter, moreover strong many, his beforehand body makes 20 push-ups very much to use energy, but got up to make 100 not to have any fatigue this morning continuously. After arriving has been away from the residence not far park, Xia Tian started simple exercise, he discovered with amazement, regardless of he made any exercise not to be strenuous like before, and accomplished a task with ease. At this moment he saw a distant place old person is staring at him to look. The old person noticed that Xia Tian looked look that shows a faint smile to nod, Xia Tian also nodded , to continue to exercise own. Young fellow, the physical quality is good, before has become a soldier?” The old person arrived at the Xia Tian side to ask. Has not worked as, I am only 19 years old.” Xia Tian answered, the movement in hand has not actually stopped. Has not become a soldier physical fitness so to be good, is not really easy.” Nod of the old person appreciates, performed Taiji Fist in the Xia Tian side afterward, old person's movement was not quick, but has actually given a Xia Tian very mysterious feeling. „Does young fellow, have the interest with my gesticulation gesture?” The old person opens the mouth to ask suddenly. Does not want.” Xia Tian knows that own body has stiffened, if gesticulates really with the old person, very easy wound to old person. What's wrong? Did the fear injure me?” The old person shows a faint smile, afterward the right foot kicked in stone block child above, stone block shifted 56 meters to stop directly. Xia Tian saw that old person's action stares immediately, that stone block may probably have over a hundred jin (0.5 kg), but old person unexpectedly is only a foot gently, kicked out stone block, this is not the average person can achieve absolutely. He had heard any Martial Arts Expert before, but along with the growth of age he also thinks that these are fictionalize, but at this time the present old person absolutely is Martial Arts Expert. Actually this is also very normal, his eye can X-Ray Vision, that have any matter not to be impossible to exist!

Xia Tian has not competed with the person, even has not fought, now bumps into Martial Arts Expert in legend with great difficulty, his hand was also itchy. That asked Senior to grant instruction.” Xia Tian respectful saying. Good, free from arrogance and rashness, rare.” Nod of the old person appreciates, has shown the stance afterward. Xia Tian Martial Arts, will not fight with the fists directly, old person's foot has not moved, both hands deliver, has thrown Xia Tian directly, Xia Tian has not expected itself such simply to be thrown, his body overall quality was promoted, a somersault direct both feet falls to the ground. Pretty skill.” The old person satisfactory appreciation of said. Xia Tian this time does not dare to despise the old person, the old person had not moved a moment ago half step, but actually relaxed neutralize his fist. This Xia Tian empty shakes one move, afterward attacked to old person's below plate, the Xia Tian movement has not hidden the truth from old person's eyes, the right foot has trampled direct neutralize the sweeping leg of Xia Tian, simultaneously the right hand went forward to hold the arm of Xia Tian to leap, the body of Xia Tian was thrown directly to behind. Quite fierce.” The right hand of Xia Tian supported a ground tuck dive to fall on the ground: His body as if no any weakness where, regardless of I attack to be able by his perfect neutralize.” Automatically opened in this time Xia Tian X-Ray Vision eye unexpectedly, in the mind presented the innumerable line paths, these paths are old person's attack route seem to be same, see these to attack route, Xia Tian immediately on the face one happy, fights with the fists, old person hurried retreat, the fist of Xia Tian as if found his blind spot to be common. In the Xia Tian mind presented the number to attacking route, if old person's Taiji Fist were motionless, the flaw was few, is almost unable to discover, but he moved, that flaw were naturally many. Xia Tian seizes the opportunity, attacks directly to the old person, a series of attacks make the old person be thrown into confusion immediately, the old person feels himself probably constantly no longer in the crisis. Does not hit, does not hit.” The old person waves hurriedly, Xia Tian also receives the fist. Xia Tian felt own whole body is comfortable, contested with the old person a moment ago is really too happy, although his not anything Martial Arts, but the X-Ray Vision eye actually helped him find old person's weakness, seems like the defense that is unable to eradicate is actually found the weakness by him. The old person shocks everybody at this time, their Taiji Fist are clear, although he is not Martial Arts Expert, however the ordinary person is unable nearly his body, even if 34 veterans on together, he will also accomplish a task with ease.

He can look at front youngster absolutely not Martial Arts, but can actually break his Taiji Fist. „Does little brother, you name?” The old person opens the mouth to ask. I called Xia Tian.” Xia Tian said. Xia Tian, is very good, you can call me Fan be old, does not know how the little brother broke Taiji Fist of old man a moment ago.” Old Fan is very curious, just started Xia Tian to be the same with the average person, how him, but afterward unexpectedly can incur the move to attack his weakness. Junior is the luck is just good, by chance, if makes me compete with Senior again, I definitely link one move unable to catch.” Xia Tian will certainly not say that X-Ray Vision left his flaw shortly. Landscape generation has the talented person to leave, your personal character is also good, knows the respect for elders, but I know that his ability, the young fellow has the opportunity to come Greenwood Villa to stroll, when the time comes you mentioned look for Old Fan was good.” Old Fan shows a faint smile, satisfied nod. Many thanks Senior, Junior also had the matter first to walk.” After Xia Tian left the park, has had the breakfast in nearby breakfast shop, their two has bought two breakfasts for older female cousin, after returning to residence, really with is the same, they who he thinks did not have, therefore after Xia Tian has placed the living room , the breakfast changed clothes to rush to the school. The school that Xia Tian is the Jianghai high school, the Jiang Hai City best high school, Xia Tian all tests depending on own skill, moreover his academic record continuously grade first ten. Immediately wanted the college entrance examination, but he has not come to the school for half a month, must therefore go to teacher in charge there registration, Xia Tian was a good student, in he matter simple said after the personal servant director, the teacher in charge has not felt embarrassed him, making him continue to attend class. From the time 12 days of college entrance examination, the teacher had not managed the student recently, generally is makes the student study by oneself, or makes the simulated test. After arriving at classroom, Xia Tian saw a female, the commissary in charge of studies in classroom, his former girlfriend, Wen Ya, why Xia Tian could not think through Wen Ya with Xu Shaocong that second ancestor in the same place. However all these passed, Wen Ya bid good-bye with him, Wen Ya also noted Xia Tian, since Wen Ya bid good-bye after Xia Tian, Xia Tian disappeared, Wen Ya thinks that Xia Tian has had an accident, she was very at that time guilty, now saw that Xia Tian was all right also feels relieved. She was a child of poverty-stricken family birth, after knowing Xia Tian, she thinks tried hard in them with Xia Tian together, then the later day will be definitely good, but afterward she met Xu Shaocong, from then on she knew the function of money, moreover was they tries hard for a lifetime not possibly compared with Xu Shaocong one year of spending freely. She had not enjoyed this riches and honor day before, but she enjoys now, anything studies, looks to be good to work, develops diligently, these are absolutely useless, Xu Shaocong gives her to arrange a work casually, one month can gain 10,000-20,000.

Once she has married Xu Shaocong, then can on live for a lifetime, her parents did not need that tired, her younger brother also to marry the wife. For all these, she chose left Xia Tian, although Xia Tian was very good to her, Xia Tian also sufficed diligently, but Xia Tian wanted to her. Xia Tian no longer goes to think Wen Ya, he knows that they have taken the different paths. Wen Ya, you looked that what thing I did bring to you? French breakfast.” In classroom walked one person, was Xu Shaocong, on Xu Shaocong took the rich breakfast that has placed on the table, at this moment he also saw existence of Xia Tian. He naturally knows that Xia Tian was the Wen Ya former boyfriend: Whoops, isn't this Xia Tian? I also think that you were stranded for the sentiment, commit suicide.” Shaocong, let alone.” Wen Ya said in a low voice. Snort, cannot preserve including oneself girlfriends, studies to be good and useful.” Xu Shaocong disdains cast aside Xia Tian to say. Was good, Shaocong, we eat the thing, let alone.” Although Wen Ya bid good-bye with Xia Tian, but she does not think that Xia Tian offends Xu Shaocong because of her. Whoops yo, Xu Shaocong, your unexpectedly dares to come in great-aunt's classroom dissolute, really lives is impatient.” The classroom entrance is standing a young female juvenile delinquent, the appearance of young female juvenile delinquent is very strange, feeling of gangster. This female is called Huo Lajiao, Xia Tian could not have mastered, in Hundred Family Surnames also has surname Huo? But he usually does not dare to provoke this Huo Lajiao, do not say is he, which the entire school does not have to dare to offend her, it is said the background of her family is very complex, probably is Triad, before had offended her who several did not enlarge ones vision, finally vanished from the school. Huo Lajiao, your my everyone minds their own business, I urged you do not mind others'business.” Xu Shaocong will lose how possibly face in the Wen Ya front, although he usually does not dare to provoke Huo Lajiao, but at this time actually not weak. „Did I mind others'business you to be what kind of?” Huo Lajiao presented two spice girls, three people have arrived at Xia Tian side directly, at this time Huo Lajiao imposing manner is aloof, seems eldest sister Freshman in legend. Hey, you stepped on my foot.” Xia Tian looks suddenly to Huo Lajiao.