Almighty Student - Volume 1 - Chapter 30

The most great seal of Xia Tian to own Young Aunt likely is big enchantress, in his impression, older female cousin is the small enchantress image, but the Young Aunt image is big enchantress, Young Aunt besides in own father front, before others is quite strong, if who dares to offend her, that fate is absolutely horrible to look. Before Young Aunt always said that Xia Tian likely is not a man, after growing up, absolutely did not have the means to protect her and older female cousin. Is idling bored, Xia Tian turned on the cell phone, turns on the cell phone time, the cell phone automatic prompt the headline, above has several news to attract the attention of Xia Tian today. The first article, Beijing Professor insulted Jianghai high school first face to face, the content was Xia Tian at that time and dialog of Beijing Professor, small videos, moreover afterward that Pan Professor threatened their classroom person that because Xia Tian not selected also by independent screenshot, following slightly arranged the illustration to exaggerate. The trim reported that attracted the attention of general resident, the entire society is attacking this behavior, Beijing Professor becomes searches for the phrase at once hotly, is only short one in the morning, this news disseminates in the nation. But that three Professor have not returned to Capital temporarily to be suspended to investigate. The second article the news is the Jiang Hai City police station discipline big rectification, altogether 37 people were grasped, discussing matters control central figure Liu Da Captain drinks the medicine suicide indoor the interrogation. It is said this rectification attacks suddenly, by ******** Xue Wendi leads personally. The third article, is Jianghai University presents the god of Basketball, beyond the median line throwing a ball shooting every shot hits the target, but nobody can make the picture of clear opposite party, following slightly arranged to illustrate the process of entire matter. Also specially comes out the score sign of each period of competition. Sees these three news Xia Tian helpless shaking the head, these three matters are related with him, he does not want to be so noticeable: It seems like the later need low key has selected, perhaps will otherwise have the paparazzi with patting.” Lichuan Hotel. This is a quite ordinary hotel, the scale is not big, but the vegetable flavor of its family is very authentic, before Young Aunt led him to come to here to eat meal. Lichuan Hotel is situated in the prosperous commercial street side, Xia Tian is walking at this time on the business street, in any case time also early, therefore he plans to stroll first, has saying that the expense standard of Jiang Hai City is very high, in he captures that money insufficiently to do radically. Especially these brand shops, the price expensive oddness of inside these clothing. Xia Tian that window-shopped saw an acquaintance, when is he is at the hospital that to take care of his young nurse, oneself also owe opposite party 100, thinks that this Xia Tian must walk to greet, at this time, Xia Tian saw by chance snatches the package. The downtown area, flies Morocco to snatch the package, this also had the talent, looked at the front crowd, Xia Tian had suspected the head of opposite party entered the water, snatched falling that the package can run in this place? However he has rushed, because that the person who flies Morocco to snatch is small the nurse. Comes the person, snatched to wrap.” The young nurse runs while shouts.

The Xia Tian speed fast, instantaneously caught up with that to fly Morocco, afterward the right hand double direction above the arm of opposite party, the arm has eaten the pain, that person loosened the package, Xia Tian received the package to the female nurse was swinging swinging. Bold cat burglar, dares to rob under the broad daylight unexpectedly.” In the crowd heard one to drink suddenly greatly, afterward a show leg flew to oneself. The Xia Tian body draws back slightly, right hand grasped directly in the show leg of opposite party. Is you!!” They simultaneously stare, this that Nike female of person yesterday evening, she now wears quite simple clothes, still does not have any fancy appearance, but her beautiful appearance has not reduced slightly. Good, I said that you are not the good person, dares to snatch the package under the broad daylight unexpectedly, returns to Police Department with me.” The Nike females from have after death put out handcuff, right now Xia Tian finally understood, this Nike female is police, no wonder at that time opened the female to ask do own you know that who she is. Originally at that time opened the female meaning is, she is police, you carefully. „It is not I.” Xia Tian answered. Added that is not you, apprehends both the thief and stolen goods.” The Nike female show leg was also grasped by Xia Tian in the hand, but she does not forget the theory. Yeah, your such, when the police must have many people by the injustice.” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head. Lets loose me, otherwise I consider you to assault a police officer.” The Nike females want to withdraw their show leg, but pulled out several not to twitch, she felt obviously the hand of Xia Tian has not made an effort, but she could not pull out. Running over of the young nurse pants. Thank you.” The young nurse bowed to Xia Tian. The Nike females only know one misunderstood Xia Tian, but just heard some people to shout that snatched the package, Xia Tian such will quickly wrap how possibly seizing. Does not use politely, gives you, this.” Xia Tian has spent 100 dollars from the pocket. „Do you are do, you helped me snatch the package, gave back to my money.” The young nurse looks puzzled to Xia Tian, afterward she thinks possibly is Xia Tian wants the commissions to her, therefore she opens the package to draw cash. „Did you forget? I called Xia Tian, that Xia Tian in hospital, you lent my 100 dollars at that time, I have said certainly also you.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, he saw the young nurse must do. Is you.” On young nurse face one happy, before she felt that Xia Tian looks familiar very much, but she has not thought that hears Xia Tian these two characters time she thinks finally who front this person was, was not just capable woman Zeng Ruo to that Xia Tian that 5 million did not want. Hey, I said that you are familiar turn over to familiar, chatted turns over to chat, can let loose my leg.” Nearby Nike female has broken Xia Tian and young nurse's conversation suddenly.

Xia Tian then loosens the Nike female leg, turn around of Nike effeminacy leaves, just before leaving before stared Xia Tian one: Smelly rascal, do not fall in my hands, otherwise wants you to be attractive.” Really was too thank you.” Young nurse sweet smiles. Previous time I must well thank you, when I am hospitalized has taken care of me for a long time.” Xia Tian previous hospitalization time, the young nurse has protected carefully, he is one knows person who feels grateful. Thanked anything, that was my responsibility.” The young nurse looks up to Xia Tian: Was right, do you have the matter at noon? I asked you to eat meal, when helped me seize thank you package.” Some of my matters, will not be good at noon, this, do you have the time in the evening?” Xia Tian must see Young Aunt, therefore can only please the young nurse have the dinner. I have the time.” The young nurse should say hurriedly. Good, this is my telephone number, you call me, I save, in the afternoon I shouted you.” Xia Tian told the young nurse the telephone number. I and others your telephones, do not forget.” The young nurse had thought Xia Tian is very mystical, does not give a thought to the life to save the child who does not know, then has not wanted the opposite party to give his thanks money. Looked from the Xia Tian attire that she can look, Xia Tian absolutely is not the rich man. Although before her, had heard some people rise above self, remains unmoved in the face of money, but is in contact with this society truly time she discovered that this person does not exist. Now this social hospital must ply the connections, nobody's words want the environment good point hospital ward not to be impossible, once surgery, then needs to arrange. Some people do not recognize for money their biological father biological mothers. But Xia Tian unexpectedly 5 million does not want for the so-called spirit, this is also she most appreciates, actually she has wanted to have a look at the body of Xia Tian to have any secret, 5 million are not a small number. First that after this is she enters society, bumps into her curious. After Xia Tian accompanied the young nurse to chat has met, walked. The name of young nurse is called Bai Yiyi, is the apprentice male nurse of Jiang Hai City People's Hospital, during the Xia Tian hospitalization , shortly after she happen to just came to the hospital to go to work. Quick Xia Tian arrived at the Lichuan Hotel entrance, here is still very irritable, 11 points about, here had many people to subscribe the position, Lichuan Hotel is forbids the telephone to subscribe the position, wants to subscribe the position to I come, moreover needs to pay the deposit. Just about to opens the door of hotel, behind clashes one person, was good shunts because of the Xia Tian body keenly.

Sorry, sorry, I worry.” The familiar sound conveys from the ear together. Nike policewoman.” Xia Tian looks up, this female is not just the Nike policewomen. How is your this smelly rascal!” After seeing Xia Tian , a Nike policewoman brow slightly wrinkle: You track me.” „Do you reason with, I come first.” Xia Tian to this overbearing policewoman was really too speechless. This time first let off you, I also had the urgent matter.” The Nike policewomen said that to inside that dashing hits runs, looks that this Nike policewoman Xia Tian hurriedly shook the head. One are really also predestined friends with her, from all sides altogether has seen three times. After entering Lichuan Hotel, after Xia Tian has walked up to three buildings, saw the theater box is three 8 that house number plates, this was Young Aunt to the address that he said that now the time arrived. Young Aunt told him about 11 : 00 , now is 11 point ten points, did not calculate is late, he does not dare to be late, the Young Aunt temperament he most understood. If his 12 points come, he was miserable. Thump!! Has sounded No. 888 theater box gently. Xia Tian, how you come.” „, On road a condition.” Xia Tian answered. Comes, waited for you quite a while.” Young Aunt greeted Xia Tian to enter the theater box. Just entered the theater box time, Xia Tian was shocked thoroughly, he does not believe that own eye, this was also too skillful, he presented an incomparably familiar person at present. Nike policewoman.” Smelly rascal.”