Almighty Student - Volume 1 - Chapter 31

Xia Tian can only sigh that this was also too skillful, in 888 theater boxes this time is sitting two females, one was own Young Aunt Ye Wan is clear, another was the Nike policewoman, from yesterday evening to the present, he is fourth time sees the Nike policewomen. „Did you know?” Ye Wan clear doubts looks to Xia Tian. Has seen several.” Xia Tian nodded. That was easier to do, happen to have a matter to need you to cooperate to complete.” Ye Wan clear satisfied nod, she just started also to be worried about them because of estranged, but is unable to cooperate. Works with him?” The Nike females are not feeling well looks to Xia Tian. Right, this time mission traces the Quicksand Rank 3 Assassins Dark Night hiding place, and informs me, so long as you completed this mission you to enter to China specially Operations Office.” Ye Wan looked continues to say clearly to the Nike females: Seizes this opportunity well, this is your uncle asks for you.” Together is useful with him?” Nike female puzzled looks to Xia Tian. By your present experience, I tells your personal name and material, you look for a needle in a haystack without doubt, but there are him to help your hope on Freshman some.” Ye Wan answered clearly. „Is he also specially the Operations Office person?” The Nike females asked. „It is not, moreover you must remember, the stipulation of special Operations Office do not ask person or matter that does not have the relations with oneself.” Saying of Ye Wan clear coldly. The Nike females nodded, she knows that does this line to have many customs, these customs are very big to person fetter, but since this has been she continuously dream, only then enters Operations Office to have the opportunity to enter to that mysterious organization specially, Dragon Group. Xia Tian, Lin Bingbing, this is the material of this person, he recently will have the big movement in Jiang Hai City, you must before he begins found him.” Ye Wan has given Xia Tian a material in hand clearly. Xia Tian has not worried to open that material, but puzzled looks to Young Aunt. „Weren't you have wanted to know your father's past? That acts accordingly.” Ye Wan saw the Xia Tian thoughts clearly, but she had not explained. Xia Tian nodded, so long as he will do with the father related matter. I walked first, you study the planning for action, had the news to inform me.” Ye Wan said clearly turn around left the theater box, at this time in theater box only remaining Xia Tian and Nike policewoman Lin Bingbing. Xia Tian opened that material in hand. Shadow: Male,

Age: Unclear, Height: Unclear, Body weight: Unclear, Status: Quicksand Rank 3 Assassins, Crime: Has assassinated the Wealthy businessman 11 times, the senior official three times, one time is the public security department director. Recently presented the place: Jiang Hai City bar block. This mission: Assassinates Jiang Hai City well-known figure. Has to say this material simple cannot be simple, but has a fuzzy picture in this above well, although the picture is quite fuzzy, however the Xia Tian eyesight can remember the characteristics of this person. What to do should we?” Nike policewoman Lin Bingbing looks to Xia Tian, although she does not know why one must ask him, but she believes Ye Wan to be clear, because Ye Wan clearly is the Dragon Group person. Although she does not like Xia Tian, but in order to enters specially Operations Office, she also can only coordinate Xia Tian. However she also listens to the opinion of Xia Tian, after all Xia Tian is not specially the Operations Office person, is perhaps same as her, but is the person of practice session. First ate meal, finished eating the food I to handle matters, 8 : 00 pm we in bar block set.” Xia Tian told own telephone number to Lin Bingbing, afterward then asked the service person to serve food. The person is the iron, the food is steel, one does not eat to be much hungrier, Xia Tian must maintain abundant stamina and spirit, meets him also to go with the Master study military, after Yin Nie has communicated, Xia Tian will study the military the time to change to afternoon, instead before the college entrance examination he did not plan to go to the school. In the big theater box only then Xia Tian and Lin Bingbing they, she thought that is not very comfortable, looks at Xia Tian in that big mouth eating thing, she does not have any appetite, after sitting has met, said goodbye to Xia Tian, in the theater box only then a Xia Tian person wolfs down there. Young Aunt has made a payment, he naturally cannot waste, after finishing eating, he then on foot toward the old dwelling walks, he little had gone recently by car, is depends, walks to be slower Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step in person many places, but still in exercising Movement Technique, nobody time he is a cheetah, fast shuttle on various types of tracks. After returning to the old dwelling, Yin Nie has not come, Xia Tian starts cultivation on oneself. You are really in ten thousand do not have Martial Arts genius, in such short time your unexpectedly Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step and Finger of Consonance practices to cross the threshold Realm.” Yin Nie satisfied nod of: You , if not his son, I also really want to teach my Martial Arts to you.”

Many thanks Master praise.” Xia Tian knows reason that one can cultivation such quickly because of father training since childhood, this Kungfu, if makes others study, perhaps ten years of also very difficult small accomplishment, Heaven Absolute Wake that say nothing. Your today's training is very simple, attacks me, so long as you can make my foot move that to pass.” Yin Nie as before is a white clothing, Red Abyss Sword takes in the right hand. Good, that Master you were careful.” Xia Tian said that an under foot Movement Technique revolution, attacks directly to Yin Nie, both hands condenses to aim at the waist of Yin Nie to puncture, must go well shortly, but has Yin Nie actually stands there one moved. Went well? No, has blocked, Xia Tian does not have the time to ponder that launches the attack once more, double refers to attacking that keeps to Yin Nie, speed incredibly fast, he keeps attacks in Yin Nie, seeks for the Yin Nie flaw. How regardless of he attacks, Yin Nie is still a left hand on completely neutralize his all attacks. Xia Tian even attacks the Yin Nie below plate, but Yin Nie unexpectedly has not bent including the waist on neutralize his attack, such one attacks defends, quick that the time passes, in an instant two hours on the past. This time Xia Tian on the ground, could not use a strength weak from top to bottom, but Yin Nie stands there probably is the lofty tree that can never move is ordinary, his aura has been steady, has formed the sharp contrast with Xia Tian. Today arrived here.” Yin Nie turn around leaves vanishes in the Xia Tian field of vision finally. He strong?” This is the question of Xia Tian, he was also curious his father in the past strongly, oneself just these Martial Arts cultivation to crossing the threshold Realm, however actually have been equal outside, when faced Yin Nie, probably was a three -year-old child looks up mirror to be the same. Xia Tian felt the strength of own present standing did not have, at this moment, a place of warm current dantian flows through his body, stamina that afterward vanishes slowly is restoring, about ten minutes, his stamina fully restored, moreover he can feel that his strength has grown stronger once more. Certainly is that ancient Buddhist relics, it seems like I pick the treasure.” Xia Tian excited saying, moreover after he volatilizes completely the strength, recovered to stiffen once more. „Does cultivation have the shortcut?” Thinks here Xia Tian without hesitation starts to practice once more, although Yin Nie left, but he portrays Yin Nie to stand with his mind in front of himself, afterward starts to practice. The training, was quick his body to fall down once more. With is the same, that ancient Buddhist relics of place of dantian he expects helped him restore stamina once more, moreover his strength increased a point, confirmed after this matter, Xia Tian was wild with joy. You are my~ oh my big apple~. Is the Xia Tian big handsome fellow?”

Is nurse elder sister.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. How you know that is my.” Who can also have such moving sound besides you.” The Xia Tian praise said. Can take me to be happy, now where are you at? You promise me to eat meal in the evening together.” Good, you find place, I one will look for you.” After Xia Tian has hung up the telephone, returned to room to look for clean clothes, was good returned to older female cousin that to take several clean clothes because of him a moment ago. Now his clothes all are the mixture of sweat and soil, after good clothing, Xia Tian then walks toward the back side of the mountain, there is one piece has not undergone the development the hill, there is the tree, but Xia Tian is not looks at the scenery, but is takes a bath. Walks about two kilometers to have a small deep pool in back side of the mountain there, the Tan Zichang about 20 meters, width ten meters. Although deep pond is not big, but is very deep, Xia Tian has not dived to have been to the base, because the buoyancy of Tanshui deep place is very big, he cannot dive. Is few in the Jiang Hai City not developed place, reason that Xia Tian native place here had not been developed is because this nearby has many factories, had the factory to develop was very difficult . Moreover the pollution of these factories were very serious, therefore here had not been regarded the tourist area to plan. For these years the grove of back side of the mountain were getting fewer and fewer, was polluted by these factories. Xia Tian believes soon, he again could not see this deep pond. Tanshui is very limpid, Xia Tian has flushed in Tanshui simply, since the previous necklace transformed his skin, regardless on him has moistened the dirty thing, so long as were flushed the cleanness that vanishes by the water. The necklace on neck does not have the bright again, that time transformed the body to exhaust in all spiritual energy for him. After washing, Xia Tian has changed clean clothes, afterward to the young nurse said a hot pot shop hurries, has saying that most girls like eating the hot pot, but Xia Tian is not nitpicking, he biggest skill is the non- dietary restriction. Xia Tian, I here.” Just entered the hot pot shop, saw that young nurse Bai Yiyi beckoned to oneself, saw that Bai Yiyi first Xia Tian was shocked, originally Bai Yiyi was so attractive, reason that before he had not discovered that was because Bai Yiyi hid intentionally own beautiful appearance . Moreover the nurse took has also blocked from her perfect stature.