Almighty Student - Volume 1 - Chapter 32

Has saying that Bai Yiyi is very attractive, he altogether has seen the Bai Yiyi three times, the first time is she puts on the nurse to take, the perfect stature will have blocked, moreover she also lived in the beautiful appearance of oneself part with makeup Rong Zheyan. In the morning sees Bai Yiyi time, the Bai Yiyi complete element face, puts on is also very casual, therefore Xia Tian has not cared, however this time Bai Yiyi has drawn some simple makeups, in addition the white long skirt, can only make Xia Tian sigh that she was really too beautiful. The person in hot pot shop are not many, but two people do not have the means to want the theater box, therefore Bai Yiyi looked for one to approach the position of window. Bai Yiyi became the lead in this hot pot shop, Xia Tian clear saw these men who other tables are peeping Bai Yiyi, some also disguise is looking at elsewhere, the server in hotel also discussed the Bai Yiyi beautiful appearance in corner. Saw that Bai Yiyi greeted with Xia Tian on own initiative, immediately dozens were full of the murderous aura vision to look to Xia Tian, if the look can kill people, Xia Tian had been killed dozens times. You are really attractive today.” The Xia Tian praise said. „Is your meaning I am usually unattractive?” Bai Yiyi shows a faint smile. Naturally is not, but you are usually more attractive than today.” Xia Tian knows that the woman is most curious, if he reply is not good, that may guilty receive. You have a look to eat anything.” Bai Yiyi will tease Pin Dan to give Xia Tian. I am casual, you like eating any me to like eating anything.” Xia Tian has given Bai Yiyi the bill. Good, I select.” Bai Yiyi is very satisfied regarding the performance of Xia Tian, direct fast drew on the dish, she has ordered afterward two bottles of drinks, a liquor, Xia Tian has not planned to drink, he also had the matter in the evening.

I was hospitalized also really must thank you during that time well to my attendance.” Xia Tian knows, although money is the Zeng Ruo junction, however the present nurse seeing a doctor person stupor has had several to go to the careful care. That is I should do, actually you, your wound how good is so quick.” Bai Yiyi puzzled asking, this several Heavens!, even if heals from a wound also for 2-3 months to be good in the hospital, is Xia Tian now is completely same as a normal person. Possibly is my physique is quite special.” Xia Tian answered, he naturally cannot say that is the necklace that mother kept will cure, words some that such said were too unthinkable. Your physique truly was too special, you extended to make me have a look the hand.” The Bai Yiyi very curious Xia Tian physique, she has not seen the resilience such strong person. Xia Tian put out a hand, actually cannot master Bai Yiyi to play any trick. The white hands of Bai Yiyi have pressed firmly between the fingers the big hand of Xia Tian directly, such action makes Xia Tian also stare, this was also too direct, Bai Yiyi must woo with him, a happy heart headed on. „Are you doing? I am proper the person.” A Xia Tian face anxious looks at Bai Yiyi. What do you think? The resilience of everyone is different, I had pressed in your control a moment ago, quickly actually must think your blood circulation speed.” Bai Yiyi looked that continues to say to Xia Tian: Your resilience is truly quicker than the normal person, but cannot make you such quickly restore absolutely, only if you have eaten any thing.” What thing?” Xia Tian curious looks at Bai Yiyi, she is only an ordinary young nurse, but his unexpectedly understands this method. I do not know that in the ordinary circumstances this recoverable medicine is very rare.” The young nurse has not gone to ask that actually Xia Tian has eaten anything, because she knows that asked Xia Tian will not say.

Can have such strong resilience is not Xia Tian will eat absolutely, in other words Xia Tian ate certainly some type to restore medicine to restore. From her first time saw that Xia Tian she felt Xia Tian this person is very strange, 5 million that Zeng Ruo puts out are not willing to want, actually must enroll the college entrance examination, now heavenly noon she saw Xia Tian time was more surprised, until her was unable to believe that at this moment Xia Tian unexpectedly in such a short time was restored to health. Nobody understood the resilience of human body compared with her, because she was the medicine aristocratic family. Although in her family also has medicine that rapidly restores, but also takes seven days to ten days most quickly, moreover these compounded drugs are the most precious objects in family. Xia Tian unexpectedly in the normal person who short 2-3 days of restore is but same, this in other words Xia Tian certainly took some type in best medicine compared with her family also to want the Advanced medicine. This also made her have a bigger interest to Xia Tian. In her family these old fogies compared with medicine effect more formidable medicine that match, once made her obtain this medicine formula or the approach of manufacture, then her family will surmount other medicine aristocratic families, suddenly became China first. Xia Tian, if there is an opportunity, I want to know that very much gives you medicine person.” A Bai Yiyi face smiling face looks at Xia Tian. Nurse elder sister, you have possibly misunderstood, my anything medicine has not eaten, I can pledge.” The Xia Tian indeed anything medicine has not eaten, he just carries on the restoration using the necklace that mother leaves behind. „, That possibly was I inspects wrongly.” Hears Xia Tian words Bai Yiyi not to trust completely, she thinks that Xia Tian may be is afraid to oneself annoys troublesome, therefore intentionally conceals, naturally might also be the body of Xia Tian have the mutation, this type of probability is very uncertain, after all the potential of person is infinite, actually the potential of nobody daresay witness class can display any intensity.

This food Xia Tian they no one have gone to pay a bill, because Boss of hot pot shop exempted the list for them, because of the Bai Yiyi reason, in the hot pot shop is fully occupied today, moreover many equipotential lines. This because of the Bai Yiyi reason, Boss also has delivered them a favour, but also has given a Bai Yiyi platinum membership card, comes to give the 50% discount anytime and anywhere. After saying goodbye to Bai Yiyi, Xia Tian walks toward the bar block. Here person of all forms has, Xia Tian walks on the avenue, happen to the female walks from behind, to throwing coquettish look that Xia Tian is keeping. Smelly rascal, I know why you will not be meddlesome.” In this time Xia Tian has broadcast the Lin Bingbing sound. Xia Tian runs up to the Lin Bingbing side hurriedly: You misunderstood.” Snort, misunderstands with me has not related.” Lin Bingbing cold snort. That station street female saw Lin Bingbing time stares slightly, because Lin Bingbing long was really too attractive, she knows that the own effort has been in vain, thought aloud that cursed angrily one: This year the head, comes out to play also leads the girlfriend, is sick.”