Almighty Student - Volume 1 - Chapter 33
Lin Bingbing is very discontented with the Xia Tian behavior, although she knows that Xia Tian is an extremely dreadful male, but has not thought that he can also have a liking for this goods, she saw with one's own eyes that woman to have a moment ago excessive. Their this time comes to here to have important mission, but Xia Tian unexpectedly also has the thoughts to do these. If not because this Xia Tian is helps, she already got rid to teach Xia Tian. I warned you, this was I enters specially the Operations Office only opportunity, if were defeated, I wanted you to be attractive.” Lin Bingbing wicked looks at Xia Tian. What special is Operations Office?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. Special Operations Office is called the agent before the founding of the nation, present special Operations Office is really in China a group of people of most elite, inside person various shapes assorted, is the most outstanding people, wants to enter specially the request of Operations Office is very high.” Lin Bingbing hears Xia Tian Operations Office not to understand that specially explained listens to him. „After that goes, is useful?” Xia Tian asked again. Naturally was useful, can see the most outstanding police there you, best special police officer, Di Renjie's same investigation talent, computer expert wait / etc., once enters specially Operations Office, then , the thing that can learn were also more, moreover can know more fierce people.” Lin Bingbing yearned to Operations Office specially specially that everyone somewhat has heard the related specially Operations Office matter, but really understands specially Operations Office person actually few. Reason that she understanding specially Operations Office because her uncle is the Jiang Hai City mayor, naturally also the more important reasons, that is she must find that man, that the man who throws the wife to abandon the child. Since that inside person is so fierce, how you possibly go, you must go through the motions.” Xia Tian doubts looks to Lin Bingbing. You must go through the motions, I am upright and frank is accepting the test.” Lin Bingbing angry looks to Xia Tian, since special Operations Office has been her dream land, she will be will not depend on her uncle's relations absolutely. Although she has this opportunity is also her uncle's reason, but she also merely wanted an opportunity, has not gone through the motions. Good, you come.” Xia Tian has extended putting out a hand. Any I come.” Lin Bingbing puzzled looks to Xia Tian. You need upright and frank accepts the test, here has tens of thousands people, you need to find Shadow from these tens of thousands people.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Snort.” Straight clenching teeth of Lin Bingbing air/Qi, stamps the feet: Goes, who fears anyone.” Lin Bingbing direct stand forth, Xia Tian follows on the heels, Lin Bingbing more walks more is angry, Xia Tian helps according to the Ye Wan clear request obviously own, but unexpectedly looks for by oneself now.

Which should she go to look now? Closed right up against that slurred picture definitely unable to find, here light was not the normal color, even if that person stood in her front she may not recognize, say nothing of looked for a needle in a haystack like. She cannot draw a person to ask that you are Shadow, perhaps in this case, that Shadow already ran away in fear. Left has a look, right has a look, saw that cannot look. You told me, was that man does do?” Xia Tian has referred to the man in their left front, this man puts on neatly, western-style clothing leather shoes white shirt. He should go to work in the bank or the occupation IT worker!” Lin Bingbing said. Wrong, he is a security.” Xia Tian said. But he has worn a professional attire, sees likely is not the security.” Lin Bingbing puzzled asking. „After you get off work, is willing to wear the police uniform to go out to window-shop and play?” Xia Tian asked. Does not want.” Lin Bingbing understood the meaning of Xia Tian: „But how you know that he is the security.” His western-style clothes and leather shoes are clean, the body handles was good, this showed that this western-style clothes he usually does not put on, so long as has the car(riage) to stop he cannot help but will turn head to look at the berth and path two sides widths.” The Xia Tian power of observation is his father since childhood trains, any Sherlock Holmes, before Xia Tian of his meeting ten years old , can. You such fierce words, which did you tell me in these people are Shadow?” Although Lin Bingbing thought some truth that Xia Tian said that but she is not convinced. „It is not, you think that a Shadow day 24 hours stand you to catch him on the avenue.” A Xia Tian face despises. Assassins is not black day comes out, daytime sleeps?” Lin Bingbing asked again. Your drama series looked, black was the greatly day entered the inner rooms the murder, must the crawling window.” Xia Tian thoroughly by Lin Bingbing was defeated naively: Assassins also has the dignity?” This is just like some female students always not to dare black day to go to WC, the fear is fishy, you want not to have the promising ghost to consider, the ghost also has the dignity, which ghost is all right the idle greater part of the night not to sleep from toilet to drill to frighten you.” You. Good, calculates you to suppress, now what to do should we?” The Lin Bingbing air/Qi arrives speechless, looked that asked to Xia Tian.

Xia Tian looks at Lin Bingbing to show a faint smile: From now on, you listen my, I make you do, do you do.” Xia Tian brought Lin Bingbing to enter a bar directly, this bar was not big, interior decoration of shop front was also not very luxurious, even the standing street females did not have continually, in the ordinary circumstances this place will come little guest. Which guest does not hope that in the bar woman the more better, the light erosion is crisper, only likes going to a Freshman place including the woman, such not only has the security sense, and can bump into the rich son-in-law. After entering the bar, the Lin Bingbing appearance has immediately brought to the attention of surrounding person, she was really too attractive, moreover she has not put on make-up, coming to this place not to put on make-up the woman who is really too rare. Does not put on make-up to be able such attractive elegantly beautiful beautiful woman that to be possible not to be absolutely uncommon, although in the bar is also the dance entire life, is similar to other bar, but will carefully observe will discover that truly person who will dance there forever only then that several waves, as for other people either vigilant looks at all around, either will be low voice will discuss anything there. The bar block was very chaotic, this bar appeared more chaotic, these men were quite dreadful, some even also covered up, grotesqueness of these woman appearance, even also some right and wrong mainstreams. Lin Bingbing does not adapt to here circumstances very much, the brow continuously tight wrinkle, she discovered that here person looked her look is naked, does not cover. Walks, dances with me.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Why can dance?” Lin Bingbing puzzled asking. Didn't reach an agreement a moment ago listened my?” Xia Tian discontented saying. Good, but I will not jump.” Lin Bingbing set firm resolve to coordinate Xia Tian. Follows me.” Xia Tian held the hand of Lin Bingbing to run to the dance floor, although Lin Bingbing some did not prefer, but entered the dance floor with Xia Tian, she will not jump, moreover here she felt that restricted. Now dozens eyes are staring at us, do not look around in all directions.” Xia Tian disguises to hug Lin Bingbing, secretly said in her ear. Lin Bingbing nod of slightly, back and forth rocks with Xia Tian, regarding danced. Xia Tian vision fast takes a fast look around in room, he and Lin Bingbing just entered the bar time had been monitored, who makes Lin Bingbing long is so attractive, moreover she does not come to here to relax completely likely. This already exposed she 50% status.

Boss, that young girl probably is a strip.” Met your several to try her in the past, making other transactions give me carefully.” Relax the Boss, nobody dares to make an arrest in our domains.” Sends several person, will meet here to have big figure to take the thing, any mistake.” Relax the Boss, we tries this young girl first, if she is the strip, we make her.” The Xia Tian vision will present the shapes of all people to get a panoramic view, although here is very noisy, he could not hear these people to say anything, but he has learned the spoken language with the father, swept with the X-Ray Vision eye, he can know that these people were discussing anything matter. Although Shadow is the Quicksand person, but the Quicksand fixed foothold, their people year to year have not made mission outside, is impossible to carry the weapon along, such will be is arrested by the police, therefore they will go to a place to contact with the local weapon supplier every time, even if will be a simple dagger they will not go to the conventional store to buy, because such will only meet exposed own status. Regarding the Quicksand person, status exposed has been equal to dying. Reason that Xia Tian comes to here because his father told him in childhood some related each region most chaotic places, at that time his also example said the Jiang Hai City bar block, but he used the education the tone to make Xia Tian at that time do not step into this place. Xia Tian guessed from that person of words a moment ago, that person who must come is most likely concerned with Shadow, just here person does not know that the buyer can be the Quicksand person. Young girl, long is very attractive.” Several are dyeing hooligan of yellow hair in the Lin Bingbing surroundings jumps while said. This stature, this cheek, is really attractive.” Heard these words, Lin Bingbing wrinkled the brow, if were usual she already got rid to teach these fellows, but Xia Tian reminded her a moment ago don't exposed, therefore she was still bearing patiently, but must arrive at the eruption immediately the edge, because these hooligan unexpectedly were getting more and more dissolute, started to rub to the body of Lin Bingbing. At this moment, Xia Tian single-handed, drew the bosom Lin Bingbing. You are offending probably should not the person of offending.” A Xia Tian face smiling face looks at these yellow-haired.