Almighty Student - Volume 1 - Chapter 35

The luminous powder, is a night vision pink / white, this type of pink / white cannot see under the sunlight and light, however can actually see under the special stage prop, the application method of this thing when Xia Tian was very small knows. Before he embarks, Young Aunt gave him to prepare this type of thing specially. Puts on this eyeglasses, told me you to see anything.” Xia Tian has given Lin Bingbing the eye, does not need to specially make the eyeglasses to see the luminous powder by the ability of his X-Ray Vision eye. Before Shadow leaves, Xia Tian scattered the massive luminous powder on his body and shoes. Your unexpectedly also has this type of thing.” Lin Bingbing surprised looks at Xia Tian, she somewhat suspected that now Xia Tian was specially the Operations Office person, because he these of meeting should be in Operations Office can learn specially. This was Young Aunt gave me a moment ago, was your Aunt Ye, the usage of this thing was very simple, the key was the opportunity of sprinkling.” Xia Tian answered. You also give me some, perhaps later I can also use.” Lin Bingbing extends own right hand. You? The opportunity of first practicing sprinkling, otherwise is the fool also knows that you fudged on him.” Although Xia Tian knew that the Lin Bingbing time is very short, but he saw the Lin Bingbing disposition, Lin Bingbing is a temper is straightforward, has the warm-blooded fellow. Such person makes anything to have the impulse, in her brain is the energies, but the person like her works easily actually careless, under handles this matter to need look for the accurate opportunity deftly. These things need to undergo the special preparation to complete. Does not give does not give, has any extraordinary.” Lin Bingbing head one turns, puts on the specially-made eyeglasses, front luminous powder is clearly discernible, sees the trace that the luminous powder leaves, her was happier. You wait first.” Has held on Lin Bingbing. How?” Lin Bingbing puzzled asking: We must pursue, otherwise he ran.” Said that you are stupid you really to be stupid, which on him is the luminous powder can run goes?” The Xia Tian vision took a fast look around, surroundings these people almost in visiting them, Lin Bingbing walks on this street is a mistake, pursues like them, Shadow did not discover that is strange: You must trade the body appearance.”

Xia Tian moves toward a station street female, that station street female sees to have the guest, sways from side to side oneself body hurriedly: Handsome fellow, currently inside has place, the service absolutely first-class.” Can sold to me your fake headgear and coat?” Xia Tian has spent 500 dollars from the pocket, has given that station street female. The station street female sees the money in Xia Tian, takes off own gauze coat hurriedly, own hemp volume fake headgear, all has given Xia Tian. After receiving the coat and headgear, Xia Tian money giving station street female. This has gained 500, today can stop work for the day.” The station street female looks 500 in own hand left excitedly. Xia Tian has given Lin Bingbing the headgear and coat: Puts on.” I do not put on, was ugly.” „Do you also want to complete mission?” Xia Tian looks to Lin Bingbing. Thinks.” That puts on.” Xia Tian threw the clothes to Lin Bingbing directly. Snort.” Lin Bingbing stared Xia Tian one: You are waiting to me.” Although does not prefer extremely, but she has worn that gauze coat, has put on that fake headgear, such a appearance really a little looks like here person, this looked that their people were also getting fewer and fewer. He he.” Xia Tian saw that the Lin Bingbing appearance shows a faint smile.

Saw the Xia Tian smiling face, Lin Bingbing was angry, but mission was important, she also has to bear in mind the account, after waiting, considers as finished with Xia Tian again, they pursued with the luminous powder that Shadow left behind. The luminous powder has been called the lights KTV entrance to one. Wait / Etc..” Xia Tian has blocked Lin Bingbing. Sir, is two?” A server comes out to receive, because in them has one is the female, therefore the station street female also compares to be tactful has not come. Opens one to reserve a room to me.” Xia Tian has paid 500 deposit. Good, Sir, in requests personally, your rooms are three two.” In the server was Xia Tian guides to reserve a room. „Do you lead me to come to here to do?” Lin Bingbing puzzled looks to Xia Tian. You batter directly go, others also think that you stir up trouble, that Shadow has not made you run away in fear.” Xia Tian touches own pocket: Remember, gave me to report my 1000 dollars, this calculated the business.” cheapskate, when I go back to you, today comes out not to have how much money.” Lin Bingbing saw that the Xia Tian mean-spirited appearance despises to say. Xia Tian comes in had looked, Shadow and he on same level, but not by, moreover passed through that room a moment ago time, he to the glass with the X-Ray Vision eye, was noticing that inside has one to sing the singing girl, Shadow is a greedy person, the hand in feeling that the body of that female keeps. Xia Tian has tried, his X-Ray Vision eye cannot see through the wall. Or we inform Aunt Ye now.” Lin Bingbing also had the Shadow news with great difficulty, naturally does not hope that Shadow ran. Does not worry, you come with me.” Xia Tian went out of reserving a room, walked outside Shadow that theater box, simultaneously took a fast look around situation in a theater box.

„Do we go?” Lin Bingbing asked. Follows me.” Xia Tian moved toward distance theater box recent that washroom directly. Hey, that is male washroom.” Lin Bingbing saw Xia Tian to move toward male washroom anxious shouting. Nonsense, you think that Shadow one will go possibly to the female washroom?” Xia Tian took a fast look around that theater box a moment ago time, saw the Shadow shape of the mouth, he wanted to try some exciting matters, therefore called that to sing the singing girl to go the washroom with him together. Lin Bingbing clenches teeth to follow. A bit faster comes.” Xia Tian drew Lin Bingbing to enter a room partition inside directly: „, Let alone words.” Although does not know that Xia Tian must do, but she has acted accordingly, but the position of this room partition was too small, two people appear quite crowded in inside, she just wanted saying that anything hears has the sound. Shadow places the entrance sign that some people clean, afterward drew to accompany to sing the young lady directly to enter in the washroom. Repugnant, why must come to here.” That saying that sang the singing girl to caress flatters. I add money to you, I like this stimulation.” The Shadow sound is overwhelmed with emotion, his was not high, the appearance is also quite dreadful, now adds on his sound, this simply was as dreadful as the family. Hears money, sang the singing girl to show a faint smile, the soft body back and forth rubbed on the body of Shadow, the mountain peak was shivers in front of Shadow intentionally.