Almighty Student - Volume 1 - Chapter 36

Assassins this profession is extremely dangerous, they will be very likely cannot see tomorrow's Sun, because of so, many low status Assassins caught some poor customs, will attract du, gambling and beauty. True higher Assassins absolutely does not have these poor customs, because they understand, even if any little fault can want own life. Shadow is just in Quicksand Rank 3 Assassins, although cannot say that is bad, but cannot be regarded absolutely any higher, Quicksand inside Assassins rank is divided into Rank 5 probably, Rank 5 is worst, generally just entered Quicksand that practice person, Rank 4 Assassins that next was just put on regular status, Rank 3 Assassins like him was considered as on established. Because he felt that he promotes rank to be hopeless, in addition own ability is limited, therefore he also started to enjoy to live, this enjoyment did not leave Quicksand to live, once because left Quicksand to represent the death. Nobody can live is leaving Quicksand. This also made massive Rank 3 Assassins in Quicksand contaminate this custom. In the washroom is suddenly turbulent infinitely, separated inside Xia Tian and Lin Bingbing has appreciated a good play, they have peeped in that small seam. Really is too not concerned about face.” The Lin Bingbing innermost feelings criticize, outside that two person unexpectedly are doing this deal, but the vitality turns over to the vitality, she does not dare to have the too big movement, in order to avoid being discovered by Shadow. Now she and Xia Tian posture is also very strange, she lies in the gate looked that Xia Tian behind also lies the gate to look at this good play in her. Well, his unexpectedly also brought the weapon to come out.” Lin Bingbing innermost feelings secretly thought, but she realized immediately her is Xia Tian, that strange thing that then feel should be the dagger and so on thing. Is hidden weapon, she thought that before Xia Tian is strange, now is clear, originally Xia Tian is a coward, comes out makes on mission also to bring the dagger and so on weapon.

Thinks that here her innermost feelings is a joy, since comes out tonight now, she absolutely does not have any existence feeling. But now she finally caught a Xia Tian handle, originally Xia Tian unexpectedly is a coward, comes out also to bring the weapon, she has thought that after waiting a while, she must ridicule Xia Tian well, after letting him, added itself. In order to avoid being discovered by Shadow, he has not dared to move, this made his back flow out the cold sweat, if this made Lin Bingbing discover, has not ripped him exactly. But he immediately noticed that Lin Bingbing has discovered that but he does not understand why Lin Bingbing is not only not angry, but also is smiling. In her semblance looks like elegantly beautiful, are the regulations intrinsic the woman who can let loose extremely? Thinks that here Xia Tian was more excited. Crossed for more than 20 minutes, outside war had eventually ended, Xia Tian also relaxed. Yo, this is your girlfriend, long is really attractive.” Accompanied to sing the young lady to pick up a picture from the ground, her angle happen to let hide, in separating inside Xia Tian and Lin Bingbing saw the person on picture. Gives back to me.” Shadow snatched the picture hurriedly, afterward has spent 2000 dollars from the pocket: This gives you additionally, certainly remembers to me, forgets that person on picture.” Well good, does our lines to have our line of customs, I will not tell your girlfriend.” Sang the singing girl to think that Shadow was worried after one, bumped into his girlfriend to speak irresponsibly, therefore answered. Hears to sing the words of singing girl, Shadow satisfied nod, afterward left the washroom, sang singing girl's in 2000 with start to leave with a laugh.

This time Xia Tian wrinkled the brow, that person on picture he knew a moment ago that is Zeng Ruo, he has not thought that Shadow goal unexpectedly is Zeng Ruo, then he absolutely cannot let off Shadow. In his Zeng Ruo at heart was considered as on is his half woman, face to face when to Quicksand these people, Zeng Ruo also dares to stand in his front, this sufficiently proved her sentiment to the Xia Tian. Although he and Zeng Ruo have seen only such several surface, but sometimes some feelings are only the flash. He has remembered and understanding of Zeng Ruo, from most starts the traffic accident that to afterward kidnapping, to present this assassination, it seems like side Zeng Ruo absolutely hid a huge plot again, some people want her dead. Your mission has completed, you can telephone.” Xia Tian light saying. Actually on you to have hidden what weapon?” Lin Bingbing looked that said to Xia Tian: Has not thought, originally you is a coward, comes out mission unexpectedly also to bring the weapon, is the dagger?” What weapon?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. Was a moment ago that hard thing, probably hides in your pants pocket.” Lin Bingbing looks to the Xia Tian pants pocket, but has not discovered any weapon. „!” Xia Tian coughed to explain gently hurriedly: Right, you have guessed right, I truly hid the weapon, you quickly informed, he returned to a moment ago that theater box, I estimated that he will not walk tonight.” Good, I exit to telephone, here signal is not good.” Lin Bingbing heard Xia Tian to acknowledge, in high spirit ran to telephone.

Sees the Lin Bingbing back, Xia Tian long expiration, is good in Lin Bingbing had not discovered what on Xia Tian is any weapon, otherwise Lin Bingbing definitely will erupt, when the time comes may not be easy to do. Had known Shadow this time mission, Xia Tian naturally cannot let off him, when no matter Young Aunt that side person, he planned quickly to solve Shadow, in order to avoid he escaped, wanted to deal with the Zeng Ruo person, he is will not let off absolutely. After leaving the washroom, he moved toward Shadow that theater box. Regarding Shadow, where has not compared here to be safer, no one thinks that Assassins unexpectedly will rest in the KTV theater box, just after him of war, lay down on the long sofa. He at this time still in tasting was singing the beautiful experience of singing girl with that a moment ago, satisfactory smiling, he pledged after and other mission have completed, must enjoy well for several days, relaxes itself thoroughly. Recent mission was really too many, his spirit also needs to be relaxed, in his perfect immersing when this feeling, the door suddenly was opened. Any person.” Shadow sits to set out hurriedly, vigilant looks to the entrance. Person who wants you to assign.”