Almighty Student - Volume 1 - Chapter 38

Zeng Ruo arrived at the crossroad of bar block quickly, first saw Xia Tian, this time drives personally. You recently fortunately?” In car(riage), Zeng Ruo tender feelings looks at Xia Tian. Perhaps fortunately, you, troubled actually recently in a big way.” Xia Tian light saying. I know that recently in family crisis-ridden, these old fogies have own axe to grind, they are wish make me die, they should consult after I died the assignment of stockholder's rights, or prepared.” Zeng Ruo low-spirited saying. Why you must stay there, they can ask Quicksand to get rid, so long as the Quicksand person has met mission, that does not die absolutely continuous.” Xia Tian puzzled looks to Zeng Ruo. Our mother and daughter all alone, were selected to put in great inconvenience are normal, I have the Zeng's Group 51% stocks, is the Zeng's Group biggest shareholder, once I died, my stock will fall on my daughter, Tiantian is small, anything does not understand, these old fogies definitely will not let when the time comes off her.” In the Zeng Ruo look is divulging a misery. Yeah, solves the means of matter now, only then two, one is you sells out oneself all stockholder's rights, another is to remove these old fogies, not only need let the stockholder's rights in their hand to your hand, even must these rash dead.” Xia Tian sighed, he most does not want to see is the second result, he is not willing to be that evil person, but he also knows that sometimes others will compel you to be this evil person. I sell out the stockholder's rights they not to let off me, after all these money enough attract anybody crime.” Zeng Ruo does not think in the family these old fogies to oneself softhearted. That can only find way to remove these people.” Xia Tian brow tight wrinkle. I do not think that you do the matter that violates the law, so long as gives me three days of I to disintegrate the influence of that group of old fogies.” Zeng Ruo already knows that in the family that group of old fogies must get rid to her, therefore she also early has been ready. The stocks of these old fogies add also less than 30, she has the means to be built on stilts the influences of these old fogies thoroughly, since Tiantian had almost traffic accident that time her to start to plan this matter. That these three days of I with you in the same place, have me, nobody can you be what kind.” Xia Tian nodded. Hee hee.” Zeng Ruo cracks into a chuckle, she happiest is not Xia Tian can protect her, but was she can treat with Xia Tian finally in the same place, she has not known should go to close Xia Tian with any means.

Currently finally has this opportunity. What do you smile?” Xia Tian turns the head to look to Zeng Ruo, the Zeng Ruo beautiful is that mature beauty, her wear allows to have own significance with each same makeup, one point are not many, one point also many. Is emitting mature charm from top to bottom, this time she was just like thoroughly ripe fresh fruit. In waiting for others' picking, but around her body has covered entirely the sharp thorn, this is Zeng Ruo to own protection, this sharp thorn when will vanish facing Xia Tian. I was happy, therefore I smile.” Zeng Ruo is very happy at this time, she asked were not many, so long as Xia Tian can side her, then her innermost feelings were very peaceful. The vehicle has arrived quickly at the Zeng Ruo inhabited area, here is an independent villa. The entrance is a big iron gate, has the security to nurse. Sees the luxury of environment and house in courtyard, Xia Tian only knows that actually Zeng Ruo is how rich. Here really big.” Xia Tian took a fast look around. Likes? After here, is your family, this bunch of keys are this villa all keys, you are taking.” Zeng Ruo has given Xia Tian one bunch of keys. Gives me it to do?” Xia Tian looks the key in own hand. If the unprincipled person came, which room you want to enter, not having the key is very troublesome.” Zeng Ruo answered, however her actually does not think at heart, reason that she to the Xia Tian key was hopes that Xia Tian regarded here is really the family.

Tiantian runs all over the place in the room under the attendance of maid. Sees Xia Tian time, Tiantian ran over directly. Elder brother, hugs.” Tiantian likes Xia Tian very much, because each time when was most dangerous is Xia Tian acts to protect her, the child understood were not many, but she actually knows, regardless had any danger so long as saw Xia Tian, that was all right. „Has Tiantian, thought the elder brother.” Xia Tian hugs to show a faint smile Tiantian, small Tiantian is very adorable. Thinks.” Tiantian was saying in a baby voice. How brother came you to depend, making your brother rest a meeting.” Zeng Ruo saw that the Tiantian appearance said that sees Tiantian and Xia Tian that own, she is the happiness of the heart. All right, small Tiantian is so lovable, does not make me hug me not to be happy.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Zeng Ruo sits in Xia Tian and small Tiantian side, on her face is the smiling face, she felt finally proficient existed, at this moment she does not need to work on matter, does not need to think that these old fogies in family, do not need to have any person to cope with her. The body and mind is incomparable relaxation. Ms. Wang, you get down first rest.” Zeng Ruo said. Yes, Madame.” Ms. Wang lives outside of villa, every day she comes to here to have the private car to send and pick up. Tiantian, you accompany brother to watch the television here, mother take a bath.” Zeng Ruo kissed one to walk toward the bathroom on the face of Tiantian directly.

Takes a bath.” Hears this glossary the time Xia Tian spirit to shake, just had appreciated Shadow and that sings the war of singing girl, his present spirit is still very stimulated. Just came to the Zeng Ruo home, Zeng Ruo must take a bath. Tiantian continuously on the body of Xia Tian honest is treating, Freshman slightly really had a liking for the television there. Although Xia Tian at this time in watching the television, however in his mind has been reappearing a moment ago Dark Night and that sings the war of singing girl. He does not dare to turn head, is afraid his X-Ray Vision eye his opening, when the time comes may probably make a fool of oneself. Time one minute one second is crossing, every point every second regarding Xia Tian is a suffering, although he program on eye when watching television, but in brain actually in fantasizing Zeng Ruo is taking a bath the appearance. The heartbeat speeds up. The gate of bathroom opened: I washed, you must also wash.” Before the bathroom, a long hair wet filter, the elegant face holds the stunned female to stand in slightly same place, on the body often is low the next several drops of water drops, her bathrobe is tight.