Almighty Student - Volume 1 - Chapter 39
Has the bath beautiful woman. Xia Tian was shocked completely, Zeng Ruo steam seems the heavenly fog is common, is Zeng Ruo adds makings again, the perfect stature shows in the Xia Tian front thoroughly. Volume, do I rest tonight?” Xia Tian does not dare to continue with Zeng Ruo dull here, otherwise he guarantees not to permit to do to have an accident. You rest that I and Tiantian rest the next door.” Zeng Ruo has referred to a room in building. „, I first rested.” Xia Tian hurries to leave this place is apt to get into trouble. Saw Xia Tian like frightened the rabbit runs away, Zeng Ruo shows a faint smile, the number of times that today she smiles are really many, usually she almost does not have any smiling face, but from seeing smiling face on Xia Tian her face to the present has not vanished probably. She knows that Xia Tian runs away definitely is fear looked he could not bear the enticement, if makes her live alone one room with others man, she will wear several clothes also to feel the danger, but with Xia Tian in this villa, she, even if has only bound a light bathrobe, will not give birth to any restlessness. Even she also somewhat complained that Xia Tian was too honest. Tiantian, do you like summer Big Bro Tian?” Zeng Ruo looks one cherish daughter. Likes.” Small Tiantian sound immature saying. Mother also likes summer Big Bro Tian, was mother are too many with your summer Big Bro Tian age difference.” This is Zeng Ruo thinks that maximum boundary, she likes Xia Tian very much, wanting Xia Tian to accompany itself, but she cannot be so selfish. Tiantian has also been stranded, Zeng Ruo held Tiantian to return to own room. Mom, I must rest with elder brother.” Small Tiantian immature saying.

Incorrect, Tiantian was cleverest, summer Big Bro Tian was very tired, you also a bit faster rest.” No, I must rest with summer Big Bro Tian together.” Since the Xia Tian room, his sleep has been best, Heaven Absolute Wake also cultivation in sleep, but he tosses about today is unable to go to sleep. He lost sleep, long such greatly he first time loses sleep. So long as he now closes both eyes, in the mind is the Zeng Ruo that sex appeal body. Thump!! Xia Tian, did you rest?” Out of the door has broadcast the Zeng Ruo sound. Did not have.” The Xia Tian general's family opens. Zeng Ruo has changed gauze night clothes at this time, the night clothes are very sexy, the yu rabbit exposes in the air, her skin is not worse than the 20-year-old female student. The young and fresh-looking has the gloss. Tall and slender show leg, has filled infinite tempting huo. Tiantian wants to rest with you together.” Zeng Ruo looks at Xia Tian helpless saying.

Good.” Xia Tian has held Tiantian. Mother comes.” Small Tiantian puts out a hand to call Zeng Ruo. How, Tiantian, do not rest with the elder brother together?” Zeng Ruo asked. Mother comes, together.” Although small Tiantian sound naivete, but Xia Tian and Zeng Ruo have understood what is heard her meaning, she wants Xia Tian and Zeng Ruo also rests in the same place. Tiantian is clever, you rest with elder brother together, mother goes to the next door to rest.” No, no, mother also together rests.” Small Tiantian is unforgiving, the tears must fall. Zeng Ruo saw that the Tiantian suffering from injustice appearance has to compromise: Good, mother promises you.” Tiantian heard mother to comply, immediately is happy, has shown the sweet smiling face. Little devil.” Zeng Ruo saw that the Tiantian appearance has ridiculed one. Put to trouble to you.” Zeng Ruo looked that said to Xia Tian. He he.” Xia Tian awkward flexure scratching the head: „It is not troublesome, is not troublesome.” Three people arrived on the bed, Xia Tian rests outside, Zeng Ruo rests inside, Tiantian rests the middle, although Tiantian rests the middle, but Tiantian long is too small, therefore distance not many between Xia Tian and Zeng Ruo.

Lies down two on bed felt that is not very comfortable, does not know that should say anything, is good because of Tiantian quickly fell asleep. Xia Tian lost sleep, now Zeng Ruo lies down in his side, he could not fall asleep, body temperature that he can the clear feeling on Zeng Ruo transmit. Zeng Ruo is similar to the Xia Tian situation, has not fallen asleep. In this time, Xia Tian suddenly heard a slight sound. Has the person.” Xia Tian has gone down the bed gently, has taken up the Qing Yun (Clear Sky) dagger from the side. What happened?” Zeng Ruo saw that the Xia Tian action sets out hurriedly. „Do you usually rest in next door that room?” Xia Tian asked in a low voice. Yes.” That right, you have treated do not move here, I one will come back.” Xia Tian went out of the room gently.