Almighty Student - Volume 1 - Chapter 4
The left leg of Huo Lajiao stepped in the right foot of Xia Tian, she was responded by a Xia Tian such saying, has moved out of the way own foot hurriedly, but she had realized immediately an issue, oneself present is for this person over, but his unexpectedly did not appreciate kindness rendered, added one stepped on his foot. Xia Tian, the old lady for you over, your unexpectedly is also daring such to speak to the old lady.” The Huo Lajiao temperament is irritable that became famous, a point. You misunderstood.” Xia Tian wants to explain , the trouble of province. Huo Lajiao, here, but your domain, has not thought that eldest sister's big Huo Lajiao unexpectedly of solemn Jianghai high school could not solve including oneself classroom little brothers.” Xu Shaocong stands up: Xiaoya, I walked first, avoid delayed the Sister Huo processing family work.” Xu Shaocong, your matter I will process from now on.” After Huo Lajiao stared Xu Shaocong one, turns the head to look to Xia Tian: Said that hundred do not have uses is Scholar, really has not spoken incorrectly, do you study to be useful? Was such bullied words not to dare saying that I raise one's head you also such to speak to me for you.” You have the halitosis.” The Xia Tian knitting the brows head, does not look at Huo Lajiao, he heard that knows a moment ago Huo Lajiao ate certainly is the strong-smelling bean curd. You.. Irritated me, you thought that I don't dare to punch you?” Straight clenching teeth of Huo Lajiao air/Qi, although with the Xia Tian same grade already three years, but she has not spoken with Xia Tian. Today she for Xia Tian over, has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly such spoke to her, moreover said that she had the halitosis. Sister Huo, I tidy up this fellow for you well.” Huo Lajiao behind that Zhengtai spice girls pulled their sleeve, must get rid to hit Xia Tian directly. Although Huo Lajiao these two personal servants dress up very non- mainstream, but is not the affable role, the study is in classroom second from the bottom and third, but fought several men to add is not they two matches. Wait / Etc..” Huo Lajiao looked at Xia Tian one: We walk, some people tidy up him.” Xia Tian shook the head, the meaning of this Huo Lajiao he understood, that Xu Shaocong intentionally asked him to trouble a moment ago obviously, Huo Lajiao gets rid Xu Shaocong to have scruples, but Huo Lajiao does not manage now, then Xu Shaocong naturally cannot let off him. Was good, has attended class, today simulated test.” The teachers in charge entered classroom, happen to bumps into the Huo Lajiao three people to walk to outside, but the teacher in charge has not said anything, obviously has been used. You, go back to take a test to me, otherwise my first throne must lose.” Huo Lajiao very proud saying, her first is first from the bottom, takes a test she to take classroom each time first from the bottom, her two subordinates are second from the bottom and third from the bottom. Yes, Sister Huo.” Two Zhengtai younger sisters return to classroom, but their two both casually answered two problems to leave classroom.

Xia Tian looks at the test the examination paper, in mind suddenly presented the innumerable paths, afterward the solutions of these topics appeared in his mind, he knows that these topics were the meetings, but solved was also too quick, does not need to calculate, in the brain responded. About 30 minutes times, this examination paper answered, after having inspected two, has handed over the examination paper. Xia Tian, inspected, handed over was so quick?” The teacher in charge knitting the brows head, Xia Tian answered was so quick, definitely has not answered: Had not rested recently well, but do not forget to review, on the college entrance examination, the teachers was very immediately high to your expectation.” Teacher, I answered, can I continue to test several other branches?” Xia Tian wants to try several other branches, tries itself also to have this feeling. Tested? You wait / etc., I have a look.” After the teachers in charge have taken up the Xia Tian examination paper, has swept one fast, discovered that does not have the vacancy . Moreover the examination paper is also very clean, therefore has given Xia Tian the examination paper of next branch. With is the same, these that Xia Tian thinks instantaneously appear in his mind inside thing, does not need to ponder that takes pen in hand to come, the examination papers of several other branches also quickly answered. Answered examination paper Xia Tian to be on vacation from school directly, because the teacher in charge has given the teaching classes teacher the examination paper, discovered unexpectedly that Xia Tian answered entire was right, his unexpectedly can in such a short time write to answer, definitely did not cheat. Just went out of the classroom building, Xia Tian saw a familiar person, is Xu Shaocong, his also four people, strong, looked is not the affable lord. Sister Huo, don't we pass to help?” The Huo Lajiao three people look here situation in the distant place. Does not need to manage him, nostril fellow upwards, should make him taste the suffering, after he suffers a hardship, we exit again.” Huo Lajiao expression ice-cold saying. Xia Tian, heard that you touch have not bumped Wen Ya, really has been a pity, that taste was really good.” Xu Shaocong looks at Xia Tian to say. She has not related with me, you are willing to be how what kind, does not need saying that listens to me.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, he already took easy, before that in that traffic accident died for Xia Tian that the sentiment was stranded, present Xia Tian will not go, for that Wen Ya woman went to do again. Although you do not match with me struggle the woman, moreover you lost, but some of I most repugnant people keep thinking about my toys.” Xu Shaocong corners of the mouth slanting, four people have fired into Xia Tian slightly. Although the present is the simulation class time of school, but at this time periphery people of many watching the fun.

These people hide distant, knew that the Xu Shaocong person naturally is not infrequent, figure that but Xu Shaocong in the Jianghai high school became famous, nobody dares to annoy. These four people usually are each classroom inside overlord, under the little brother is not infrequent, but they in front of Xu Shaocong are docile, in the Xu Shaocong family very much has the background. Although Xia Tian does not want to stir up trouble, but he is not afraid of getting into trouble, before his physique, although is not good, but he always does not flinch, these people bully him, although he cannot hit, but he has revolted each time. Now his physique had very big change, in addition the ability of eye, he was not afraid these fellows. The fatty of overhead fights with the fists to Xia Tian, at this moment Xia Tian remembered Old Fan in the park to that move that he used, right hand, the left leg trampled in the morning on the leg of opposite party, the body of that fatty flew directly. Departed five meters to stop, pounding maliciously in the ground, his gravity compared with others' big, had been adding on here is the pavement, this fell all of a sudden may be heavy. Black mole, Paternal grandmother, you dares to hit our brothers.” Another three people are also the ruthless role not by Xia Tian to control, but trampled together to Xia Tian. Saw that three people simultaneously leave the foot, Xia Tian do not draw back counter- near, the right leg swept directly to three people of below plates, the fist bang above three people of chests, all these occurred was too quick, the people have not responded. The Huo Lajiao three people that one side watches the fun were also shocked. Sister Huo, I have not misread, that good student to fight unexpectedly to be so fierce.” Black mole their four may became famous below stingy, but such quickly was given to solve by him.” He is not Expert in legend, since I dream has been to work as female hero, if I have learned his Kungfu, my dream must be realized.” Huo Lajiao was fantasizing own Wuxia time must approach: Your several come with me.” Was too graceful, the Xu Shaocong person also dares to hit, who he is.” I have seen him probably, he is the good student who in the school became famous.”

How possible, good student unexpectedly also to come out to fight, moreover fights unexpectedly to be so fierce.” The person who surroundings these watch the fun whoops, but Xu Shaocong in Jianghai high school wind and cloud figure, moreover under his these four big hands was called four big diamond, in own classroom is also existences of Boss. Today their four person unexpectedly by a person overthrowing. You. Do you want to do?” Xu Shaocong has somewhat flustered, he has not met this condition, four big diamond start to be specially ruthless, but unexpectedly several child all was solved by Xia Tian. The Xia Tian situation he had already inquired, but is an ordinary poor student, without any background, but why such poor student unexpectedly such can hit. Does?” Xia Tian shows a faint smile from the Xu Shaocong side passes through: „After going back, careful having diarrhea.” Having diarrhea? Xia Tian, what trick do you want to play? I warned you, I was a person who you could not offend, later do not make me see you again, otherwise I will not let off your.” Xu Shaocong has thought suddenly oneself behind family work, flurried just by the Xia Tian method to to control, now he has no longer been afraid Xia Tian, in the Jianghai high school, nobody dares to move him besides Huo Lajiao radically. SB!” Stand forth that Xia Tian does not return. Xia Tian, you give me wait / etc..” Huo Lajiao ran hurriedly, but Xia Tian has not actually anchored the footsteps. You hear not to have, you halt to me.” Huo Lajiao grasped Xia Tian directly stubbornly. unexpectedly does not put on inner clothes.” The Xia Tian X-Ray Vision eye has happen to worn the Huo Lajiao clothes, unexpectedly discovers in the Huo Lajiao coat unexpectedly is small suspenders. „. rascal!!” Huo Lajiao cries.