Almighty Student - Volume 1 - Chapter 40

Xia Tian turns on the lamp, afterward has walked into the next door directly, turns on the lamp of next door, in the room anything does not have. Comes out, do you also want to make me ask you to come out?” Actually are you who?” Behind the window curtains went out of black-clothed person, he has not continued to hide, since had been discovered that that does not need to play the game of cat catch mouse. I called Xia Tian.” Xia Tian? You are Xia Tian!” black-clothed person careful took a fast look around on Xia Tian. „Do you know me?” Naturally, in entire Quicksand does not have any person not to know your, you are the Xia Tianlong son.” You know my father, told that me you to his understanding, I can not kill you.” Depends on you also to kill me?” Extremely black-clothed person does not truncate looked at Xia Tian to continue saying: In Quicksand has your detail, the obedient good student, saying that the tiger father does not have my son, but you with Xia Tianlong bad were too many, the Xia Tianlong 20-year-old reputation has made a sound half China.” What also has?” You know has sufficed many, if you hand over Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll, perhaps I can also say again.” Xia Tian among that bead crumb necklaces, the wooden slip presents in the hand of Xia Tian afterward together: Said that I want to know, it was your.” It seems like my luck came.” black-clothed person excited saying: You want to know that related Xia Tianlong matter, actually this is very simple, everything some people of given name on Jianghu knows.” But I do not know.”

China altogether four big Expert, separately are Eastern Man, Western Hidden, Southern Kill and Northern Army, Xia Tianlong is Western Hidden.” Why will he die?” This I am not quite clear, I had told you thing has sufficed many, fragment scroll gives me.” I have the last issue.” „Are you are playing me?” black-clothed person expression ice-cold saying. Thing gives you.” Xia Tian threw Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll to black-clothed person asked afterward: „Is this thing useful?” Thing that Heavenly Connection most precious object, world all people pursued.” black-clothed person vision ice-cold looks to Xia Tian: Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll has succeeded in obtaining, I do not need to kill you, but that woman must die.” I give you an opportunity, living opportunity.” Xia Tian gained ground, looks to black-clothed person. I have not misunderstood, your did unexpectedly say to me an opportunity?” black-clothed person disdains looks to Xia Tian: It seems like I should not violate discipline to let off you.” The Xia Tian form disappeared, presents again time his right hand has pinched above the neck of black-clothed person, the left hand concentrates the direction in the hand of black-clothed person, afterward Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll returned to his hand once more. I give you three words the opportunity, preserves your life with these three words as far as possible.” You, how is this possible?” First.” I can tell you more concerned your father's news.” Second.” Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll altogether has eight.”

Sorry, I want to hear is not these, you missed have gone on living the opportunity.” The Xia Tian right hand fast point on the body of black-clothed person, all discarded the hands and feet of black-clothed person, and strikes the corona him. He most wants to hear is he gives up chasing down Zeng Ruo, but he spoke incorrectly, father's matter he sooner or later knows that the Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll matter he is not interested, reason that he protects Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll, solely is only because this is the thing that the father leaves behind. The thing that today he knows has sufficed many, most makes his happy is because his father is really extraordinary figure. In the ancient times had north the Ashes of Time south emperor beggar, nowadays China also has Eastern Man, Western Hidden, Southern Kill and Northern Army, although this title somewhat frustrated, but was also representing the status. Western Hidden Xia Tianlong. Brother Xu, my this little matter needs you to help, to let Little Fei also with.” Xia Tian telephoned to Xu Dechuan. Goes to the living room time, Zeng Ruo heard the sound also to come out. „Are you all right?” Zeng Ruo looks to Xia Tian. Naturally is all right, if presented a person to injure me casually, how I also protected you.” Xia Tian sat above the sofa: Has the liquor?” Had, what had unhappy matter?” No, knew is worth the happy matter.” Before Xia Tian comes out, has pinched the bead to return above the necklace Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll. I accompany you to drink.” First do not drink, later will come several friends.” Zeng Ruo put out a bathrobe to put in the body, afterward sat side Xia Tian. „Have you protected me?” Zeng Ruo by in the Xia Tian bosom. Meeting.” Xia Tian nodded.

Does not know when from starts, he will drink will completely not have the feeling of being drunk, but can actually feel the spirit the exciting feeling. After a half hour, Xu brought Gao Fei to arrive at the villa, Xia Tian opened the front door for them, on Little Fei has changed new clothes, should be Xu buys for him, carefully looked, Little Fei clothes Xia Tian was more precious. How, Brother Xia.” Xu Grandfather sits on the sofa. Two matters, first is the Little Fei matter, he is a good seedling, I hope that you can help me train him well.” Xia Tian patted the shoulder of Gao Fei to continue saying: „The second matter, in that room has the person who cannot move, you throw the police station entrance him, the body licenses, inscribed Quicksand Assassins these characters to be good.” Relax.” Xu nodded, Xia Tian was his honored person, that martial arts contest of Greenwood Villa immediately must start now, so long as when the time comes has defeated A'San, then he did not need to live with trepidation. Although does not know that between Xia Tian and Quicksand are anything relate, but he will not ask absolutely. After saying goodbye to Xu Grandfather, Xia Tian by sofa, but Zeng Ruo depended in her bosom. We go back to rest.” Xia Tian saw that Zeng Ruo somewhat was stranded. We go to that room.” Zeng Ruo has referred to another room. This made Xia Tian somewhat feel dizzy, did not go to the room, but went to another room together, this made him want to enter unavoidably to fly. You leave think that I want to make you hug me to rest, Tiantian rests in the middle place is not very big.” Zeng Ruo answered. Hears the explanation of Zeng Ruo, Xia Tian nodded, entered another room with Zeng Ruo, just went to bed, Zeng Ruo threw in the bosom of Xia Tian: Is hugging me.” Some Zeng Ruo truly fears, after all she is also a woman, bumps into this situation one after another twice, she a little has also been afraid, moreover this unprincipled person also entered in her home. It seems like killed to spend to hire the ominous person.” Saying of Xia Tian coldly.