Almighty Student - Volume 1 - Chapter 41

So Top Grade big beauty in own bosom, how Xia Tian may not have felt that the stature of Zeng Ruo that sex appeal shook shaking in the bosom of Xia Tian, this awfully, Xia Tian only thought own within the body has one group of fires to burn. Do not move heedlessly, was careful that I have eaten you.” „Do you dare?” Heard the provocation of Zeng Ruo, that group of fires of Xia Tian within the body erupts thoroughly. That night, Xia Tian all took 18 years of savings, he never had such wonderful feeling, whole body each pore to be opened, that ancient Buddhist Relic of place of dantian started to send out the infinite quantity of heat. This quantity of heat floods his whole body. Next morning, Zeng Ruo getting out of bed early has completed the compassion breakfast to Xia Tian. After Xia Tian gets out of bed, cultivation in courtyard a meeting: Has not thought that my unexpectedly broke through, Heaven Absolute Wake entered Second Layer.” He knows that this could not be inseparable from last night matter absolutely, he started also merely for three days from cultivation Heaven Absolute Wake, but his Heaven Absolute Wake unexpectedly broke through Second Layer, this cultivation speed was really the terrifying. The average man cultivation ten years are impossible to break through First Layer, but Xia Tian only used for three days to be startled Heaven Absolute Wake cultivation to Second Layer merely. His physique belonged to Yang Zhigang, adds Ancient Buddha Buddhist Relic again, absolutely is unequalled firm, this male character has preserved in within the body, with the Zeng Ruo fervor, making the Yang spirit of his within the body obtain the neutralization. Therefore his strength will promote such rapidness. The breakthrough of strength, let the Xia Tian speed and strength obtained growth doubled and re-doubled. Hateful, Zeng Ruo that young widow has not died.” How the Quicksand person handles matters, did not say that received money certainly will kill her, is how all right Zeng Ruo to the present.”

Your several ask, what's the matter.” Zeng Ruo must die, after she died, the stockholder's rights we divide equally.” Zeng Family five always Zeng Family status highest person, what they represent is the entire Zeng Family status, Zeng Family, although in political nobody, however in business world and entire Jiang Hai City status is very high. Must have Zeng Ruo in the business world status, must have the Zeng Family five old these years in the Jiang Hai City prestige. Although their status did not lower, but they felt outside person not truly respect for these years obviously they, but is giving the Zeng Ruo face, Zeng Ruo has surpassed them in the Zeng Family status. Zeng Family inside these people are also so, the stock that these people grasp although is low, but these stocks can actually bring the stablest income to them. Therefore they are willing to listen to the Zeng Ruo words, but is not Zeng Family five old. I had related excessively that side medium a moment ago, Assassins one will come, when the time comes some people knock the door of conference room, we opened are OK.” Good means that we also to pretend non-involvement the relations like this.” Small Tiantian has Ms. Wang to look, Xia Tian accompanies Zeng Ruo to go to Zeng's Group together, Zeng's Group is a large-scale beauty company, their cosmetics supply goods to the world, find at everywhere the Zeng's Group advertisement. The body of Zeng Ruo wore a noble professional attire, the body of Xia Tian has worn an inexpensive sportswear, they one after the other looked like very irritable. Just entered the company, the attention of entire company all employees all were captured by Xia Tian. Chief Zeng behind how such a country bumpkin.” He follows to mix behind Chief Zeng.”

Quickly asked the security to expel him.” Surroundings these people whoop. You were all right to do, this month vacation cancelled entirely.” Zeng Ruo facial color ice-cold saying, she in the company is cold, if Frost. Sees so strong Zeng Ruo, Xia Tian shook the head, he naturally heard these people to discuss itself, he also knows that Zeng Ruo was because these people were discussing therefore one got angry to cancel their this month vacations. The Zeng Ruo powerful just for the person who to protect oneself and love. Xia Tian entered conference room with Zeng Ruo together, other people had been in attendance, five always sit in the both sides of board, below , in descending order , are other shareholders, the atmosphere in room is very tight. „Who are you? Who makes you come.” I let.” Zeng Ruo vision ice-cold looks to that person. Perhaps Chief Zeng, this does not conform to the custom.” I am CEO, I said that tallies tallies.” Zeng Ruo aggressive saying. Here chatted was the secrets of company, if secret disclosed words, this responsibility who was responsible.” He is my man, you said that who is responsible.” Zeng Ruo unexpectedly in this situation said that Xia Tian is her man. I have not misunderstood, our widow president unexpectedly also started to like the handsome boy.” A Zeng Family five old person ridiculed. He , if the handsome boy, you are also a man?” Zeng Ruo disdains looks old to Zeng Family five.

Zeng Ruo, do not give to be concerned about face, Zeng Family is our five old fogies decides, so long as we live have not been being one's turn you to act unruly.” Half foot entered the person of coffin also to feel all right with me raises Zeng Family.” The Zeng Ruo vision has swept Zeng Family all people on the scene: These years the Zeng Family friendship I already gave back to you, I do not owe Zeng Family any.” „Does your meaning want to be separated from Zeng Family?” No, my name is Zeng, I want Zeng Family other on the scene to stand the team.” Zeng Ruo, you determined that can do against with our five old fogies?” Do not think that I do not know you have done anything, the traffic accident, kidnapping, the assassination, these are your several dry, since you have done, that should accept me to your aspirations.” You were saying anything, we do not know.” You also are really not the men, dares to do is actually not at all.” Chief Zeng, the matter I hoped you to talk clearly, our these directors had the right to know the related company interests the matter.” A director not of the same surname opens the mouth to ask, they usually little meddle in the company matter, if the crisis to their benefits, they have to ask, if Zeng Ruo died, then the Zeng's Group stock definitely will drop sharply. Is very simple, some people want me dead, some people of wishes make your benefits be also damaged.” Five old, I hope that you can give us an explanation.” The stocks in these person hands not of the same surname add also to have 15%, is highly regarded. Snort, do not listen to her to talk nonsense, some words also people of widow believe that you have a look at him, led the conference room to come the handsome boy, what was this?” Zeng Family Boss cold snort continued saying: You have a look at this handsome boy, is a pauper, the clothes that the body wears link 100 to be unworthy, he has any qualifications with presenting these least also several million people treats in a room.”