Almighty Student - Volume 1 - Chapter 42

You have a look at him many big ages, 17 years old are, 18 years old? The wool did not have long uneven.” You must forgive widow your loneliness.” Was not I says you, Chief Zeng, if you want to play, can go to look for the duck, if this passed on to affect our Zeng Family reputation.” Zeng Family five always sang a duet was ridiculing Zeng Ruo and Xia Tian there. Your several old fogies put cleanly to me mouth.” Zeng Ruo wicked looks to three people. Is our mouths cleanly, is your behave well?” Good, you also on this skill.” Zeng Ruo looks to Zeng Family five old, afterward throws in the document on table the hand of everyone: Attractive.” All people after opening the document all are dumbfounded looks to five old, on this is the evidence of five old smuggling, some are five old these years come to do the illegal matters, their five even also strong J a 14-year-old little girl, moreover murder broken corpse. Evidence were displayed. Zeng Ruo, you made false accusations.” The Zeng Family Boss pats the document on table, angry looks to Zeng Ruo. Right? I made false accusations you to know quickly, I think that the subpoena of court will arrive in your hands today, moreover a latest witness will arrive at the court the day after tomorrow, when the time comes you can go to argue with the judge.” Zeng Ruo coldly looks old to Zeng Family five. Five old, I hope that you can give us an explanation.” These shareholders not of the same surname all look to Zeng Family five old, the juniors who Zeng Family these only account for 4% stocks are also strange looks at their five. This absurd rumor can you also believe? This is she fabricates.” The Zeng Family Boss argued hurriedly. Right, her Zeng Ruo wants to support the handsome boy, moreover brings to come to the conference room the handsome boy, this person is not worth believing.” The Zeng Family second child said. Perhaps was this handsome boy has kidnapped our Chief Zeng, making her such do.” The Zeng Family third child is always most sinister that hears him to speak, Zeng Family several other old are one looks at the good play the appearance. Handsome boy, in your hand has certainly the Chief Zeng secretive secret, for example crime evidence, or **** and so on thing.” The Zeng Family third child the adjust fire the body of Xia Tian, he understands that status of Zeng Ruo in people heart is very high, now Zeng Ruo produces these evidence is very obviously disadvantageous to them, wants to rout Zeng Ruo from the frontage not to be impossible.

Therefore he planned that from Xia Tian entrance, making everybody believe the Zeng Ruo personal character lost. Your how many old fogies on this skill? Acted out of desperation?” Zeng Ruo disdains looks to that several elders. That handsome boy, has skill you to speak, how dares to do does not dare to acknowledge? Is you coerces Zeng Ruo, wants to destroy our Zeng's Group.” The Zeng Family third child looked that continues to say to Xia Tian. All that I make do not have any relations with him, has the skill you to come to me.” Zeng Ruo angry looks old to Zeng Family five. Comes to you?” Zeng Family third child cloudy evil smiles: Good, we must impeach you now, you did not have the qualifications to continue to hold the post of Zeng's Group CEO, therefore you must resign . Moreover the stock in your hand sells by 10.01000% million prices to us.” This is the Zeng Family five old real objectives. They want the Zeng Ruo stock. 1% stocks 1 million!!” Time all people who hears this price stare, at the Zeng's Group present wealth, this simply is the white vegetable price. You also are really benevolent, but after you were grasped, your stocks I to money, I on average will not apportion in your stocks the family the capable person.” To the Zeng Family five old procedures, Zeng Ruo lets present these people more satisfied. Zeng Family five must always annex the Zeng Ruo wealth, but Zeng Ruo actually must get down their stock minutes. You.” Racket that Zeng Family five always make an effort on table, angry looks to Zeng Ruo. Hey, have you sufficed noisily?” Has sat in Zeng Ruo Xia Tian opens the mouth to say suddenly. You are any thing, share that here you have not spoken.” The Zeng Family Boss exclaimed to Xia Tian. Is so long as has solved these five old fogies, won't have troublesome?” Xia Tian looked that asked to Zeng Ruo. Xia Tian, do not impulse, two days, these old fogies ended.” Zeng Ruo knows Xia Tian to be fierce, but she does not hope Xia Tian, for she makes a trouble to herself.

I could not wait for two days, I believe that so long as the trustee died, then Quicksand will not go to work oneself to death for the deceased person.” Xia Tian has stood, afterward five always walks toward Zeng Family. Xia Tian, do not impulse.” Zeng Ruo shouts hurriedly. Handsome boy, do you want to do?” Zeng Family five old vigilant looks at Xia Tian, because their five heard Quicksand this glossary from the Xia Tian mouth a moment ago, can know that the Quicksand person absolutely is not an average person. Zeng Ruo, I knew, he certainly is Assassins that you invited, you want to silence a witness of crime.” The Zeng Family third child shouts hurriedly, he such shouted, in conference room other people all vigilant looks at Xia Tian. ! A clear palm of the hand sound: Are many on your words.” „Do you dare to hit me?” The Zeng Family third child is covering own face, angry saying. ! I hit you, again?” Xia Tian has given him a palm of the hand. You..” ! Your what you?” I..” ! My what I?”

!!! A series of palm of the hand sounds have spread over the entire conference room, in the conference room other people looked to stay, the person in room also looked down upon him a moment ago, thinks that he is a handsome boy, but has not thought of his unexpectedly so violence. The Zeng Family third child is always meanest that they rather annoy the temperament irritable Zeng Family Boss, is not willing to provoke this mean third child. But at this time Xia Tian unexpectedly has made into the pig head the Zeng Family third child's face. Do not hit, does not want.. Hit.” The Zeng Family third child has not talked clearly the words. ! You make me not hit, I do not hit, that does not have the face.” Xia Tian is a palm of the hand makes, nobody dares to go forward to stop. Hits me, hits.. I.” Zeng Laosan shouts hurriedly. ! Such inexpensive request, satisfies your one time.” Xia Tian is a palm of the hand, the Zeng Family third child knocks down directly. Who should?” Xia Tian the vision changed several other old. Remaining when several always see the Xia Tian vision in heart one cold, is start retreat cannot help but, regarding them, Xia Tian probably is plague god is the same. Thump!! The gate of conference room was sounded.