Almighty Student - Volume 1 - Chapter 43

Now is meeting, some unexpectedly people knock on a door, generally in this situation definitely has any important matter. But for these days in the company the biggest matter was Zeng Ruo and Zeng Family five old between struggles, in this situation should not some people knock on a door is right. Also before Zeng Ruo entered met, had told did not have what important matter, did not make anybody come to disturb. Hears the knock old, Zeng Family several at heart simultaneously one happy, they know that person came finally, so long as this person came, then their plans must succeed. But the present fiendish person was impossible to continue wildly. I open the door.” The Zeng Family Boss runs to open the door hurriedly, he was still a moment ago worried Xia Tian next must cope can be he, now hears this knock, his was happier. After opening the door, wore the man of true thing to walk, this person of look was average, wears eyeglasses. What matter has?” Zeng Ruo frowns to look to this person, she does not know this person. Is Wang Zong makes me deliver to you material.” True thing man's in one pack of documents with start moves toward Zeng Ruo, saw that time Zeng Family of this person five old have all shown the smiling face. They know that this person certainly is Assassins that Quicksand sends. Wait / Etc.!” Xia Tian corners of the mouth slightly one evil, afterward moves toward the western-style clothes man. Hears the Xia Tian words, the Zeng Family five old innermost feelings are one tight, saw that the western-style clothes man has been away from Zeng Ruo to be so near, but suddenly had such uncertainties. Since this person knows that existence of Quicksand, that certainly is not an average person. Looks at Xia Tian nearness western-style clothes man step by step, their hearts all hung, the innermost feelings were very anxious, wish one could themselves to turn into the person of that Quicksand, now immediately rushes to a Zeng Ruo blade. I am very curious, do the employees in your company wear the military leather shoes to go to work?” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, afterward patted with the hand above that document. Military leather shoes?” Did all people all look to that western-style clothes man, the staff have worn the military leather shoes?

That western-style clothing man knows immediately own exposed, the one of the right hand under the document touches, a handle dagger appears in his hands, punctures directly to Zeng Ruo. Killed people!!” When the dagger must prick the Zeng Ruo body immediately, the dagger was gripped by two fingers, how regardless of that Assassins makes an effort, the dagger is unable the little advance slightest. Person of body fast retreat that Quicksand, has fished out a (spear|gun) from the waist afterward. Sees he puts out the (spear|gun) time, in the Zeng Family five old hearts is one happy, so near distance, was the deity cannot rescue Zeng Ruo, so long as Zeng Ruo died, they naturally had the means to take the Zeng Ruo stock. Assassins when body retreat instantaneous to open fire. But (spear|gun) unexpectedly has not made a sound. He took away several trigger, the (spear|gun) has not made a sound. „Are you looking for it?” Xia Tian bullet throwing in hand on the ground, a moment ago when his close Assassins, the bullet had been removed by him, the speed that but he gets rid is too fast, Assassins has not felt. This Assassins is also Rank 3 Assassins, according to Xia Tian own computation, oneself copes with these Rank 3 Assassins can be said as oppressive. Although the Quicksand person has not known his strength temporarily, but he knows that before long Quicksand knows before he no longer was that waste Xia Tian, when the time comes Quicksand will send out Rank 2 Assassins. These Assassins are true Expert, will not be all Assassins only will use the dagger and pistol, they will have Sniper Rifle, the blasting explosive wait / etc.. This is how possible.” That Quicksand Assassins whole face inconceivable looks to Xia Tian. In his mind is calculating fast and disparity between Xia Tian, can be quietly picks off his bullet, this proved Xia Tian can also be quietly has killed him, cannot resist with all one's strength, turn around must escape. „Did I ask you to leave?” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, that person of both legs one soft, knelt on the ground directly, afterward a Xia Tian foot kicked in the place of his scruff, that Assassins has fainted.

But at this time the security also finally rushed. What to do now should?” Zeng Ruo looked that inquired to Xia Tian. Makes the police come first, later makes these securities defend in the entrance, will not have opened.” Xia Tian turned head, looks at the vision to other Zeng Family several old fogies. „.” The Zeng Family Boss said hurriedly: Had such matter, today's conference I look or consider as finished.” Ok?” Xia Tian arrived at the front of big elder instantaneously, a hand carried him: Here is not you decides probably.” „Do you want to do? Zeng Ruo, you have not made him stop.” Zeng Family Boss' complexion changes. Punches you.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, brushes the Zeng Family Boss directly on the ground, hitting that afterward the fist makes an effort above his four limbs, the quick Zeng Family second child, the fourth child, the fifth child has not escaped all from the Xia Tian evil clutches. Looks that same folded to the human pyramid in the same place five people, Xia Tian has shouted one: Also who?” I give you one living the opportunity, sold to Sister Rou the stock, then waited for the police to come to surrender, otherwise my method you should be know.” Xia Tian looked that five always continues to say to Zeng Family: If you dare to make a show with me, you can continue to taste my following method.” Naturally, you have also been able the police to tell that is I makes into this you, but you ask that who other people dare to testify to you.” The threat, the naked threat, the Xia Tian words are not only are threatening Zeng Family five old, presents in the threat all people. In the entire conference room is very peaceful. „Can't you very much say a moment ago? You not very reasonable?” Xia Tian looks to these people on the scene, including Zeng Family five old: „The fist before me is the top priority.” What objection does everybody have?” Zeng Ruo looks to other shareholders, coped with Zeng Family five old also to require three days, but Zeng Family five old should unable to be inescapable at this time, so long as Zeng Family five always surrendered, then the following matter she can definitely process. No, we have supported Chief Zeng.”

Right, Chief Zeng these years exhaust the painstaking care for Zeng's Group, where we make money to have any objection.” We follow the lead by Chief Zeng.” Stands to show the determination, palm of the hand and sweet jujube are just in an instant, they do not want to offend Xia Tian that Evil Star. Good, I announced that starting today, Xia Tian is the general manager in our company, he can manage all departments.” Zeng Ruo proposed. Sister Rou, my anything does not understand, moreover I am not interested in these things.” A Xia Tian brow wrinkle. Has not related, your what does not use, you only needed to wait to be good with the wages, one month 20,000, naturally, you are not in vain with the wages, what crisis once in the company presented time, you must bravely step forward, how is it?” Zeng Ruo looked that asked to Xia Tian. Sister Rou you are really the good abacus, one month 20,000 gave to buy over me.” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head. „Did you agree?” Zeng Ruo looks to other shareholders. Agreement.” All people all agreed that one month 20,000 hired peerless Expert to protect this company, they did not agree to be strange. The police rushed finally, has explained to them in some outside people, said that has Assassins to assassinate Zeng Ruo, but by the uniform, the gate of conference room was just opened, Xia Tian on thorough being shocked. How is you?”