Almighty Student - Volume 1 - Chapter 44

Stands in Xia Tian front police is not others Nike policewoman Lin Bingbing, saw Xia Tian time she also slightly stares, yesterday evening Xia Tian also helped her complete mission, today unexpectedly has bumped into Xia Tian in this place. All to me standing two sides, you collect here evidence, these witness also all carry off.” Lin Bingbing walks male police, both hands fork waist is directing there. „Does police gentleman, what witness also need now? If you have any issue to ask us here.” Zeng Ruo looked that said to that male police. I am police, you are police, must listen my, the (spear|gun) came out, your those present must go back to investigate with me.” Saying of male police rude and unreasonable, a Lin Bingbing brow wrinkle. Xu Dui, is the police who they reported that this person must take shot they, they were just the victims . Moreover the five old fogies in that side also surrendered a moment ago, said that was they pulls strings.” Lin Bingbing does not want to make the matter noisy. „Am I Captain am you am Captain?” Xu Dui discontented looks to Lin Bingbing: I suspected that now the authenticity of this case, all people must go back to investigate with me.” Xu Dui long, my attorney in your, there is any matter you with him to negotiate, if all right, we must walk.” Zeng Ruo with pointing at has referred to the Xu Dui long behind attorney, the Zeng's Group such big company, how possibly not to have the attorney. How are you are teaching me to go to be police?” Xu Dui wicked looks to Zeng Ruo: Gives me to grasp, I suspected they are one group.” Xu Dui is long, you determined that you do want such to do? These people on the scene may be public figure, your warrant of arrest does not have, did not inquire that the process of matter must make an arrest, I can consider you.” The attorneys in attorney all stood in the Xu Dui front. Snort.” Xu Dui long cold snort: You also look to do, all grasps to me.” Xu Dui is long, you such do are violating the stipulation.” Lin Bingbing could not bear finally, she does not understand how Xu Dui today was. All responsibility are shouldered by me.” Xu Dui waved, these police have encircled the people. Good, we follow you, how I have a look at you to end finally.” Zeng Ruo takes the lead to walk toward outside, this line was several people, Xia Tian has not said anything.

The people move toward downstairs, after person walks in the presence of everyone, Xu Dui long looked flustered to dial a telephone: I all illuminated your words to do, you have quickly put my wife and daughter.” Relax, you make their people board the large cart, Zeng Family five always board the car.” Telephone that has broadcast the gloomy sound. When are you willing to let off my daughter and wife?” Xu Dui long angry saying. So long as you make them board, I immediately have put your daughter and wife.” After Xu Dui long has hung up the telephone, moved toward downstairs with the people together, downstairs altogether came four police vehicles, of large-scale sending under custody criminal, saw that this police vehicle all people stare. This Xu Dui before coming to know that will escort away these many people? Therefore also drives the large cart. Your five, go to that car(riage), you go to that large cart.” Xu Dui long has referred to that large cart. Xu Dui is long, we just go back to assist to investigate with you, why can ride the prison van? If your police station does not have the car(riage), we have.” Zeng Ruo looks at the prison van saying that if they boarded the prison van, will then certainly cause very big stir, when the time comes the stock will have the fluctuation. Therefore they cannot absolutely on this car(riage). Quickly boards to me, otherwise my to open fire.” Xu Dui long puts out to match the (spear|gun) to aim at Zeng Ruo and the others. Has the skill your to open fire, we will be absolutely not on this car(riage).” Zeng Ruo angry looked that is long to Xu Dui. You think that I do not dare to open fire.” Xu Dui long shouts loudly.

You open one to try.” The sound of gloomy terrifying appears in Xu Dui long together, reason that this person Xia Tian, he a moment ago went downstairs does not want to return to Police Department with them, but wanted to have a look at this Xu Dui long to play any trick, now he looked to understand, the below of that prison van had a timing bomb, so long as Zeng Ruo boarded, then after several minutes, the bomb will explode the heaven a car(riage) person. Brat where you jump.” Xu Dui long has aimed at Xia Tian the muzzle. I urged you quickly to put down (spear|gun).” Xia Tian expression ice-cold saying. I, or?” ! The Xia Tian direct palm of the hand hit on the Xu Dui long face, the (spear|gun) in hand does not know that which projected on. „Are you doing? You are the assault.” A Lin Bingbing brow wrinkle, although she does not like Xia Tian, but does not hope that saw Xia Tian was grasped, after all Xia Tian has helped her busy. Your retreat.” Xia Tian looked that said to other Zeng Ruo and directors. Hears the Xia Tian words, although that several people do not know his anything meaning, but listens his, all withdraws, after all actions of Xia Tian in conference room makes them not dare to revolt. Xia Tian, do you know that you are doing?” Lin Bingbing brow tight wrinkle. In car(riage) has the bomb.” Xia Tian light saying. What? You were said that in the car(riage) had bomb!” Lin Bingbing surprised looks to Xia Tian.

Xia Tian walks to the position that the car(riage) is at directly, afterward both hands have traced the moment near the fuel tank, a bomb appears in his hands, bomb also at countdown, only remaining three minutes. All person retreat.” Lin Bingbing shouts hurriedly. This.” Xu Dui was shocked steadily thoroughly, he understands finally that person must do, he thinks that person just wants they to be taken into Police Department by oneself Zeng Ruo. But he has not thought that person of goal unexpectedly is this bomb. Takes into Police Department Zeng Ruo, he most discards the rice bowl, if these many people died, his many heads are insufficient. Xia Tian, quickly looks to place a spacious nobody's place the bomb, asking the explosive disposal expert to come not to be anxious.” Lin Bingbing shouts hurriedly. The person who at this time periphery these watch the fun already ran did not know the trace, Zeng's Group these directors also hid in the building, only then a Zeng Ruo face worried looks at Xia Tian. Why?” What why? That induces the bomb, the might is very big, once explodes, the surrounding area ten meters will be exploded the flat land.” Lin Bingbing shouts hurriedly, she suspected really the Xia Tian brain has the issue, in the hand is taking that dangerous gadget, but also and she chatted in that. Captured it is not good.” Xia Tian that heavy line will capture directly, saw that his action presents in all will of the people is one cold, in the situation of this crisis his unexpectedly also dares with the hand the demolition bomb, in the event of the issue, these people possible not to run away.