Almighty Student - Volume 1 - Chapter 45

The time stopped, time on the timing bomb stopped. „Did your idiot, actually you know dangerously a moment ago.” Lin Bingbing angry trend Xia Tian, a moment ago was really too dangerous, if Xia Tian pulled out to miss, then nearby all people ended. Has not exploded.” Xia Tian serious saying. I meant what to do, if has exploded!” Lin Bingbing angry saying. Has not exploded, does not believe you to have a look.” Xia Tian has given Lin Bingbing the bomb. That is a bomb, gives me, must ask the special expert to deal with it.” The Lin Bingbing cautious and solemn receiving bomb, she has informed the demolition expert to come. At this moment, the eye of Xia Tian searched a path, this path was very thin, looked familiar very much. This is.. Bullet, then the goal is?” Xia Tian looks with the path that saw Zeng Ruo just right, in other words the bullet shoots at Zeng Ruo, the both feet dodges fast, Xia Tian arrives in front of Zeng Ruo instantaneously, throws her, in she falls down a Xia Tian body revolution, was well-grounded by own body first. This will not make Zeng Ruo throw down. The bullet across the position that Zeng Ruo stood a moment ago, her behind glass hit smashing. Hiding, is a sniper.” Lin Bingbing shouts hurriedly, however in this time, the second bullet hit, this time goal was not Zeng Ruo, but was Xu Dui is long. The bullet pierced his forehead. Xu Dui.” All people hid. Sister Rou, you treat do not move here, I dislike these in the back li (0.5km) to open fire person, I go to clutch him.” Xia Tian places behind Zeng Ruo a pillar, presents other people also all seeks for the bunker. This is not cracking a joke, that is a live ammunition, saw that pours in ground Xu Dui is long, everyone is the true fear, the appearance that Xu Dui long was insufferably arrogant a moment ago, but had actually been punctured the body by the bullet at this time.

Today's matter was too skillful, Xu Dui long just started to Zeng Ruo detain, happen to that sent under custody in the Zeng Ruo car(riage) to install a timing bomb, this has to make everybody suspect Xu Dui long attempt. However Xu Dui long this time had actually been killed, this was silencing a witness of crime obviously. Nobody dares to crop up, the bullet does not eat without working. When everybody innermost feelings are very intense, Xia Tian has stood, vision stubbornly is staring at the roof in opposite that tall building. Hateful, making him give to run away.” Xia Tian holds Zeng Ruo, the opposite party goal is very clear, is Zeng Ruo and that Xu Dui is long, a person only gives a (spear|gun), regardless of okay fast retreats. This technique and decisive is not Rank 3 Assassins can have, this showed that Rank 2 Assassins went into action. But Rank 2 Assassins compared with the Xia Tian imagination in also formidabe, first putting in an appearance, the appearance of Xia Tian opposite party has not seen. Xia Tian, are you doing?” Lin Bingbing saw that Xia Tian stands to shout hurriedly. He walked.” This time besides Xia Tian and Zeng Ruo, other people also hides in behind of bunker, these police are searching high and low the sniper, hears the Xia Tian words, they have not relaxed vigilantly. You are my~ oh my big apple~. Xia Tian, you one will come Jianghai University.” older female cousin, what happened?” Tang Yan has challenged, this Basketball team all regular members came.”

Then has any relations with me.” Captain of Basketball team is the Jianghai University Vice-principal son, if you do not accept the challenge, he will make his father switch off Literature and Art Department.” Good, I one on the past.” Xia Tian has hung up the telephone. Saw that Xia Tian has made such a long time phone call there, hid the people in corner has stood finally. Now here has left behind one pile of mess, from just started the assassination that in addition afterward Xu Dui long rather received to punish must force on Zeng Ruo to be loaded with the car(riage) of bomb, final sniper. Madame Zeng, today's matter we will give you an answer.” Lin Bingbing arrived at side Zeng Ruo. „Do you know Xia Tian?” The intuition of woman is very keen. Um.” Lin Bingbing nodded. Today's matter, if there is anything to need to ask my attorney who assists to investigate.” The meaning of Zeng Ruo is very obvious, you know Xia Tian, I give you face, today's matter. Otherwise Xu Dui long did has brought too many negative impacts to the police station. Zeng Ruo in Jiang Hai City that is public figure, Zeng's Group pays over a billion Yuan tax revenue to the country absolutely every year, is receives the national protection the regular enterprise, but she is almost killed by police today. If the government cannot to a satisfactory answer, will then make all entrepreneurs lose the security sense. This is a very serious issue.

However Zeng Ruo a few words, had uncovered this matter a moment ago, the reason is only because Lin Bingbing knew with Xia Tian that can say Zeng Ruo this gives fully the Xia Tian face. Lin Bingbing does not know that because of Zeng Ruo these words, she has been promoted, because she has solved the Zeng Ruo event, Xu Dui was dismissed the party membership, she has replaced the Xu Dui position. The Xu Dui wife and daughters were salvaged in the seashore. Naturally, this is something to be talked about later, now he has solved Zeng Family five old, has killed these Quicksand people, if that Zeng Family five never continue money, Quicksand should not continue to send out Assassins. Although said that the Quicksand objective is so long as has met, then certainly kills the person, but they are not the philanthropists, impossible never-ending sending out Assassins, like this time in view of the assassination of Zeng Ruo, in normal condition, so long as Rank 3 Assassins can kill Zeng Ruo, therefore Zeng Family five old merely have also paid Rank 3 Assassins the money. But Rank 3 Assassins was unable to kill Zeng Ruo, then Quicksand will continue to send out Assassins, at this time needs to hire the person to continue to make a payment, because employment person not Xia Tian exists to tell Quicksand, making Quicksand also lose Rank 3 Assassins. Quicksand gets rid to send out two Rank 3 Assassins to get rid generally together, was worried that first Assassins is defeated, at this time second Assassins will get rid, but these two Assassins do not know when the opposite party gets rid. Zeng Family five old to kill Zeng Ruo has spent the high price, not only has hired two Rank 3 Assassins, but also has hired Rank 2 Assassins. Xia Tian has solved two Rank 3 Assassins, now also remaining Rank 2 Assassins, so long as Xia Tian is killing that Rank 2 Assassins, actually then the assassination of this Quicksand terminates. Only if Zeng Family five always continue the capital, but Zeng Family five old surrendered now, their funds had been frozen, moreover their this whole life can only treat in the firmness.