Almighty Student - Volume 1 - Chapter 46

Sister Rou, my meeting must go to Jianghai University, you go with me together.” Xia Tian does not make a Zeng Ruo person treat here, has Rank 2 Assassins after all in the hidden place. I go to that side to arrange.” Zeng Ruo nodded, she knows Xia Tian to protect her. Now some here also matters need to process, saw that Zeng Ruo had confessed simply, these many mess some people have been solved, Xia Tian looks envies. Sister Hui, Jianghai University has the Basketball match today.” CNBA has not started, should that be the friendly match?” „It is not the friendly match, is follows god of that Basketball to be related.” What? The god of Basketball? Is that marksman of that every shot hits the target?” Is he, the god of that Basketball Fang Li defeats, hears this time them to revenge, but also has used the relations of Xue Chuan, his father is Jianghai University Vice-principal, if Ye Qingxue does not accept the challenge, dismisses Literature and Art Department.” It seems like the Jianghai University Basketball department was more and more disappointing, I think the arrival of Tang Yan can make the Basketball department have some improvements, but method some were too despicable.” Your previous time do not have a look at the god of Basketball to play a ball game again? This is a good opportunity.” „Since previous time Basketball match, I could not find the trail of that person, this time is a good opportunity.” Yang Buhai is Basketball headhunter, year to year mingles among the Basketball enterprise, her work discovers the Basketball talent, seeks for the Basketball talent, leads into the Basketball talent the CBA battlefield. Most players excavate from CNBA. Previous time she watched the competition of Xia Tian, shocks is very big, in her eyes, Xia Tian various aspects have into the potential of super giant star, she will find the way to inquire the Xia Tian matter from now on, but called Xia Tian besides the name finally her anything has not inquired. This time cannot certainly make you run away.” Sister Wen, I think that this time matter possibly is the misunderstanding, I do not know that Xue Chuan will do such, I also only heard.” Tang Yan answered.

„The Xue Chuan matter I naturally can process, Student Association is my, does not have anybody to dissolve any department besides me, even if Vice-principal not.” Huo Wennu aggressive four leak. Saw that Huo Wennu was angry, Tang Yan is one is also at a loss for words, she knows the Huo Wennu back strength, reason that she can become busy that instructor or Huo Wennu of Basketball department help. The Basketball enterprise is her dream, her wish makes the Jianghai University Basketball team win the national champions, she has also turned toward this goal, but is trying hard. In order to let the people of Basketball team accepts this female instructor, she has paid many labor. Sister Wen, my this looks for Xue Chuan they, making them stop this farce.” Tang Yan stands up to leave. Does not use.” Sits Ye Qingxue that had not opened the mouth in side said: Sister Wen, Xia Tian already on the road, I am Literature and Art Department Section Head, I have the right to protect the Literature and Art Department dignity.” Xia Tian! What you said is that making Wang Nianlin admit defeat, and defeats Fang Li that person.” Huo Wennu to some Xia Tian impressions, but in her eyes, other Xia Tian and man do not have what difference, therefore she does not have many understands Xia Tian. Is he.” Ye Qingxue nodded. Since the person came, I can agree with this competition, since is the competition, that must have a good luck.” Huo Wennu looked that said to Tang Yan. Any good luck, Sister Wen you decide.” Tang Yan said. This competition is Xue Chuan does, if he lost, that made him kneel down to admit mistakes to Xia Tian.” Sister Wen, you also know that the Xue Chuan temperament, making him such do, how is this possible?” Tang Yan hears the Huo Wennu words to ask. This is your matter.” Meanwhile in Basketball department. „The Sichuan elder brother, heard that eldest sister was called by Huo Wennu that vixen.”

I know.” Xue Chuan kept a serious look saying. You also know that fierce of that vixen, it seems like our competitions should be cut down.” Does not have the means that I cannot stir up her.” The Xue Chuan expression is such serious. We had no way to revenge, the people in entire school know that the people of our Basketball department lost to Literature and Art Department that gang to be effeminate, moreover on Basketball that in we most excelled at lost.” Fang Li, you give me to come.” Xue Chuan looks up to Fang Li. Captain you thought that I was also graceful? I also such feel.” Saying of Fang Li very narcissism. Really that person some you said is so fierce?” Xue Chuan knows that Fang Li skill, can lose to the opposite party that big score absolutely is not the general idea and fault. But was the opposite party is too strong. I have not run into that strong match.” Fang Li is usually very difficult a proper appearance, since the previous competition, so long as some people mentioned that god of that competition and that Basketball, he will become proper. Knows that who he is?” Xue Chuan asked. Does not know that I look for person of Zha Guo, but does not have any news, I only know that he called Xia Tian, was Ye Qingxue invites.” Fang Li shook the head. If can find such talented person to enter the Basketball team, we really had the opportunity to win the national champions.” On the face of Xue Chuan never will as if have the smiling face to be ordinary. Eldest sister came back.” All people all looked to entrance Tang Yan, Tang Yan lowering the head a few words had not said. Eldest sister head, competed by Huo Wennu that vixen cancelling.” I know that vixen definitely will come out to stop.”

It seems like we have no way to revenge.” The people of Basketball department, after the previous competition loses to Literature and Art Department, where they arrive at to be looked down upon, the plan won the face by this competition, but looked that now the Tang Yan expression knows absolutely is not the good news. Eldest sister head, you said that how does Huo Wennu decide?” Xue Chuan asked She said that the competition can carry on, but must have the gambling stake.” Tang Yan looks to Xue Chuan, she understood that Xue Chuan temperament, this is she is also awkwardest. What gambling stake?” Xue Chuan asked again. If you lost, you must kneel down to admit mistakes to Xia Tian.” Tang Yan wrinkles the delicate eyebrows to say. What? That vixen went too far, how can she like this?” What wind does she pull out? It is not good, this matter is not absolutely good.” „Her is insulting Captain.” Xue Chuan arrogance all people know that he will not always lower the head in anybody's front, and has given people a feeling of keeping aloof, usually is serious and callous. I agreed.”