Almighty Student - Volume 1 - Chapter 47

Xue Chuan has golden key to grow up since childhood, the father is Jianghai University Vice-principal, the status in entire Jiang Hai City is very high, where regardless of he from infancy to maturity arrives at to be commended. Long commander-in-chief, high, in family rich, is Captain of Basketball team. In his individuality Basketball team everyone is clear, Tang Yan just arrived at time nobody of Basketball team to go her to be serious radically, at that time in the Basketball team all people listened to the Captain Xue Chuan words. Until afterward Tang Yan had put out own real skill, leading the Basketball team to win the team in CBA in the friendly match, since then Xue Chuan started to approve Tang Yan, everybody also listened to the Tang Yan words, but Xue Chuan also merely approved to her. The condition that Huo Wennu put forward could be said as very harsh, knelt down to admit mistakes, this simply in insult person, but Xue Chuan understands that this was Huo Wennu is warning itself. Before he had the person to go to the Literature and Art Department challenge, used oneself father's given name to threaten Ye Qingxue, now Huo Wennu instead a car. She is setting up the prestige, sets up the prestige with Xue Chuan. Huo Wennu in Jianghai University that absolutely is existence that nobody dares to annoy, including his Xue Chuan, although his father is Vice-principal, but was the Jianghai University principal and director sees Huo Wennu also to greet on own initiative. The Huo Wennu background is very formidable, the Jiang Hai City biggest reactionary gang is called Fire Cloud Gang, it is said the Fire Cloud Gang Boss is Captain of former Country Party, he has not gone to Taiwan with other Country Parties, but stayed in the inland, founded Fire Cloud Gang. The influence that Fire Cloud Gang involves not only has Jiang Hai City, the peripheral these cities have the Fire Cloud Gang business. Fire Cloud Gang is not that type robs, the business that the gang of murder, they involve has, movie, drama series, real estate wait / etc. many professions. Huo Wennu Fire Cloud Gang Boss' biological granddaughter, is in fire third generations the most outstanding juniors.

Xue Chuan naturally knows the Huo Wennu influence, reason that he threatens Ye Qingxue is to experience the god of that Basketball to have in the legend really that the god, projects on this Realm Basketball, even if these Expert in CBA he does not pay attention, only if these stars in NBA can make him admire. What did you say?” Tang Yan whole face inconceivable looks at Xue Chuan. Boss, you have not listened clearly, that vixen is makes you kneel down to admit mistakes.” The people look puzzled to Xue Chuan. I know.” Xue Chuan gaining ground of slowly: That is only a gambling stake, was we loses has needed me to kneel down to admit mistakes, but we have won the words did not use.” But Captain, that Xia Tian is very fierce.” Fang Li brow tight wrinkle looks to Xue Chuan. „Don't you have confidence to me? Moreover is not I goes to battle, our five same places go to battle, the Basketball department complete main force goes to battle together, I must have a look at him to have living that any skill meets but actually.” Xue Chuan self-confident saying, this time he must attack fully, a five member all goes on stage. This is the absolute strength. Xue Chuan, did you determine?” Tang Yan earnest looks to Xue Chuan. Right.” Good, Basketball team all people gather, I must meet.” The Tang Yan sound has spread over the entire Basketball department. Jianghai University inside beauty like clouds, Ye Qingxue and Tang Yan such beauty also can only arrange at fourth to fifth, thus it can be seen, here beauty quality high, every year New Student will have actually many beauty to enter Jianghai University, including many beauty emerge.

But Jianghai University first beauty actually has not changed. Yun Miao is first beauty that Jianghai University deserves, once some people arranged to become Heji to send her every action and every movement in online, afterward instantaneously in headline. She was called most approaches immortal spirit beauty, looks that she as if saw fairy maiden descends to earth general, Chang E has beautiful everybody to hear, but never has the person to see, Jianghai University all people think that is Chang E descends to earth not necessarily has Yun Miao to be attractive. She gives the feeling of person to be sacred, where regardless of she walks periphery probably sparkles ten thousand zhang (3.33 m) ray to be common. Senior Sister, had looks lively.” An appearance extremely ordinary female draws Yun Miao to say. You, hurriedly, what happened?” The Yun Miao sound just like the oriole, sounds to make people feel that entered the fairyland to be ordinary. You remember several days ago makes the god of noisy that Basketball, he must carry on to compete with the Basketball department, heard that this time is Xue Chuan leads personally, all personnel go forth to battle completely.” This has anything to be attractive.” Yun Miao said. Senior Sister, I felt that the god of that Basketball is not an average person, you goal that forgot us to come out? If this person has the relations with Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll.” Came Jiang Hai City already these many years, before inquired fragment scroll possibly in the hand of Xia Tianlong, but he also died, the fragment scroll news thoroughly vanished, from then on I again have not heard the related fragment scroll matter.” Yun Miao continues saying: Person who attended that war has over a hundred people, 12 countries, nobody knows that actually fragment scroll fell in whose hand.” Senior Sister, sometimes we want to look for any thing time, possibly that thing is unattainable, but sometimes had the possibility we are only watches the fun can find the related fragment scroll news also perhaps.”

Really lost to you, coming out that this reason you also thought.” Yun Miao helpless saying. Senior Sister, you go with me, I want to take a look at god of long anything appearance that Basketball really very much.” Well good, lets your willful one time.” Yun Miao nodded. This Basketball competition aroused the interests of many person, the Basketball team whole staff sent out to fighting Literature and Art Department the god of foreign aid Basketball, this can be a good play absolutely, the god of previous Basketball in the Jianghai University big show invincible might, later went into hiding. All people very much anticipated whether the god of this Basketball can also win once more. His that wonderful ultra far shooting will appear whether. Even some reporters also heard this matter, they planned that exits this time sports event live transmission, moreover must illuminate the appearance of god of clear Basketball, although previous time also the videos of god of some Basketball, but does not have the picture of god of any related Basketball. Zeng Ruo accompanied Xia Tian to arrive at Jianghai University together, Zeng Ruo and Xia Tian underwent negotiations, Zeng Ruo expressed the matter that last night had she is only regarded as a dream, with Xia Tian any relations, later she has not been the Xia Tian elder sister, but was not lover's relations. This matter was she has thought decision that for a long time made very much, she was old, Xia Tian so was young, moreover so was also outstanding, she does not hope, because own made Xia Tian place on her the complete thoughts selfishly. Although Xia Tian said that he will take responsibility, however the Zeng Ruo manner is very firm, finally Xia Tian also can only helpless acceptance.