Almighty Student - Volume 1 - Chapter 49

! This palm of the hand hits for me, do you know that hits your me is very tired.” Shock!! Presented all people to be shocked by such scene, the people of Li Section Head behind these sports departments were the dumbfounded, this time picture are they can never think that they felt they looked like are having a dream to be the same. Saw that Li Section Head was hit, Yan Xu hurried sneaked off from the crowd, he really has feared Xia Tian, if Xia Tian has not hit to satisfy a craving hits him again, he may be wronged and driven to death. Literature and Art Department these people completely were also frightened by the Xia Tian violence. „!!” Has cried, Li Section Head unexpectedly cried. All people on the scene hoodwinked, Section Head unexpectedly of solemn sports department has cried, was hit to cry, this also too dramatic, Xia Tian also gawked , that unyielding man at this time unexpectedly cried a moment ago. Good, I do not hit, you can not need to cry.” Xia Tian helpless saying. „!!” Li Section Head weeping sound was bigger. Cries again, cries I to kill you again.” Xia Tian expression expression ice-cold saying, hears the Xia Tian words, Li Section Head really does not cry. Quickly vanishes, do not make me see you again.” Li Section Head hears the Xia Tian words, turns the head to escape hurriedly, does not return. „Do you still do in this, or do I also deliver you a regulation?” Xia Tian looked at these people of sports department, these people were dingy running away. A not far away person sits there. Xia Tian! interesting.” This person Huo Wennu, but she has not gone to Literature and Art Department, but is turn around leaves.

After the small interlude, has not affected everybody's mood, because they understand that Xia Tian to protect Literature and Art Department such does, Xia Tian only suppresses to these enemies. Today's competition is somewhat tough.” Ye Qingxue looked that said to Xia Tian. Does not have the issue.” Xia Tian replied. I have not said thornily.” Ye Qingxue continues to say. Has not related, I will not lose.” Xia Tian light saying. I told you, this competition is Basketball department all members competes completely, previous time your Fang Li to war is just one, this time is five.” Situation that Ye Qingxue will compete simple said to Xia Tian. Does not have the issue.” You will say do not have issue, this time matter Sister Wen meddled, she said that so long as you won have made Xue Chuan kneel down to admit mistakes to this time matter, I reminded you, this time won cannot make him kneel, the person had the dignity, although Xue Chuan this time somewhat excessive, but he has not done.” Ye Qingxue most is worried is Xia Tian upward time treats Tang Yan to be the same, pursues Tang Yan to make her fulfill the gambling to make. The words that although Xue Chuan spoke were somewhat excessive, but Ye Qingxue also knows that Xue Chuan will not do, reason that he said to draw out Xia Tian. Does not have the issue.” The competition must start immediately, this Ye Qingxue has not called the foreign aid, but makes Xia Tian bring Literature and Art Department that four mother artillery to go on stage together, Zeng Ruo entered the infield with the Literature and Art Department person together. The people of Basketball department all came today, all person whole staff arrive in full, comes for their five keep it up together, these Basketball treasure, Tang Yan has not made them dance, but this does not affect their enthusiasms, in the forefront of stand is Basketball department keep it up. The Literature and Art Department support level increases, even some people are also lifting the sign of god of Basketball, but on the sign does not have the Xia Tian head picture, but is the Xia Tian back. The previous time competition nobody pats the Xia Tian head picture, therefore can only use his back. You look quickly, isn't that Jianghai University first beauty Yun Miao?”

Her unexpectedly also came to see to compete.” Really was too attractive, I approached her courage not to have.” Saw the arrival of Yun Miao, these person of vision on stand is all attracted the past, these men all were a face pig elder brother's appearance, however their common grounds do not dare to approach Yun Miao, once they wanted to approach, will have the feeling of feeling inferior at heart. Today's competition many people, the seat had almost been filled, however the arrival of Yun Miao some people start to offer one's seat to somebody immediately. Yun Miao, sits here.” Speech Huo Wennu, although she is not familiar with Yun Miao, but they have seen. Yun Miao also nodded, Huo Wennu there position is very good, moreover her surrounding position also nobody dares to sit, this was Yun Miao has also saved many troubles. Senior Sister, that person should be the god of Basketball.” Spirit, these many people do not call me Senior Sister.” Yun Miao said in a low voice. „, Miao elder sister, that person is the god of Basketball.” Spirit with the man who pointing at has referred to Literature and Art Department there only looks like man, Literature and Art Department here altogether on five men, other four is mother artillery, only then Xia Tian seems like a normal man. Not anything specially.” Yun Miao looked at Xia Tian one. The competition finally started. Fights for the ball!” Elder Brother Tian, you go, they affirmed nobody can struggle you.” That four mother artillery unification of Literature and Art Department called Xia Tian is Elder Brother Tian. Idles, gave them to be good, struggled any struggle.” Xia Tian is disinclined to fight for ball from the start. God of keep it up Basketball.” Spirit on stand shouts loudly, her sound captured the past the Xia Tian attention, the Xia Tian vision looks is actually not she, but is her Yun Miao.

beautiful!! Xia Tian suddenly does not know how should describe beautiful of this female, his vision was attracted the past completely, X-Ray Vision eye opening cannot help but swept off to the body of this female. However he had discovered immediately a serious issue, X-Ray Vision eye unexpectedly expired. In order to confirm own X-Ray Vision eye, Xia Tian looks at the vision to her spirit, cannot see through. What's the matter, doesn't my X-Ray Vision eye spirit?” Xia Tian shifted the body of Huo Wennu the vision once more, has seen through, the clarity that this time he looked, Huo Wennu has not put from the start, but post chest post. This made him have doubts, why could not see through that two females, was their clothes has the strangeness. 2 : 0. In instance of Xia Tian god, Fang Li slamdunks the attractive score. Fresh flower is I wants, the applause is also I wants, I know that I am very graceful, but I think peaceful works as a handsome man.” Fang Li has exhibited a symbolic narcissistic movement. The Xia Tian look has not put aside from the body of Yun Miao, the Yun Miao beautiful makes him not hate to put aside own vision. Bang! 4 : 0. Xia Tian, are you up to mischief? Owed to tidy up.” Ye Qingxue loud shouting, heard the Ye Qingxue sound, Xia Tian restored, did not abandon put aside from Yun Miao the vision.