Almighty Student - Volume 1 - Chapter 5
Her shouted that immediately made everybody attract the vision, moreover everybody also clearly heard his name, Xia Tian, the Jianghai high school best two people were Huo Lajiao and Xu Shaocong. But Xia Tian unexpectedly has hit Xu Shaocong four big diamond, then discourteous Huo Lajiao. Right now Xia Tian thorough has become famous, left the given name in the Jianghai high school, moreover now is approaching the stage of college entrance examination. Hey, I bumping have not bumped you, is good that you grasp me not to put, said that the discourteous words are you are also discourteous I.” Xia Tian helpless looks at Huo Lajiao saying that Huo Lajiao is rude and unreasonable that became famous, but he has not expected Huo Lajiao unexpectedly to be so mindless. „A your such saying probably also a little truth.” Saying that Huo Lajiao thought aloud, but she had realized immediately she must do was not good, I cannot let loose you, only if you complied to teach me Martial Arts.” Teaches you Martial Arts? You looked that I do look like meet the Martial Arts appearance?” Xia Tian Martial Arts, a moment ago will not cope with the style of that four person or comes in Old Fan that plagiarize in the morning. You have certainly met, looked like you a moment ago such, that was the Xu Shaocong four big diamond, but your such several child all took down them.” Huo Lajiao remembered Xia Tian such is very a moment ago excited. Meanwhile another. Old Fan, investigated thoroughly.” Um, read to listen.” Xia Tian Male, 19 -year-old, mother after he was born is missing. Father when he was 14 years old accidental death. Now is attending the Jianghai high school, the academic record is outstanding, half a month ago had rescued Jianghai four respected family Zeng Family business world female chairman Zeng Ruo daughter, finally has not wanted the Zeng Ruo reward to leave the hospital. Now lives in his older female cousin that usually outside works to make money. Um, his father and can mother's news look up?” Cannot look up, is encrypts, his father is the A level encryption, mother is the S level encryption, our jurisdictions are insufficient.” Good, I knew, what sound recently Quicksand did there have?” Quicksand also noted him probably, but Quicksand should not get rid to him at once, these people wanted some same thing probably, but was not his life.”

Recently Jiang Hai City was not peaceful, I must leave here, you leave behind the protection breeze they, if who dares to move them to kill.” Young master he is very sensitive to us, you also know that the young master is Expert, our people had been taught by the young master.” That distance protection, especially Quicksand, Jiang Hai City besides Quicksand, nobody dares to move my son.” Meanwhile, Jiang Hai City first Assassins organizes in Quicksand. „Does Sir Yin Fu , when we get rid?” Now is also not the time, you watched him to me, once discovered that the dense volume immediately gets rid.” The body of Yin Fu puts on a black Chinese-style gown, the Chinese-style gown hides the whole person, but around his body was divulging the dark aura, in this darkness is also sending out ice-cold. Compliant.” Was right, watches that boy, if there are others also to note him, kills other people to me.” Yin Fu expression ice-cold saying, the potted flower of his front withers directly instantaneously. This time Xia Tian does not know that Jiang Hai City is going to have tremendous changes, he had just levelled Huo Lajiao that small girl, Huo Lajiao, although was not hugging him, but has followed in him behind, was good is expelled by her because of her two Zhengtai younger sisters, following that but her actually did not leave in Xia Tian behind. Master, when do you teach me Kungfu?” Huo Lajiao jumps in Xia Tian. I have said that I am not your Master, moreover my two moves, after that also will be me, will teach to my wife child.” Xia Tian helpless saying, he wants to send Huo Lajiao. That Master you received me.” Huo Lajiao ships out a piteous appearance. I am not the ocean of the law, receives you to make anything.” Xia Tian wants to buy a new cell phone, but must be made up by the card, although his contact person few, but Young Aunt and older female cousin must ask him to trouble. Master, what I said was you marries me not to be good, when the time comes you can teach your Kungfu to me.” The Huo Lajiao full brain is society peerless Martial Arts, becomes unparalleled female hero. Xia Tian took a fast look around Huo Lajiao one to curl the lip saying: You said you, wants stature not to have the stature, wants the appearance not to have the appearance, I do not marry you.” Huo Lajiao looked at own upper body, looked at itself. Master, your request should not be high, in any case I am also a woman, you gathered together wanted.” Huo Lajiao draws the arm of Xia Tian to beg. Good, when I have free time passes to you that two moves.” Xia Tian moved toward the selling area.

Master, has Guaguale, we blow several.” Huo Lajiao sees Guaguale excited saying of selling area entrance. „Aren't you short of money, blow it to do?” Xia Tian knit the brows saying that although he does not know the Huo Lajiao true status, but he has heard some related Huo Lajiao fables. It is said in the Huo Lajiao family is very rich, even has the relations with the underworld gang, moreover she usually spends to be also wasteful, like her the person to be how possibly short of money. I am like that anticipation feeling and exciting feeling.” Huo Lajiao drew Xia Tian to arrive at the Guaguale place. Was right, I can try the X-Ray Vision eye to see through Guaguale.” Xia Tian suddenly had this idea, his X-Ray Vision eye he only uses to peep and fight, has not experimented has been able to see through other things. Boss, gives me to come these.” The Huo Lajiao incomparable excitement, opens directly blows, she has blown several continuously differently, but does not have. This luck also carried.” Huo Lajiao complained that at this moment Xia Tian wanted three. Master, aren't you do not play?” Huo Lajiao doubts looks at Xia Tian. Xia Tian has not spoken, blew first directly, did not have, afterward blew second, still did not have. Guaguale does not blow, you blow everywhere randomly, is impossible to draw a prize-winning ticket.” Saying that side Xia Tian person of disdaining, that person is also blowing at this time, what he chooses is the same type Guaguale. Study of child each family others come out to have the dream of riches, wastes money simply.” That person taunted is saying. Your unexpectedly dares such to speak to great-aunt.” Huo Lajiao must manifest suddenly immediately, but she saw the bonus on Xia Tian third lottery ticket at this time. 800 Yuan. „, Master, your unexpectedly has drawn a prize-winning ticket.” Huo Lajiao excited big shouting. Snort, dog Shi transports.” That person saw a moment ago Xia Tian has drawn a prize-winning ticket, that is envies the envy to hate at heart, he saw two kids a moment ago, when played Guaguale to display is the expert, but has not thought that opposite party unexpectedly drew a prize-winning ticket. Helps me change into 700 cashes, other gives me to come ten this.” Xia Tian refers to Guaguale that oneself then wanted: Wants these.” Master, I heard that drew a prize-winning ticket the luck to consume up, cannot continue to play.” Huo Lajiao also put out a stance of God of Gamblers to urge Xia Tian. Xia Tian shows a faint smile, he had experimented a moment ago, X-Ray Vision eye unexpectedly can see through the lottery ticket, he bought three a moment ago is because he saw of that 800 bonus, if he only buys that definitely will bring to others' attention, but buys three together, others most also can only say that his luck is good.

After drawing a prize-winning ticket, he has used the X-Ray Vision function once more, this time he settles on two 2000, 1000 Guaguale, moreover these unexpectedly by, therefore he wanted ten intentionally. Sells Guaguale likes your this customers, the money of drawing a prize-winning ticket is sending back.” That person all blew later not to have the lottery ticket in hand a moment ago, he envy Xia Tian, therefore he has also bought ten with the Xia Tian same lottery ticket. Xia Tian has blown seven continuously, does not have, nearby Huo Lajiao unceasing shaking the head, but other that person actually 50. At this moment Xia Tian blew eighth, the amount was 1000, has not waited for Huo Lajiao surprised ninth to blow, 2000, Boss of Guaguale was also shocked, that person who a moment ago and Xia Tian bought together had forgotten blew own, but was dumbfounded looks at Guaguale in Xia Tian hand. Tenth blew, 2000. Three, 5000, this situation has been possible to be rarely seen continuously, Huo Lajiao that Xia Tian side that most can say could not say incoming call. Until Xia Tian changed Huo Lajiao not to respond money. Bought the lottery ticket a moment ago together that person ten on 50 dollars, bashful ran off directly secretly, after Xia Tian 5800 dollars, entered the selling area, in this large-scale selling area had to sell the cell phone. What the person in selling area sees is two children, moreover wears not like any valuable clothes, what is main was the appearance of Huo Lajiao can be said as the ridiculous thunder to the family. Therefore nobody responds them radically. Yeah, the present student young started to make the girlfriend, had a look at this appearance, too non- mainstream.” Is, this year gnawed the old person too to be also many.” On any cell phone that they can buy, definitely is also several hundred, does not miss that achievement.” The shop employee in shop is not willing to respond Xia Tian, this selling area is the large-scale selling area, inside sells the different brand cell phones, is over over a thousand Yuan brand cell phone. At this moment seemed is the girl of new person shop employee arrives at the Xia Tian front, the girl has not been attractively, but smiled specially to be sweet: Schoolmate, what cell phone do you want to buy a model of?”