Almighty Student - Volume 1 - Chapter 50

At just that small meeting of Xia Tian god, the Basketball department had resulted in four points, Literature and Art Department that four mother artillery has not dared to disturb Xia Tian, saw that Xia Tian restores to come, their four also looks the happy expression, without the Xia Tian words, their four person cannot block. Well, this what's the matter, why has not patted.” On the stand a person looks at own list counter- camera puzzled saying. 4 : 0, Literature and Art Department that several people will not have played a ball game.” Yun Miao light saying. Miao elder sister, you do not worry, the god of that Basketball was attracted by your beautiful appearance a moment ago completely, without the display, he should immediately to erupt.” A spirit face anticipates looks at Xia Tian. You are not interested in this competition probably.” Sits in Yun Miao Huo Wennu looked that said to Yun Miao. I am accompany the bier come.” Yun Miao said. Does not know really you are interested in anything.” Huo Wennu has turned the head, in Jianghai University she thinks strangest is Yun Miao, Yun Miao is the woman who she cannot completely understand, she seems not interested to be the same in anything, never participates in any activity, does not go out to eat meal with others, even the pursues of these rich men also are always pretend to disregard continually. Sister Hui, how can our meeting do?” Another on stand. This time cannot make him run absolutely, I must dig him.” Yang Buhai earnest looks to Xia Tian under stage. Literature and Art Department serves, the ball has sent to the hand of Xia Tian directly. The Basketball department collective returns to base, but Xia Tian unexpectedly has taken off same place, has taken off under own basket, if several days ago, others certainly thinks that he is a lunatic, shoots under own basket, this was the head enters the water. But now the atmosphere actually congealed, they are waiting for a appearance of ball that gods. ! Hollow enters the net. 3 : 4.

The ball entered, without any accident, the ball really entered, on the stand has resounded cheers, this ball simply was a god. Is this type of ball.” Yang Buhai excited saying. Miao elder sister, you looks, what kind, fierce.” Spirit excited shouting. On the face of Yun Miao does not have any expression, but slightly has selected under one, almost cannot look, but spirit actually saw, although the movement is very light, but this had also indicated Yun Miao has approved of her words. Is so fierce.” Zeng Ruo that in the infield sits is also inconceivable of whole face, although she does not like Basketball, but she knows that understands Basketball, she has not seen the throwing a ball way like Xia Tian. That is natural, does not have a look is which family.” Ye Qingxue has very big hostility to Zeng Ruo, she felt that between Zeng Ruo and Xia Tian definitely have any relations, although does not have any evidence, but this is the intuition, is the sixth sense of woman. Qingxue, you said that resembles Xia Tian is you are same.” Ye Qingxue Bing Xin shows a faint smile. Good, you dare to tease me, wants me to draw the Xia Tian matter to tell him you secretly?” Ye Qingxue mysterious smiles. Does not want.” Bing Xin said hurriedly. Good, you must with me be the united front.” What Ye Qingxue finger resists Zeng Ruo. Saw the goal of Xia Tian, the Tang Yan innermost feelings it can be said that turns the difficult situation, she came back from the overseas, she has experienced in NBA with own eyes the skills of these super giant stars, but she can affirm that absolutely did not have any person to have Xia Tian such skill. This throwing a ball way, this rate of accuracy, can be possible be called the Basketball future giant star simply. Xue Chuan that the god of Basketball deserves, competed also stares, although he has prepared at heart, but sees with one's own eyes such scene is somewhat shocking. Everybody be not fooled by him, spunks up to me, we are impossible to lose.” Xue Chuan shouts loudly, pulled back the morale of people.

I a moment ago just own was charmed charming.” Fang Li has assumed an extremely charming posture once more. On us.” Xue Chuan dribbles personally, five people think together the opposite position kills. Bang!! The ball broke, he saw Xia Tian, but he has not passed, but wants by rocking to evade Xia Tian, but the ball was given by Xia Tian in his turn around that flash. ! The ball entered, 6 : 4. Was I was negligent a moment ago, I have underestimated his strength, this attack, so long as saw that he passed, we hit a time attractive quick biography.” The Xue Chuan five people encircle in the same place, starts to study the tactic. Five people launched the attack once more, is still Xue Chuan dribbles, Xia Tian runs to Xue Chuan, but Xue Chuan this time has not continued to dribble, but is fast has passed to others the ball, that person of fast taking off. Bang! block! ! 9 : 4. The ball entered, although passes to avoid the ball being cut off by Xia Tian, when they threw a ball taking off to give Xia Tian enough time, turned the head ball block directly. Good quick speed.” Yun Miao started talking finally on own initiative.

What kind, Miao elder sister, has not come in vain.” Spirit said. Speed and path of pass are unable to be discovered that however movement actually exposed of jump shot his intention, can seize this opportunity to return to base fast, real extraordinary.” The Yang Buhai appreciation said that she felt Xia Tian each aspect completely is impeccable. Simply was too strong. Quite fierce.” Although Zeng Ruo does not understand Basketball, but she completely was also charmed by Xia Tian formidable. We saw, having no need for you illustrating.” Ye Qingxue saw that the Zeng Ruo expression confirmed own guess, discontented looks to Zeng Ruo. Tang Yan completely is during the shock at this time, the qualities in various Xia Tian aspects in her opinion completely are impeccable, she is instructor, part of responsibility are to strengthen the comprehensive promotion in various physical qualities and aspects of member. But she completely cannot see Xia Tian any weakness, Xia Tian is one does not need the person who completely continues to promote, his strength simply was formidable to inconceivable Realm. She believes that even if Xia Tian entered NBA also fast to turn into the super giant star. If wants her to comment Xia Tian is what kind of person, she can only say that is a she very repugnant person, her repugnant Xia Tian looked feeling that person that color narrows the eyes, but also repugnant Xia Tian forces her to call Xia Tian Dear Husband. But in Basketball this, on the one hand she truly admires Xia Tian, Xia Tian is she has seen strongest the person in Basketball this profession, but is not the talent, the talent will be to refer to might turn in the future strongly, but Xia Tian now is most. If Xia Tian steps into to Basketball this profession, then other Basketball exercise really can come off sentry duty, necessity that because they have not played completely.