Almighty Student - Volume 1 - Chapter 51

Quite fierce.” Xue Chuan understands finally initially Fang Li that felt. Suspension! Tang Yan called the first suspension, the competition to start for several minutes, it seems like Tang Yan had the new dealing method. Elder Brother Tian, you were good.” That four mother artillery fates start are Xia Tian take the towel with the water. Big Bro Tian, Family said that you consider actually.” Big Bro Tian is my.” Do not struggle with me, you had not noticed that Big Bro Tian is visiting me.” Literature and Art Department these talented women are fighting for there sex-madly, afterward simply directly came to be Xia Tian pounds the back and massages. The competition makes a fresh start. Xue Chuan and the others the morale also once more restore, Fang Li dribbles, five people fast presses to the Literature and Art Department camp, Xia Tian overran to Fang Li directly, Fang Li passed the ball fast, later that person also similarly continues to pass the ball forward. At this time Xia Tian discovered that the position that the original five people stood probably was stepped, they used to pass to replace have dribbled the advance. ! 7 : 9. Xue Chuan three have also apportioned Literature and Art Department. Literature and Art Department serves, this five people have not returned to base, but encircled Xia Tian with four people in the middle, Fang Li defended another three people, this defense seemed like simple, but a Fang Li person coped with that three mother artillery to have more than enough to spare. Xia Tian throws a ball is also what kind, so long as did not make him touch to the ball were good, this was the brand-new operation plan of Tang Yan.

Tang Yan really has the skill, coming out that such means she also thinks.” Yang Buhai looks to change in sports field. Words that Sister Hui, such makes, they did not fear that Literature and Art Department that several people do carry on the quick biography?” In Literature and Art Department besides the god of this Basketball, other people will not play a ball game, sees the god of Basketball by surrounded, their appeared at heart confusedly, in this situation they must lose without doubt.” The Yang Buhai vision anticipates looks to Xia Tian: Actually wants to have a look at him to really how neutralize this crisis.” Mean, the people of Basketball department were too mean, their this is violates a regulation.” Literature and Art Department these women noticed that Xia Tian was encircled, is indignant shouting. These audiences on stand are also hiss one piece, but the people of Basketball department do not care, what they care is the competition final victory, they have not used any mean method, but has used the Tang Yan tactic. The person of serve noticed that Xia Tian was encircled, suddenly does not know that whom should pass to the ball, can only throw carelessly, Fang Li has seized the opportunity, fast is cut off the ball, afterward came violent Slam Dunk. 9 : 9. The score has put down, the tactical success of Basketball department. Literature and Art Department serves. When four people want surrounded Xia Tian, Xia Tian ran fast, runs directly to that person of serve, that person sees on the time face of Xia Tian one happy, has passed to Xia Tian the ball directly. Xia Tian not hesitant, after direct turn around , the supine jump shot, all occurred in the flash, that four people without enough time follow radically, but they do not believe Xia Tian the ball can enter, without any setup time, after later , the supine jump shot, the body fell in landing outside, this time distance beforehand is farther. The difficulty also compares beforehand was higher. . 12 : 9. The ball entered, saw that this ball entered, Xue Chuan and the others the footsteps have also stopped, their moral nature presented an inexplicable fear.

„It was good, god of keep it up Basketball.” Spirit excited shouting. His Movement Technique is very strange, moreover he throws a ball has only used two fingers, although he camouflages intentionally, so long as carefully observes can discover that he threw a ball each time has only used two fingers.” Yun Miao has been observing the Xia Tian movement. Observation care of such!” Huo Wennu looked at Yun Miao. „It was good, was good, after instantaneous turn around , the supine jump shot, this was simply invincible.” Yang Buhai excited shouting. Was too graceful.” Zeng Ruo felt one probably also changed young, the heart of young girl was sprouting. This brat, liked showing off more and more.” Ye Qingxue discontented saying, saw that other women with that look looked Xia Tian she is not very comfortable, especially Zeng Ruo. Qingxue, I suspected more and more before you, certainly is to deceive my, you said him besides studying before to me, without any merit, but from me knew that he he has given me to the present too many surprised.” Bing Xin doubts looks to Ye Qingxue. „Is he Superman?” Tang Yan does not know how should describe Xia Tian. Competition unceasing is continuing, the people of Basketball department also completely hit the best state of mind, tracing defended Xia Tian, the first period of competition ended. 30:18. Literature and Art Department is in the lead, although their five have pursued Xia Tian tightly, running around in circles that but Xia Tian always dawdles them, his tall Zhundu ultra far shooting already thorough has defeated the Basketball department. Tang Yan has to change the tactic. Xia Tian, you were too fierce.” Zeng Ruo arrived at the Xia Tian side. Come, drinks water.” Ye Qingxue kept off in Xia Tian and Zeng Ruo middle hurriedly. Sees the performance of Ye Qingxue, Zeng Ruo shows a faint smile, has not said anything, the performance of Ye Qingxue was too obvious, so long as is not the fools can see Ye Qingxue to her hostility.

older female cousin, who is that person?” Xia Tian looked at the vision to Yun Miao on stand. Brat, knows that looks at beauty, has your older female cousin I to look in this also insufficiently you.” Ye Qingxue discontented saying. She called Yun Miao, was Jianghai University first beauty, entered a school from her she became Jianghai University first beauty, this year she is big three, still nobody can shake her status.” Bing Xin answered. Yun Miao.” Xia Tian nodded, he remembered this name, Yun Miao not only the person long attractiveness, but also his X-Ray Vision eye unexpectedly could not have seen through her clothes, this showed that this Yun Miao definitely had the strangeness. Also looked, even if your eye falls others not to have a liking for your.” Ye Qingxue saw Xia Tian stares stares at Yun Miao to curse angrily. Miao elder sister, he is visiting you probably, is your charm is big.” The spirit accent said with a smile. Yun Miao had not answered. His life is not good, Miao elder sister has not had a liking for him probably.” Spirit cracks into a chuckle to say. The second section the competition starts. Still is four against one, but this time their four turned has kept close to the Xia Tian side, did not give Xia Tian any opportunity to catch a ball and shoot, Xia Tian has not worried, he does not want to display extremely in abnormal, will otherwise bring to others' attention. After all in present this society is not all people knows that has existence of martial arts. Under foot Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step is moving, but that four people are also continuously with him, Xia Tian slows down the speed intentionally. Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step!” Yun Miao at present one bright, she looked finally, that man who at this time in the field competed what was shocking below Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step, Western Hidden Xia Tianlong Movement Technique.