Almighty Student - Volume 1 - Chapter 52

Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step that is Xia Tianlong becoming famous Unique Skill, was called first under Heaven Movement Technique, reason that it was called to walk with light is because walks this Movement Technique person is similar to the immortal descends to earth general. At this time Xia Tian Movement Technique walks is very slow, however his movement moving clouds and flowing water, seems like by several people tight, so long as the discerning people can look at his calm. In Yun Miao that this competition was not interested , the look has observed closely Xia Tian stubbornly. Came out to be so long, a Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll news chieftain did not have. Before inquired Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll in the hand of Xia Tianlong, but Xia Tianlong died, died in battle in a fight, from then on fragment scroll in his hand disappeared without a trace. Her original manuscript thinks one found very much difficultly again any with the Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll related news, but has not thought a Basketball match that sees accidentally helped her obtain the new hope. Xia Tianlong unexpectedly has the successor. Then Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll may very much also on the body of this successor. Spirit, does he name?” Yun Miao asked. Miao elder sister unexpectedly had the interest to him, this also really rarely seen.” Spirit curious looks to Yun Miao, she has not seen anything of Yun Miao besides Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll to be interested. Nearby Huo Wennu also looked to Yun Miao, since she has known Yun Miao, does not know that Yun Miao is interested in any matter. Yun Miao had not answered. Was good, told you, he called Xia Tian, heard that was the Ye Qingxue boyfriend.” Spirit knows that Yun Miao temperament, the words are not many, she is afraid annoys the Yun Miao vitality. Xia Tian, Xia Tianlong.” The Yun Miao innermost feelings are contrasting, nod of silently. 33:18. The body of Xia Tian has passed through four people of outflanking strangely, afterward has been cut off the ball in Fang Li hand, the shooting goal.

The Basketball department serves, Xue Chuan dribbles, other four people of fast running to the Literature and Art Department basket, Xue Chuan also overflowed the median line directly to take off. „Does he want to do? Is this shooting?” Xue Chuan was stimulated by the god of Basketball, shoots outside the half the game.” Was insane, the people of Basketball department were insane.” Bang! The ball entered, but is not Xue Chuan throws into, but is slamdunking of Fang Li, Fang Li worthily will be the future star player, what he will use will be the airborne relay, but another three people will encircle to protect in the middle him. This is the Tang Yan new tactic, defends to attack the double system, on the one hand four people surround Xia Tian, does not make him attack, on the other hand carries on the upper air to pass, three people protect Fang Li to catch a ball. Tang Yan does not believe absolutely, Xia Tian this can also block. A instructor most major function is to grasp the change of war, analyzes the merit and flaw of enemy instantaneously, although Xia Tian seems does not have the shortcoming, but he is also a person, is impossible to be separated from the attraction of Earth. Does attractively.” Xue Chuan raised up the thumb to Fang Li, the upper air has caught a ball to add on the airborne relay, this was not easily completes, this very difficult movement perhaps also only then Fang Li can achieve. Fresh flower is I wants, the applause is also I wants, I know that I am very graceful, but I think peaceful works as a handsome man.” Fang Li has exhibited a symbolic narcissistic movement. Everybody in one vigorous effort, ties the score.” Xue Chuan shouts loudly. They as if were eat Xia Tian to be common, the score overtook quickly, the fourth period of competition started the score of both sides is 99 : 120, the Basketball department was in the lead, although Xia Tian was very fierce, but five people of Basketball team did not care about their body physical fitness unable to endure completely, will be the defense without limits forever. Other Literature and Art Department four people cannot block the formidable offensive of Basketball team. Literature and Art Department fell into struggle.

You have been working hard, does, the victory is belongs our.” Tang Yan is several people inflates keep it up, at this time five people all are the sweat, so the defense of high density and attacks them somewhat unable to endure, but they do not want to stay behind regretted, therefore is still spelling. Xia Tian has made contribution.” Ye Qingxue is comforting everybody. Competition can make into this, felt embarrassed him.” Zeng Ruo can look, Literature and Art Department is almost a Xia Tian person is fighting, other four people look like the ornaments are the same. You do not believe Xia Tian probably, I believe that he will certainly win.” Bing Xin anticipates looks to Xia Tian, she on the body of Xia Tian noticed that was impossible to turn possibly. Sister Hui, he has made contribution, this result of the competition was very obvious, the Tang Yan tactic has restrained to advocate him completely.” Um, the Tang Yan skill is not really small, no wonder she can in such a short time hold on to Jianghai University Basketball team instructor this position.” Yang Buhai nodded, she has to acknowledge that Tang Yan talent, this tactic has restrained ultra far shooting and super block of Xia Tian completely with stealing. Was a pity, he must lose.” Spirit regrets looks to Xia Tian. Is uncertain.” Yun Miao only said three characters, spirit and Huo Wennu simultaneously looked to her. You also think that Xia Tian will win?” Huo Wennu looked that asked to Yun Miao. How we make a bet!” Yun Miao unexpectedly that always little spoke must make a bet with Huo Wennu, this has to make Huo Wennu curious. „Did you say to look, what bet?” Huo Wennu looks at Yun Miao to ask. I said that he will win.” Yun Miao said. Why?” Huo Wennu asked again. Said the gambling stake, if I guessed, you help me know him, I am interested in him very much.” Hears the Yun Miao gambling stake, Huo Wennu and spirit stares, she is Jianghai University first school beauty, her unexpectedly said that is interested in Xia Tian. Good, I agreed that what to do you did guess mistakenly?” Huo Wennu naturally agrees with the Yun Miao gambling stake.

I, if guessed mistakenly, can do my matter in one's power for you.” Yun Miao said. Good, we finalized.” The fourth section the competition started, the Basketball department continues to use the beforehand tactic. Everybody keep it up, today's competition we must win together.” Xue Chuan throws ball beyond the median line directly, is the old means that but Fang Li is the preparation airborne relay. Bang!! block. Xia Tian does not know where from runs, has given Fang Li big block maliciously, as a result of the inertia, the body of Fang Li fell maliciously, was good caught him because of behind three teammates. But the ball actually had been robbed by Xia Tian, this Xia Tian has not shot directly, but is the dribbling. Dribbling? Do not want from my in the past.” Xue Chuan overran to Xia Tian directly, but when he arrives at the Xia Tian front, he suddenly discovered that Xia Tian vanished, the body and Basketball of Xia Tian vanished together. In you behind.” Tang Yan shouts loudly. But late, Xia Tian ran up to outside the center line, when everybody thinks he must shoot, his unexpectedly has taken off, moreover to the forward flight, the Basketball direct big windmill in hand pounded to the basket. !! The ball entered, slamdunks.