Almighty Student - Volume 1 - Chapter 53
Slamdunks, first slamdunking of Xia Tian, before his throwing a ball was the shooting of ultra long-distance range, but this time his unexpectedly has slamdunked, moreover he place taking off outside center line, then the far distance, his unexpectedly achieved. Flier Jordan, this is the first glossary that in all person mind presents. Slamdunking of Xia Tian is the center line taking off big windmill slamdunks, sees such slamdunking, the mind of everyone was shocked, rocking that entire Basketball also starts to keep, the basket entire had been entrained by Xia Tian. This is the how big strength. If Xia Tian beforehand shooting has created shock to these people, then this time Xia Tian in their mind has raised up the invincible flag. The competition suspends. The basket needs to replace. Quite fierce, this must exaggerate compared with flier Jordan simply.” „Before originally him, had not put out the real skill.” He is the god of Basketball deserves.” On the stand has heard warm cheers, they were shouting ‚the god of Basketball together. He. Is he really humanity?” Tang Yan whole face inconceivable looks at Xia Tian, actually she is unable to imagine Xia Tian how to achieve. „It was good.” Bing Xin, Ye Qingxue and Zeng Ruo excited hugging in one, but Ye Qingxue had discovered immediately is not right, immediately loosened Zeng Ruo. However they are Xia Tian were happy that Ye Qingxue does not have to think own that cousin unexpectedly became in the unconscious situation such fierce, god of name Basketball deserved simply. Was too fierce, was too graceful.” Spirit excited shouting. Yun Miao also nodded, was just seeing Xia Tian that time dribbled she to confirm, Xia Tian displayed was Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step, that type seemed to be not graceful Movement Technique, only then Xia Tian can achieve.

Huo Wennu is also the nod that keeps, Xia Tian truly is extraordinary figure. Sister Hui, my eye cannot be went wrong.” No, I also saw, was too fierce, he absolutely becomes in CBA the topest superstar.” Yang Buhai excited saying. The basket has installed quickly, competition can continue, the people of Basketball team rally. The present score is 101 : 120, the Basketball department is also in the lead 18, so long as they continued the tactic, then can still be successfully belongs their, this competition they cannot lose absolutely. Xue Chuan dribbles once more, then tall Pao passes. Bang!! !! 104 : 120, Xia Tian has explained their tactic completely, the competition returned to the zero point once more. 107 : 120. 110 : 120. Always wise Tang Yan has not thought of any good means. 140 : 120. The competition ended, Literature and Art Department achieved the success of competition once more, the Basketball department lost, the big eruption of last Xia Tian won this competition directly, the competition had ended later Xue Chuan and the others a few words not saying that Fang Li of narcissism similarly was a few words had not said. Eldest sister head, we lost.” After returning to the rest area, Fang Li weak saying.

You have made contribution, rest well one.” Tang Yan knows that this is not Fang Li and Xue Chuan they make a mistake causes the competition to be defeated, but was the match is really too strong, today's competition their five audiences carry on the competition of high density above the athletic field. stamina already overdrew. Although the competition lost, but they do not have any person to relax vigilantly, therefore Tang Yan will not say anything. Saw the competition to win, Literature and Art Department these talented women encircled Xia Tian in the middle, grasped him together, Huo Wennu helpless shaking the head on stand: You have won, the time decides tomorrow evening.” Yun Miao nod of slightly, brings spirit to walk toward outside afterward. Sister Hui, are you doing.” Ah! Ah! Ah! Xia Tian has heard cry suddenly, he felt that some people fell from the stand, instinct extended both hands, catches the person, the person just entered to cherish Xia Tian to induce to the opposite party is a woman, the right hand also in the opposite party **** on has pinched, that feel was wonderful. The appearance of woman is very attractive, but she has put on sportswear, covered own stature. heavenly falls down forest Little Sister, forest Little Sister.” Xia Tian cannot help but sang. „It is not forest Little Sister, is Sister Yang.” The females jumped from the bosom of Xia Tian: Hello, I called Yang Buhai.” „, heavenly falls down Yang Little Sister, Yang Little Sister.” Xia Tian sang again. „Who are you?” Ye Qingxue vigilant looks at Yang Buhai, she could not master, how Xia Tian side one after another appearance these many beauty, moreover each is not worse than her anything. Before was Zeng Ruo, now came any Yang Buhai. I introduced oneself, I was the general manager in Yang Basketball Corporation, I called Yang Buhai.” Yang Buhai has put out own name card, above writes the talent scout two large characters.

„.” Xia Tian has not gone to meet the name card, but is sizing up Yang Buhai up and down, what although on Yang Buhai puts on is sportswear, but sportswear may unable to block his X-Ray Vision eye. You is a Basketball talent, I can help you pack to deliver the CBA battlefield, when the time comes I ensure your war becomes famous.” Yang Buhai has not gone to care about the Xia Tian look, makes their this lines, will be used this look to look frequently, but others majority peep, only then front this fellow in flagrant looks. Does not have the interest, makes way.” Ye Qingxue discards the Yang Buhai name card directly. You are Ye Qingxue, I have heard you, you could rest assured that I, I just want to help him well-meant.” Yang Buhai thinks that Ye Qingxue has been jealous, therefore answered. Here is quite lively.” At this moment Huo Wennu walked from behind. Sister Wen.” The Literature and Art Department people very much respect Huo Wennu. Fire?” Zeng Ruo looked at Huo Wennu to ask. Cannot think that capable woman Zeng Ruo also watches his competition continually.” Huo Wennu nodded, are really not many in the celebrity who Jiang Hai City she does not know. I come with Xia Tian together.” In the meaning of Zeng Ruo contains many meanings, Ye Qingxue heard was not immediately happy, cold snort do not go excessively, Huo Wennu also saw the Ye Qingxue disaffection, in her eyes Xia Tian should be the Ye Qingxue boyfriend, that night Xia Tian at the Ye Qingxue birthday party quite showed off. Xia Tian, I warned you, do not bully my clear Younger Sister Xue, otherwise I could not forgive you.” Huo Wennu arrives at the Xia Tian front to say. Your upper body is too small, do not speak with me.” Xia Tian has turned the head.